Saturday, April 30, 2016

Infinite Energy Center (Gwinnett Center) Ups the Ante - Part 2 © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Trying to get information from the government is like pulling your own permanent teeth with a strand of dental floss. Not impossible, but rather difficult.

Link to Part 1.

April 13th, I submitted a Georgia Open Records Act request to the Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau dba "Explore Gwinnett" to obtain any and all records related to the spending of almost $200,000 in tax-payer money for the purchase of metal detectors and other items for Infinite Energy Center's arena and theater. 

GCVB is Gwinnett County's official tourism organization, and manages Infinite Energy Center (a county owned property) at 6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy via an OMA (operating and management agreement) with the county, and is authorized by the county to collect and spend hotel taxes.

I expected there would be some meeting minutes, some emails, some bid documents, something, anything at all. The ONLY thing I received was a copy of the purchase order. 

Really? Was everything done verbally up to that point? Or was everything shredded except for the purchase order?

April 24th, I submitted an open records request to Gwinnett County. The files, "Gwinnett County Open Record Response April 24th, (pages 1 and 2)"  - {I renamed the original file and split it into two parts in order to convert it from pdf to jpg format} - detail my attempt to find out exactly:

1. How the Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau came into existence

2. For what purpose it was created

3. What role, if any, the county played in its creation

4. What manner of oversight the county has over GCVB

5. Whether the county regards GCVB as a "government entity"

6. Whether GCVB must consult with the county before implementing any weapons policy

I got zilch from the county except for item #5. The county considers GCVB (Explore Gwinnett) to not be a public agency, as revealed in the response to item #1.

I suppose this means that GCVB is a private entity. So, a private entity is essentially in autonomous control of a major publicly owned property, and can collect and spend large sums of tax-payer money with no oversight from the county or any of its officials?

Surely there must be some accountability with the county, as two elected Gwinnett County Commissioners, Lynette Howard and Jace Brooks sit in on GCVB meetings.

Where is Gwinnett Commissioner Chairman Charlotte Nash on all this? 

She could resolve everything right now by demanding that GCVB simply follow state law, and allow legal carriers of weapons to be admitted to the arena and theater at Infinite Energy Center. 

Is Chairman Nash waiting for this to erupt into a lawsuit so that Gwinnett County can waste thousands more tax-payers dollars?

And what about GCVB CEO Preston Williams? Did he get a wink and a nod from Gwinnett County to violate state weapons preemption law at Infinite Energy Center? Or did he just do it on his own, knowing that the county has a hands-off approach with regard to what GCVB does? Who knows?

You can view the recent documents I have received by clicking anywhere here.

April 30th, I submitted another open records request to GCVB. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 which will have their response.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Six Flags Stealing Personal Property? © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Are the nice folks at Six Flags stealing your stuff? Well, let me report and you decide.

In a thread about the park on the GeorgiaPacking web-forum, it was posted that a young lady was about to enter the gate, and her purse was search by a park employee looking for contraband. The woman's mace was found and taken, and she was then allowed into the park. 

Before entering she asked if she could retrieve it later, or just take it back to her car.

The screener told her that could not happen. So, looks like to me her property was taken against her will with no payment for it. Isn't that the definition of theft?

Now, that mace could have been her only weapon of self-defense against a mugger, rapist, or murderer. What if her income was limited so that she could not afford to purchase another one until next week or next month? Heaven help Six Flags if she got hurt by a criminal in the meantime. 

I'd say that would put them in a precarious legal situation involving lawyers and a jury in a civil court.

I wonder if the screener disposed of her small can of mace, or if it was walked to the screener's home, to be placed next to other confiscated items.

What about firearms? I don't believe they confiscate those, do they? I'm pretty sure you'd be allowed to walk your gun back to your car. But the small stuff? Meh, they'll just keep it. It's more convenient that way.

Have you ever had anything taken from you by a Six Flags employee? Call them at (770) 739-3400 and give them your address for them to either mail it back or mail you a check to cover its cost.

Additionally, call or email your local TV stations to ask them to get this story out on the air so that others can get their confiscated property back as well, or at least the value of it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Walmart Tomato Gets Man Severely Injured by Officer © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Tyrone Carnegay, a man in his 50's, lawfully purchased a tomato at an Atlanta area Walmart in Oct 2014, and was about to bring it out of the store. Things did not go well at that point.

