Friday, June 24, 2022

Second Amendment Supreme Court Decision Victory! © 2022 Phillip Evans

U.S. Supreme Court Building

The lawsuit was brought because the plaintiffs were denied a license to carry a firearm on the basis that they could not show a "special need", supposedly to consist of a specific threat against their lives. Sometimes needing to walk through a high crime area prone to murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults wasn't good enough for their government overlords.

The "special need" in practice, was having the right connections via being rich, being friends with folks in high places, or both, which they lacked. Believe me, money passed many times under the table (or other favors exchanged) in this government-run racketeering scheme.

The little people didn't even get scraps in New York with regard to their self-defense rights. They paid the hundreds of dollars in application fees just to be laughed at behind their backs while they waited for their big fat "NO, you cannot exercise your right of armed self-defense in public because your life isn't worth it" answer.

Why it even took this long to get such a case to the U.S. Supreme Court is unfathomable, but at least we finally got it.

Don't make the mistake of assuming this was a narrow decision pertaining only to an onerous licensing scheme. Carefully read their reasoning for ruling the way they did, and you will see that it essentially sets a new and higher bar for ANY gun law challenged on constitutional grounds, that being a historical approach favoring the literal text and original application of the Second Amendment.

The two-step right of the people vs. government interests means test has now been abolished with regard to the Second Amendment, at long last.

This means that governments, when challenged in court, must prove that their restrictive laws on the possession and carrying of arms do not violate the Second Amendment. 

Unfortunately, leftist courts will keep doing what leftist courts do until other cases make it back up to the U.S. Supreme Court, with whatever makeup it will have then. But at least the low-hanging fruit can be picked in a fairly timely manner, so other infringement states such as Hawaii, New Jersey, California, and others are on notice.

The general bans on carrying a holstered pistol in a visible manner ("open carry") are also ripe for picking. 

New York, California, Florida, and Illinois, and the District of Columbia make it a crime to wear your handgun on your hip uncovered when walking down the street, even if you are a licensed carrier. But a historical approach will show that even when the Second Amendment was penned, carrying openly, and without a license, was the norm.

That even the "gunshine" state of Florida will enthusiastically throw you into a steel-barred concrete cell for having the audacity not to hide your exercise of a fundamental right in public is surprising, while Republican Governor Ron DeSantis smiles on TV and says he supports your Second Amendment Rights with an eye for the Presidency.

Gov. DeSantis sure has been taking his time about it if he does. Perhaps this Court's decision will lend him a little backbone to finally publicly call for true "Constitutional Carry" with no license requirement, and with the only off-limits places being jails/prisons, dedicated and guarded mental institutions, and courtrooms in session, which is what New Hampshire has, being the only state that can honestly lay claim to being a real "Constitutional Carry" state. A few others come close, but look at the state mandated off-limits places in each before giving them that moniker.

Florida's state laws banning K-12 school carry along with school district and local and federal law-enforcement's failures added up to a recipe for disaster for Douglas Stoneman High in Parkland, Florida in 2018. The government forbade teachers and staff to be armed, and failed to come to their rescue when they needed it, especially being unarmed, needlessly costing many innocent lives.

Florida now has the Guardian program, with about two thirds of counties participating. School employees that volunteer must take 144 hours of training to qualify to be armed. It's better than nothing, but the numbers of volunteers is likely to be few with that high hurdle to clear.

Unfortunately, it looks like even with this U.S. Supreme Court decision, armed self-defense in K-12 schools will likely remain a third-class right, as the Court gave a wink and nod to weapons bans in "sensitive places", with the only approved "arms" to fight back being books, erasers, chairs, and perhaps even buckets of rocks. But not a large bucket of rocks. No one needs a high-capacity rock bucket magazine.

It looks like now it's up to us citizens to lobby our state legislatures to demand they remove the existing infringements on our God-given right of effective self-defense, free to protect our lives and those of our loved ones wherever we need to be as we go about our peaceful daily business.

We shall see if this decision injects a little calcium into the spines of our Republican state lawmakers. 14 Congressional Republicans certainly weren't affected. They turned coat and voted for Biden/Pelosi's Second Amendment infringements.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Parkland and Uvalde: Government Failures of Colossal Proportions © 2022 Phillip Evans

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that law-enforcement have no constitutional duty to protect a person from harmIn light of police taking this to heart, via either fear or incompetence, "gun-free" zones, especially where our most vulnerable are gathered at, are at even more risk of becoming free killing zones.

Tragic Math
Image by Author

The K-12 school massacres of Parkland and Uvalde, only four years apart, prove that police failures to protect are REPEATABLE, and mark my words, WILL be repeated again, because police are only human, too. 

The constant mantra drilled into them every day by their leadership is the PRIORITY to "go home safe at the end of your shift". So naturally that's what they'll give their best efforts toward.

Can you blame them that much? No police officer wants to be hurt or killed, and society doesn't want that either, but if that's their number one thought each day, then trading in their badge for a different profession might be in order. They SIGNED UP for a duty "To Protect and To Serve", though puzzlingly not legally required to perform that catchy motto.

