Friday, May 27, 2022

When Seconds Count Police Are Right Outside Cowering Behind Cover © 2022 Phillip Evans

The 2018 Parkland, Florida school massacre saw the fallout of Sheriff Scott Israel and two of his deputies fired, though the deputies were later reinstated, but not the Sheriff, who was fired by Gov. DeSantis.

Now we see a repeat failure of law-enforcement, this time in Uvalde, Texas, to save innocent lives.

Laurens County, Georgia Board of Education 

Shortly after Parkland, two Georgia school districts took advantage of a state law that had been placed on the books some years before. The Parkland mass murder apparently opened the eyes of a few, who found it prudent to allow teachers and staff who hold a Georgia Weapons Carry License to carry their concealed firearms at school to help prevent or at least lessen the death toll in case an active shooter struck one of their schools.

Laurens County was first, followed by Fannin County. These are two rural counties with small school systems and populations, with neither county exceeding 50,000 residents.

Just looking at only the numbers of schools and students, not to mention the difference in crime rate, you'd think a mass shooting would be more likely to occur in Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, or some other large school district. 

But those (and all other districts except the two noted above), are content to let their students and teachers remain sitting ducks, helpless to only dial 911 and wait for law-enforcement to arrive, hoping they won't cower outside like those in Parkland did, or more recently like those in Uvalde, Texas did, costing precious lives.

Georgia's lawmakers are content to pass the buck to these same school districts, afraid of political fallout if they simply decriminalized licensed carry of firearms in K-12 schools. These lawmakers KNOW full well that the vast majority of districts, especially the largest ones controlled by Democrats and Milquetoast Republicans, would never allow mere mortal teachers and staff to carry a handgun to shoot back at a murdering monster. 

So unlike in Laurens and Fannin Counties, grown adults licensed to carry and willing to defend their students must take their chances and just throw books, chairs, or even their own bodies at a mass shooter, like decorated Navy veteran Christopher Brent Hixon did at Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, when he tried to disarm the shooter. The only thing that prevented this hero from shooting back with his own gun, was Florida law.

Folks, any government that requires mandatory school attendance (absent homeschooling) while at the same time it requires students, staff, and teachers to have no real means of self-defense, to be sitting ducks in a barrel, is an immoral government.


Write your state's lawmakers to demand a pathway for licensed-to-carry citizens to legally carry their sidearm anytime they go to work at, or have any business at a K-12 school.

Whether that includes a special training course or marksmanship test, people in a free country must not have their right of self-protection completely cancelled by politicians who can afford to send their children to private schools, or who hire tutors to teach them at home.

Also, if you are in a state that allow a school district to give permission to parents and other caretakers of children to be armed at school (like Georgia does) then WRITE THEM AND ASK FOR PERMISSION TO CARRY!

The elite don't know any better than you and I do. We have the common sense to know that a rabid animal, whether beast of the field or the two-legged kind, must be put down quickly WITHOUT WAITING for someone else to come save you.

Especially when those tasked to come save you let you die because of their cowardliness or ineptitude.