Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Arm Students With Rocks To Stop Shooters! © 2018 Phillip Evans

What sort of training will be required of students who want to be armed, and what capacity magazine bags will the government allow them, and what caliber size of.... of rocks will we allow them to (gasp!) possess on screwal (props to Rush Limbaugh for that one), I mean school property?

Public Domain Photo under CC0 Creative Commons License

You know, those things don't have manual safeties on them, and you never know when one will go off by itself. Rocks can kill, so why are we proposing to allow deadly weapons in schools?

Well, the reason it's now being talked about, is because the other options mentioned in the first sentence above have not been working so well. Time to fight back!

Time to throw some lead, I mean granite! Smooth river rocks. The kind that can be thrown 20 at a time at 1200 feet per second from full semi-automatic hands attached to muscled forearms and shoulders. The kind that has that shoulder thing that goes up, whatever that is. But never mind that. We are talking about some serious weapons of war fire-power here!

Let's just hope innocent teachers and students don't get caught in the cross-fire. That would be far worse than any bad guy trying to kill as many people as he can.

And just how are the police to know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy if any rock throwing goes down against an active shooter? The police may just go in with guns blazing and shoot everybody just to be sure!

Or they might not go in at all until it's all over with. You never know how that will shake out when you have law-enforcement on scene in Parkland, Florida waiting it out Feb 14.

You know, just to be sure it's safe they can go on in and count the bodies, but only after they've supervised the surviving victims come out with their hands over their heads. Officer safety and all that at play there. You can't blame them.

So, don't throw rocks at me, I'm just the messenger!

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