So here's what it boils down to: The government is NOT obligated to protect you, AND at the same time the law in most states forbids your right to SHOOT BACK at mass murderers in schools because, well, those are special "safe" places where we do not allow weapons, especially firearms. 

That adds up to a recipe for disaster.

Let this slowly sink in: Guns are not permitted in school zones by decree of even our grinning "Second Amendment friendly" politicians because these places are "school safety zones". However, criminals somehow manage to bring them in anyway. 

Apparently, murderous gunmen are not frightened by words on paper forbidding them to bring their guns into schools.

Parents, teachers, staff, even those that are vetted and supposedly "trusted" by their government, having received a firearms permit or weapons carry license, do not dare carry their guns in schools for self-defense because they fear being jailed if caught. 

This is what law-abiding people do, they obey the law - and by doing so are unarmed and helpless when evil strikes. So their only recourse is to wait for others to come save them. Ask Suzanna Hupp, survivor of a 1991 mass shooting at a restaurant

And how is this plan working out, especially with soft, victim-rich targets like schools?

Orwellian double-speak is strong in the phrase "School Safety Zone", when such words, whether published by lawmakers on paper or printed on a metal sign do little to confer actual safety.

The laws prohibiting armed defense in schools were originally put in place by and large by Democrats, mainly because they are liberty haters, and want people to remain dependent on and at the mercy of government "help". They know better than we little people, we unwashed masses that need to be treated like children who cannot be trusted to protect ourselves.

When Republicans grow a backbone, which appears to be a rarity these days, they repeal such laws. Let's hope they start drinking their calcium fortified milk soon before too many more innocent lives are lost.

While we cannot prevent future police failures, we can demand that the government stops failing us, and allow us free adult citizens the human decency of self-defense wherever we have business to be, even at schools. At the very least for those of us who've obtained our government approved license to carry a firearm in public.

If you agree with me, share this article with your state lawmakers and demand that you be trusted to be armed in schools, that the problem is with criminals and not us law-abiding citizens. Any law which requires us to be defenseless is immoral.

Friday, June 17, 2022

School Districts - Legal Liability In Mass Shootings? © 2022 Phillip Evans

There is a principle in law which says if you neglect to do something you should have done, and someone is harmed in connection to that, you could be held liable for failing to do your legal responsibilities. There's probably a fancy legal term or phrase for this, but some things come to mind (I really just looked it up), such as: "Nonfeasance", "Dereliction", "Negligence".

Oxford High School in Michigan

Well well, it seems that 20 students have correctly picked up on this principle, and have launched a Federal lawsuit against the Oxford Community School District for its failures which allegedly enabled the shooting deaths of four teenagers with others injured at the Oxford High School by 15 year old Ethan Crumbley, who was charged as an adult for his Nov. 30th, 2021 crimes.

Frankly, they should have sued for money also. Hurt pocketbooks have a strange and wonderful way of incentivizing folks to change their ways and start doing what they are supposed to do.

In the lawsuit, they ask for changes to make schools more secure, for more transparency and communication from district officials, and a better effort to keep students out of school that have shown warning signs of wanting to hurt themselves or others.

I haven't seen the text of the lawsuit, so I don't know if one of their demands is for the district to allow volunteer teachers and staff who possess a license to carry, to be armed with a pistol in schools to protect themselves and their students. I doubt it, though. Sheep will still be sheep when it boils down to it. I'd be happy to be corrected on this if I'm wrong.

Apparently a bunch of folks, including students, parents and community members had spoken up at a public meeting both for and against having guns in schools, and got their attention.

Who knows what became of that, whether they opted to use their authority to arm willing school staff, or just talked about it? These days most officials and politicians just talk, while blood is still being shed and innocent lives are still being lost.

Now here's where you come in. You probably live in a state where carrying a firearm in a school is generally prohibited by law, even for licensed carriers. But many if not most states  have a provision authorizing any school board or district that wants it, to allow teachers and staff who hold a weapons license to be armed in schools for a proper self-defense response when a murdering gunman enters to do evil.

First of all, speak up at school board meetings and demand that they allow for armed defense in schools for all willing and licensed staff. Most state legislative bodies have chickenly passed the buck to these school officials instead of simply decriminalizing the self-defense carry of firearms in K-12 schools by licensed citizens as they should do.

The second thing is to call, email, and meet with your state lawmakers to demand just that, that if licensed citizens can carry a gun in public even in crowded areas filled with adults and children, why can't they carry in K-12 schools as well?

Anyone with a functioning brain knows that "gun-free zones" are free killing zones or victim-rich zones where all you can do is dial 911 and hope that the police get there before too many more are murdered. 

And if they do get there, that they do their job and go in immediately. But that didn't work out too well for the victims of the Parkland, Florida and Uvalde, Texas mass shootings where in both cases the police hunkered down outside wondering what to do, as precious time passed and the body count continued to increase.

Those events must have given great pause to folks who trust the government to come save them in time when evil strikes. 