Photo by David Besa

See the video here.

On his way out he was immediately grabbed by a uniformed, off-duty Atlanta police officer working security for the store. Upon grabbing Mr. Carnegay by the shirt, the officer starts wailing on him with his baton. The blows were hard enough to shatter the victim's leg to the point that he needed to have a titanium rod inserted, and still walks with a limp to this day.

A lawsuit has been filed against Walmart, the manager on duty, and the police officer. The officer found the receipt for the purchase after beating the man.

For pain, suffering, and a permanent injury, I hope the verdict goes into the millions if it goes to trial. If settled out of court, I still hope that it's a very costly lesson for those responsible for victimizing Mr. Carnegay. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

New York City Handgun License Tyranny © 2016 by Phillip Evans

John Stossel recently received his handgun license application decision from the New York City Police Department. It was a "No".

The license application is only 17 pages, and requires the payment of two fees ($340 and $89.75), both payable to the NYC Police Department.

Regarding the draconian fees, can anyone say with me, "Poll tax to exercise a fundamental human right"?

Let's take a look at a few items on the application:

Section B-11 "Been discharged from any employment?" What does ever having been fired or laid off from a job have to do with getting a license to carry a pistol?

Section B-14 "Been denied appointment in a civil service system, Federal, State, Local?" What does this mean? That you applied for a job, and didn't get it? Is this really germane to being able to protect yourself from criminals?

Section B-22 "Have you ever suffered from any disability or condition that may affect your ability to safely possess or use a handgun?"

"NOTE: The following conditions must be listed: Epilepsy, Diabetes, Fainting Spells, Blackouts, Temporary Loss of Memory or any Nervous Disorder."

Ah, so the question of mental illness doesn't go far enough. Now it's other diseases such as diabetes. Is anyone naive enough to believe that Mao Tse-tung admirers would not implement a host of physical diseases and conditions as disqualifications for possessing or carrying firearms for self-protection if they could get away with it?

Perhaps NYC should tighten up their restrictions by requiring you to notify them if you are dyslexic. Or near-sighted or far-sighted. After all, if you need glasses to have 20-20 vision, what if you're not wearing them when you need to use your gun?

Section B-28 "Used any variation in spelling of your name or any other name used? (Alias), explain." Well, sometimes I've signed emails with "Phil", when my real name is "Phillip". Does this count? Do I have to explain this to them?

And, not only must you submit proof of your current address (reasonable), but you must list every place you've lived and worked for the past five years. What is this, a job application with the city, or just a license to carry a self-defense tool in a city where you could easily get hurt or killed just going about your daily business?

In the instructions is this little tidbit:

"Letter of Necessity. All applicants for a carry license and those seeking a premise license for use in connection with their employment MUST complete the Letter of Necessity found on page 3 of the application. NO SUBSTITUTES WILL BE ACCEPTED." (Underline mine)

So then when you look at page three of the application, it's geared toward carrying for employment. What if I just want to carry for protection anywhere I go? Well, good luck with that - you won't find a place to put that in the "Letter of Necessity". Looks like good case of bureaucratic stupidity for making the process confusing, on top of tyrannical.


"2. When requested by your investigator, your personal income tax return for the previous tax year."

"3. Daily bank deposit slips and corresponding bank statements for the six months preceding the date of your interview. (Photocopies will not be accepted.)"

"4. A statement from your bank setting forth the total amount of your payroll and the total amount of payroll checks cashed during the three months immediately preceding the date of your interview."

"5. If you were the victim of a crime which occurred during the course of your business or professional activities during the previous two years, you must provide the complaint report number, date and the precinct of occurrence."

"At the time of your interview, your investigating officer will advise you if any additional forms or documents are required."

Why did they not request a blood sample? An original one, of course, as a copy would not qualify, unless it was a certified copy. What does how much money I make, or how much I put in the bank have to do with wanting to protect my life? I suppose "additional forms or documents" will cover the blood test.

Just so you all know, if you have political connections, you can get your handgun carry license in NYC in a matter of days. Not having connections most likely will mean you will wait for months before receiving a "No" answer.

This is the Bloombergian model that Bloomberg and his minions would shove down the throat of the entire country if they could.

You know, the metro Atlanta area has about eight million people - nothing to sneeze at. And yet, the Georgia Weapons Carry License application and cost is so much easier and less expensive.

