Saturday, August 29, 2020

Perversion of Justice in Kenosha, Wisconsin © 2020 Phillip Evans

Not to mention the "progressive" mainstream media piling on with their leftist clap trap heroizing the "victims".

The media has portrayed Kyle as being part of a "white militia". First of all, the majority of people in Wisconsin are white. Secondly, there were a few armed blacks in their group standing guard so that businesses such gasoline stations would not be set ablaze by the mostly white thugs running wild there. So much for the race card the media is desperately trying to play.

Some say he had no business traveling the 20 or so miles from his house to Kenosha, because he was just went there looking for trouble. However, we now know that is not the case at all. Here is the timetable of what really happened:

He had to be armed because it was a danger zone, but he was not afraid to help, and he carried a medic kit, which he had used to help "protesters" that were injured by the police. He was not looking to kill anyone. He only defended himself when pressed to do so by the eggs-for-brains fools that thought it a good idea to attack and try and take a rifle from someone.

The ones who attacked him were angry that Kyle and other armed citizens were preventing them from burning down the city. Had the police been able to do their job, business owners would not have needed to call for outside help.

1. When Kyle shot Joseph Rosenbaum in the head, Rosenbaum and another "peaceful protester" were chasing Kyle with Rosenbaum throwing an unknown object at him. Had they subdued Kyle, don't doubt that they would have taken his rifle and beat him unconscious with it, or worse. Rosebaum was a registered child sex offender, not the type of person to trust with your life. No doubt Kyle was in fear for his life, for right before Rosenbaum lunged at him, there was a gunman that had fired a pistol into the air.

2. After Kyle had tripped (he was running from the rioters and was trying to avoid further confrontation) and was on the ground (another rioter cowardly kicked him from behind but quickly ran away), Anthony Huber tried grabbing Kyle's rifle and hit him with his skateboard. Huber was promptly backed off with a fatal shot to the chest. Huber had been arrested several times for battery and domestic abuseNot the type to trust giving up your gun to.

3. Gaige Grosskreutz, a member of the People's Revolution Movement of Milwaukee (communist sounding to me), came at Kyle with a pistol, and did a false surrender causing Kyle to lower his rifle. Grosskreutz then came at him again and pointed the pistol at him. The arm holding the pistol was nearly shot off by Kyle, ending that thug's plans. Grosskreutz has a petty criminal record, and one Internet archive showed that he was charged with felony burglary in 2013, but no info is out there on any conviction that I can find.

In addition to the bogus felony charges against Kyle, he is also charged with unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon, apparently, because he is under the age of 18.

However, it is clear that District Atty. Graveley (a Democrat) can't read, because the law spells out a very narrow case where a person could be in violation of that statue, and Kyle's possession of a rifle did not fall within the scope of that. The rifle was also not brought across states lines, but was lawfully in Wisconsin borrowed from a friend.

Here is an analysis of the Wisconsin law by Georgia Carry Gun Rights Attorney John R. Monroe (he has also represented clients in other states and knows his stuff):


Wisconsin Statutes 948.60(2)(a):
Any person under 18 years of age who possesses or goes armed with a dangerous weapon is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.
[Dangerous weapon is defined to include firearms]

But, Wisconsin Statutes 948.60(2)(c):
This section applies only to a person under 18 years of age who possesses or is armed with a rifle or a shotgun if the person is in violation of s. 941.28 or is not in compliance with ss. 29.304 and 29.593.
[941.28 is possession of a SBR or SBS, and 29.304 and 29.593 are hunting regulations -- i.e., not applicable if you're not hunting]

It's somewhat awkwardly worded, but the distilled meaning is, "It's a crime for under 18 to possess a firearm, unless the firearm is a rifle or shotgun except if the rifle or shotgun is an SBR or SBS."


Instead of prosecuting the numerous arsonists, looters, rioters, and beaters of innocent citizens, their "justice" system goes after a young man was there to help stop innocent business owners from having their businesses burned to the ground. 

Fortunately, legal help is on the way. Atty. L. Lin Wood will be representing him. You can have an active part in helping this young man by donating to his legal team. In addition, Gun Owners of America has offered their assistance.

Donate at: personally donated $50, and challenge you who love the truth to do the same.

We all know why the Democrats are going after this citizen defender rather than these criminals. It's because they want to virtue signal to their far left / communist base. They also want anarchy. They want to use it as a tool to seize power by disrupting our rule of law and order. In the midst of all this they are calling for defunding of the police.

While I support defunding the police, it is not in a vacuum. I want that money to instead go toward increasing the numbers of sheriffs and their deputies so that we will have greater accountability, as sheriff's are elected officials.

The Democrats just want the police gone, with no one to take their place. Let the local police keep their jobs and badges, but as sheriff's deputies. Too many mayors and county commissioners misuse the police, or tie their hands so they can't do the job they are hired for, like we've seen in every Democrat controlled area. 

Final thoughts:

Kyle will need at least one sane jury member who will see through this bogus prosecution of an innocent man for political purposes, who will state "Not Guilty" and hold to that firm no matter if everyone else is screaming to convict him.

The "victims" mentioned above who took their well earned bullets are going to be poster boys for the antifa anarchist crowd who are co-opting the BLM movement, apparently with permission, as I've seen nothing to indicate any displeasure from BLM leaders.

I predict these "youths" won't ease up on their criminal activity due to taking some casualties, because that would make them look weak, and to them, appearance matters. In their stupidity they will ramp up their attacks. But that will bring out even more American heroes like Kyle who will eventually put a stop to it. When will it all end? When the communists know that they cannot stand against American Patriot Resolve, that's when.

If you think things are froggy now, just wait until President Trump wins reelection and further melts down the snowflakes. So be vigilant, be armed at all times, and be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones from evil.