I really thankful I live in Georgia and not NYC.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation - "Tax Rights To Fund Us!" © 2016 Phillip Evans

Oklahoma's OSBI is a hoot! Even as I type this, tears are being shed by the OSBI at the loss of dollars coming their way. And all because that pesky "rights thing" is being honored by being put on the restoration train.

Under current Oklahoma law, citizens can openly carry a holstered pistol only if they have taken an eight hour state mandated course on the laws governing the use of firearms, and have applied for, paid for, and received a license to carry.

Yet, in about 30 states pistols may be carried out in the open with no license or permit required. So the Oklahoma Legislature has not done anything drastic or unique.

“I don’t want anyone who can legally own a weapon, who can legally purchase a weapon to have to ask the government permission to carry that weapon off their property, in the open”, Rep. Jeff Coody said.

On March 10th, House Bill 3098 sponsored by Rep. Coody passed the house 73-15, and April 21st, it passed the Senate 37-9, allowing citizens at least 21 years old who are not felons and who can legally purchase and own a handgun to carry it in a visible fashion.

However, many Government bureaucrats often think rights are fine and dandy, if there is money to be made with them off their subjects - I mean citizens.

“It would have a devastating effect on OSBI. We would not have any more gun licensing. That could be up to $8 million and, for a very small agency, that would be a devastating amount,” said OSBI spokesperson Jessica Brown.

Well Ms. Brown, perhaps you can lobby the state to find some other method to fund you besides taxing a fundamental human right.

Senator Kyle Loveless put Ms. Brown's comment into proper perspective when he said, "I think that you do have to be mindful though, that when we're talking about someone's Second Amendment Rights, that shouldn't be a way to balance the state's budget." 

To me, Senator Loveless' statement says it all. This ain't about money folks, it's about the God-given right to protect yourself.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lane Flynn - Georgia House District 81

Georgian, resident of Dekalb County, and a true patriot, Lane Flynn is running for Georgia House District 81 this year:

He is running as a Republican, and will fight to help make Dekalb County a better place to live and work, and will fight for our right to keep ourselves and families safe as a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.

The vast majority of Democrats in the Georgia General Assembly are united in their efforts to vote against bills that restore our freedoms, while offering bills that would take them away. 

This time folks, real change is needed in District 81. Vote Republican, and vote Lane Flynn!

Please like and share his Facebook page, and tell all your friends and family in Dekalb County that he is the right one to vote for on election day!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Statistics - Lord Of Our Liberty? © 2016 by Phillip Evans

The Numbers Don't Lie!

Newsflash! Statistics prove that firearm ownership causes most mild-mannered, civilized people to turn into ravenous beasts who visit "gun violence" upon innocent victims. 

You are far more likely to be a murderer if you own guns than if you don't. You are far more likely to be a robber if you own guns than if you don't. You are far more likely to be a rapist if you own guns than if you don't. You are far more likely to kill yourself if you own guns than if you don't.

Therefore, guns are an evil poison to the peacefulness of any society. The temptation to commit wickedness with them is too great for mere mortal citizens. Most simply do not have the strength of will to resist the urge to commit crime once in the possession of firearms. Statistics say so, so it must be so.

When It's All Added Up

Okay, you got me. Who am I to argue? No, really - I'll concede the raw numbers if correctly documented, but I won't necessarily concede the conclusions some draw from them. 

Tell you what, when all is said and done, I'll take my chances. I'm fairly certain I'll never have any urge to levy any dose of "gun violence" on anyone. Nor do I anticipate ever having the urge to use a gun against myself in an act of suicide. The odds be darned.

Daredevil? Maverick? Maybe. It's simply a personal choice I've made for myself in spite of the massive numbers compiled against me. I have absolutely no shame in making this choice. After all, as a free American, it's a liberty I enjoy. 

I love this freedom so much that when I'm in public, I typically wear my pistol in plain view so that my choice to be armed will not be a secret to anyone, whether they agree with my choice or not. I suppose it's one way of saying out loud in a visual sense, that our liberty is not subservient to those who believe citizens should go about their business unarmed, even if this belief is rooted in glorious statistics. 

They've Got Your Number

The government loves to spend multi-millions of our tax dollars to produce statistics on a number of things, with an eye to convince us how we should live our lives. How charitable of our civil servants to do so! Perhaps they got the idea from those "paint by the numbers" watercolor kits.

Gun statistics are even couched in terms like "disease" or "epidemic", in order to justify using the resources of the CDC to assist in the government propaganda effort.

Breathless statistics are produced by the ream by multiple government agencies to connect the dots between guns and crime, with the natural conclusion we are expected to draw, is that guns cause crime.

It was rather humorous in light of this to see leftist NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio admit that less guns among criminals actually contributed to more crime committed with knives. 

"'I’m not a criminologist', de Blasio told reporters in response to a question about the knife attacks. 'But I can safely say that guns are being taken off the street in an unprecedented way. Some people, unfortunately, are turning to a different weapon.'”

Oh, the irony! How could lessening one evil increase another? I guess that's just mathematics, eh? Or could it be that criminals will still be criminals regardless of their available tools?

In Britain, where the right to own firearms is gone, they now turn to the next most popular tool of criminals, the knife. Citizens are now encouraged to "Save a Life - Surrender Your Knife”. Yes, that's an actual slogan, much to the horror of chefs, who must now give up their long butcher knives and use roundnose safety-scissors. Well, I was kidding a little with that last sentence, but give it some time and those funny Brits just might take me up on that.

Trust Us Even Though We Don't Trust You

If guns are really the evil that government claims them to be, are we to believe that government training in how to use them really inoculates police officers and military troops against the criminal influence of these inanimate objects? Aren't the police and military composed of mere flesh and blood citizens like the rest of us?

Non-sarcastic statistic ahead... Police officers are more likely to commit crimes with firearms than "regular" citizens who are licensed to carry guns. Who knows why this is true? Regardless, one cannot argue that this doesn't show that the police are human, too. 

In spite of this statistic, we are told that only the police and military should have guns. Trust us on this, we are told by the government. Nothing like mutual trust and respect, eh?

False Security Seduction

Statistics is the fluttering, long-lashed eyes and luscious, pouting lips that is the tool of seduction used by anti-freedom forces to subtly brainwash the masses into believing that good people shouldn't possess guns. This is why my earlier presentation of gun statistics is an absurd exaggeration.

I wanted to make the point that if gun statistics is such an attractive argument for anti-gun rights zealots, then even prettied up to the hilt, I would still reject it. This is because I am already taken by a better love.

The idea that we will be safer if the weapons we keep to defend ourselves with are gone is as absurd as the idea that lions would truly be king of the jungle if they had no fangs or claws. And as we see with the British, banning guns is only the beginning. What are they going to do when knives are strictly controlled, registered, and monitored? Go after fireplace pokers, baseball bats, and sharp sticks? How about fists and feet? 

Do we really want those who are physically weaker to be prey to the strong? We may not have been born with sharp fangs and claws, but as humans, why is it wrong to use our brains to make and use tools that allow one person to effectively defend himself and his family from a pack of thugs?

That so many fall for this seduction is evidence that it works. Just ask the Brits and Aussies how they got defanged and declawed.

Too many are content for hired help come to their rescue. After all, the thought of personally using force to repel evil is too frightening for delicate-minded people. Those who accept responsibility for their own safety are therefore eyed with suspicion. To want to be a gun owner must mean you savor the thought of using force against others. Today, it might be against criminals, tomorrow it might be against innocent people, is the unspoken (and sometimes spoken) accusation projected against you.

The sheep barely tolerate sheepdogs with badges. Sheepdogs without official government credentials are often viewed as much of a threat as wolves. But that's a by-product of people not trusting themselves to be grownups when it comes to their own safety. These people are most certainly not going to trust their fellow citizens to be armed unless something elevates them to a higher plane in their eyes, such as a shiny gold or silver badge.

Infantilizing Adults Offensive

For illustrative purposes, let's look at drunk driving from a statistical point of view. If you own a car, and also keep alcoholic beverages in your home, you are statistically far likelier to drive drunk than someone who doesn't allow alcohol in the home. That is a simple and true statistic. Now, I could use this statistic to try and shame you into either giving up your car or giving up your adult beverages.

How can anyone deny the two are a deadly combination? If it saves even one life, it's worth it, right? Yet, you'd be deeply offended, and rightly so. It is counterintuitive to treat adults like children. 

But that is precisely what the government does by telling us we do not need this or that firearm, or this or that ammunition magazine. And the attempt to pacify us by saying we can be allowed to only possess arms suitable for deer hunting is actually meant to be received by us with grateful hearts that the government is doing us a magnanimous favor. 

See, we have liberty - look what the government is permitting us to have! (please pardon while I vomit a little in my mouth). 

Risks Are Inherent in Liberty

There are always risks with having liberty, if only for the fact that we humans are not perfect. It's called life. But that certainly is no excuse not to enjoy our freedoms. I could surely avoid the risk of going down in a fiery crash if I choose to never fly. Just because I will be safe from ever being a doomed passenger in an airplane doesn't make me safer than others, however. More automobile accidents occur per mile than airline accidents, so statistically, we are safer flying than taking a road trip.

Some may prefer to guard against firearm accidents by never allowing firearms in their home. In 2010 there were 606 accidental deaths involving firearms. Compared with about 90 million firearm owners and 250 million firearms owned, that is a minute number of fatal accidents. And in the last 20 years, the accident rate has dropped 58%, even as firearm ownership is growing.

Are you really going to fear the minuscule risk of an accident enough to give up your ability to defend your loved ones from a violent home invasion robbery where armed gunmen will show no mercy? They will not heed your tears to spare your family. They will tie you up, rape and murder your spouse and children right before your eyes while laughing about it.

You can choose from a myriad of safety measures and firearms training to help reduce the risk of accidents. You cannot choose whether or not armed bad guys will suddenly kick in your door.

One might argue that the risk of a home invasion is also small. True, but I play the stakes, not the odds. While I can control what safety measures I take; I cannot control when evil strikes.

Liberty Only For The Politically Correct?

Choose not to own a firearm? Fine. The problem comes when you choose to infringe on my firearm ownership. Especially when the enforcer of your choice against me is the government, which will gladly use its own guns against people that have never harmed anyone, to have them fined and imprisoned merely for possessing "unapproved" weapons that have this or that cosmetic feature, or that can hold more than some arbitrary number of rounds. This is precisely what Georgia House Representative Mary Margaret Oliver has proposed with her gun confiscation bill, HB 731.

Ironically, the "scary looking" rifles under fire by leftist, elitist politicians (usually Democrats) to ban are involved in only a tiny fraction of crimes committed with firearms compared with pistols. I can assure you, if Democrats get their way with semi-auto rifles, they will come after pistols. 

The weapon-grabbers are never satisfied. The more helpless we are, the more we will have to depend on government to keep us safe. And the more control over our lives will be the result. The issue is not so much "gun control" as "people control".

I don't care what excuse is used to support such totalitarian actions, whether it be statistics, "common sense", or "it's for the children" - I'll never be seduced by it.

My love of our hard fought and won liberty is eternally faithful. Try to take it by force and I'll die for her. When the government treats adults like children, it's called tyranny. Children will comply. The adults will not. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Infinite Energy Center (Gwinnett Center) Ups the Ante © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Yesterday morning or the day before, WSB radio reported that Infinite Energy Center's Arena will now have full-body and permanent metal detectors in place.

The thing is, I have confirmation in two separate emails from their Atty Lee Tucker that NONE of the buildings (including the Arena) at 6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy Duluth, GA qualify as "government buildings" per OCGA 16-11-127.

AND, the property is owned by Gwinnett County. Here is the link to the OMA between Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau (aka Explore Gwinnett), and Gwinnett County.

They are NOT making an exception for license holders. They are banning all weapons that are legally carried by those who hold a valid Georgia Weapons License or reciprocal license.

This is in CLEAR violation of state weapons preemption, particularly in light of HB 492 which states that local governments may not use ANY other means to regulate the possession and carrying of weapons.

Gwinnett County needs to relent or be sued over this. 

Their agent, Explore Gwinnett, is not following state law. And Gwinnett County is using the means of a non-profit corporation installing metal detectors on public property that is not exempt from licensed carry, to enact a defacto ban on carry.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Alabama Resistance To Firearm State Preemption - Testing The Waters © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Alabama has had state preemption of firearms for several years now, but local governments such as the City of Birmingham still believe they have the authority to ban firearms carried on public property which is not specified as off-limits under state law.

Recently, I took a trip to Birmingham, Alabama. As I typically carry my holstered pistol out in plain view, this was an excellent opportunity to test those bans on public property. If we only carry concealed, how will local officials know that their signs banning firearms do not have the force of law?

Keep in mind that certain public property is specified as off-limits under state law, such as jails, courthouses, etc. These buildings don't need to meet any special criteria to have firearms legally banned.

So without further ado, here is my open carry report for those who are interested in exercising their rights in the great state of Alabama:

1. Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Here is a photo of me and my little girl with their rules sign at the open gates taken on a Saturday:

I learned sometime that day that all workers on the weekends are volunteers, and no one said anything about my firearm. It just so happened that my wife wanted to go back the next Monday to visit a couple of areas we didn't get to. Now was the real test, since the workers there would be actual employees.

While my wife and children were out and about, I needed to use the restroom, and decided to use the one in the main building. As I was walking by the reception window to the right of me, the lady there asked me in a surprised tone what I had on my hip. As I was carrying two cameras strapped on me, I held them and playfully said, "My cameras?". 
  She said, "No, on your other hip." 
  I said, "Oh, that's my firearm."
  "I don't think we allow those in here", she said.
  "It's okay, I'm licensed to carry." (I know you can openly carry in Alabama without a license, but it's just easier sometimes to cut to the chase and admit you are licensed to carry).

  "Isn't there a sign at the entrance", she said.
  "Not on the door here, but I think there's one down there", I said pointing. (There was no sign on the main building door, and I couldn't remember if I had seen the one inside further down, or outside. Turns out the sign is outside on the pillar in the middle of the gate.)
  "Anyway, it doesn't matter. State law is state law", I said, as I continued on about my business.

I later returned to the same building to wait for my wife to complete her picture taking, and never saw any police. I guess they realized they could not ban firearms with just a sign.

On the sign above: "Do not bring weapons, firearms, or explosives of any kind"

Note: While at BBG Saturday, I did want to visit the Birmingham Zoo, and we stood in line for 15 minutes, but it looked like another 45 minute wait, so we nixed that idea. I wanted to test their website ban on firearms. I didn't get close enough to see if there were any signs.

2. Southern Museum of Flight. They had a small gun buster sign on the glass door, but because I saw a uniformed guard inside, I put my pistol in the trunk of my car. 

A guard and a sign are not sufficient by themselves to make public property off-limits. State law also requires physical barriers and metal detectors, but I was spooked a little and decided I'd avoid any trouble and file a complaint later with the Attorney General, Luther Strange.

3. Birmingham Museum of Art. No gun buster or any other signs on the glass doors. However, after walking inside the first set of glass doors, I saw a sign on the left hand wall which stated that firearms are prohibited. And I saw a uniformed guard inside.

This time, I decided to chance it and carried openly right on inside. 

Said hello to the friendly guard at the desk and he chatted with me and my wife about the museum, giving us some helpful information. He never mentioned my clearly visible firearm, nor did at least one other guard which saw me later on. These guards were also unarmed. So much for any real and immediate protection from armed bad guys if needed - except for me, and anyone else that may have been carrying concealed past the sign.

4. Rickwood Caverns State Park - I knew this would be a slam dunk, as state parks are good to always carry in, but wasn't sure how they'd react to me carrying a gun inside the caverns on a tour. My family was the only one there for the 3:00pm tour, and the two young ladies that took us on the tour never batted an eye. Good on them!

5. Ruffner Mountain Nature Center - Their website says, "No guns", but there were no signs, no guards, no barriers, and no metal detectors. The nice lady there I spoke with never mentioned my gun on my side. This is one of those situations where you have a website bluff to scare away carriers (or rather force them to conceal), but it didn't work this time.

6. Vulcan Park. Under Park Rules on their website they have, "Please refrain from carrying firearms within the boundaries of Vulcan Park and Museum." I openly carried in both the museum and the elevator, and went to the top to take photos. No signs, guards, metal detectors, or physical barriers. What is it with these websites? LOL

7. Aldridge Botanical Gardens. Recently, every single webpage on their site had, "No firearms" at the bottom. I emailed several Hoover officials who never replied, but they did change their website to remove any references to firearms. When I visited, there were no signs and I had no problems carrying there.

I have to say that I really enjoyed my visit this year to Alabama. My first visit was five years ago, and at that time I was carrying concealed-only, as I was not that familiar with the law there. This time I was prepared, and thoroughly enjoyed the public exercise of my firearm carry rights.

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange will be getting my notarized official complaints regarding signs at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Birmingham Museum of Art, and Southern Museum of Flight.

It wouldn't hurt if other folks filed for the same places. There is strength in numbers!