Let me spell it out. Those who are being shot at are the ones that have an immediate need to shoot back. 

Many state legislatures and general assemblies have a majority of "pro Second Amendment" politicians harping from the hills about how gun-rights friendly they are, and it's true that sometimes they do pass good bills while blocking bad ones (well, sometimes they pass the bad ones, too).

But when it comes to K-12 Carry, most (not all, really) Republicans are spineless cowards. 

They don't know how to articulate this common sense liberty of self-protection and are either too lazy or too scared to learn how. Teach them anyway. Be incessant in your demands. If each one of you out there does their part, this ship will be turned around and our schools will be much safer as a result.

I'm only one voice writing these multiple articles advocating for the freedom to keep ourselves safe even in K-12 schools. Add your voice as well, and we will be heard...

I guarantee you this 100%.

Also, I would encourage you all to join state and national gun rights groups, and make your desire for legalized K-12 Carry known to them, that you want them to make it a PRIORITY in lobbying state lawmakers to get it done.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Active School Shooter? Make The Victims Wait! © 2022 Phillip Evans

The 2022 Uvalde, TX and 2018 Parkland, FL public school massacres has me scratching my head why any state (including Georgia) in our country would criminalize citizens who are licensed to carry, while being armed with their peacefully holstered handguns at a K-12 school. In both cases, law-enforcement stood down and let many innocents be murdered.

School Zone Sign

Forcing unarmed teachers and staff in charge of children who are being fired upon to fight back with books, erasers, and chairs while the police sit outside wondering what to do is not an option that any sane  person supports.

Imagine the horror in that moment of having no way to save yourself or your innocent students that are dying before your eyes, if living long enough to witness it.

Whenever Democrats in power put Second Amendment infringements into law, count on Republicans who later come into power to take their own sweet time in removing them - if they ever do.

Case in point: Georgia's public gathering law made most public places off-limits to firearms carry, even for those who had a license to carry! It was put in place by Democrats in 1870 to disarm Blacks who wanted to be armed while protesting for their right to be decently treated, in order to keep from being murdered by Whites for doing so.

The Georgia General Assembly saw Republicans gaining control of both the House and Senate Chambers by 2007, but they waited three long years before finally repealing this Jim Crow law in 2010, with SB 308 signed into law by Gov. Sonny Perdue.

And that was only after much lobbying by Georgia Carry (now GA2A).

Permitless carry, hyped as "Constitutional Carry" was passed and signed into law Feb. 2022, but ALL of the current off-limits places (placed into law by Democrats in the past), were preserved by our "pro-Second Amendment" Republican state lawmakers. Wow, thanks a lot folks. 

Since public college Campus Carry passed in 2017 with HB 280 (again, after years of begging), NOTHING has been done for licensed carriers of firearms. Five years of ZILCH. Not even crumbs. 

If we take the trouble to get a license, passing state and federal background checks, why can't we be trusted to carry everywhere we have business to be, with the exception of jails/prisons, courtrooms in session, and locked down, guarded mental institutions?

Make no mistake, Kemp's "Constitutional Carry" bill was only brought forth because David Perdue brought up permitless carry in his primary challenge against Kemp. 

Apparently, infringements can quickly be removed when politics matter. 

I thought it was innocent lives that should matter, instead of politics?

Need proof that it was politics and not concern for folks that wanted to carry a gun for self-protection? GA2A begged Kemp to suspend the restriction on unlicensed carry of handguns when county courtrooms stopped issuing licenses, or required months to wait for an appointment. Kemp REFUSED to suspend the license requirement, although he did suspend the mask law during the pandemic.

It's nice that health mattered to him, but not self-defense against criminals if you were unlucky to not be able to get a license to carry. Isn't that health related also? It is when a criminal threatens your health and life.

DEMOCRATS put in place the license requirement to carry a handgun, back in 1910. It only took our "pro-Second Amendment" state Republicans 15 years after getting control in 2007 to remove this infringement, when politics of reelecting Kemp mattered.

And please DON'T CALL it "Constitutional Carry", as there is still the ban on adults 18-20 years old to carry a handgun in public, unless they are active military members or in one of the favored special professions.

One of these state favored professions is Superior Court Clerk. They can carry in places licensed carriers cannot legally carry, yet they can do so even without a license or training...

Places like K-12 schools, polling places when voting, and churches, not to mention government buildings with screening. How does that make sense, or is in any way fair to us citizens that took the time and trouble to obtain a Georgia Weapons Carry License?

If political expediency can remove the license requirement to carry in public, how much more bloodshed of innocent lives in "gun free" zones do we need to witness before removing the remaining off-limits places, AT LEAST for those with a LICENSE to carry.

Here's a hint to the Georgia General Assembly in case they didn't know... Criminals carry in all those places regardless of the law. Words on paper cannot stop an evil gunman, but a good guy/gal with a gun can.

Criminals should not have the upper hand just because politicians are afraid to trust licensed carriers.

Lawmakers will say that local school boards have the authority to arm teachers and staff, but only two small rural counties in Georgia have done so, leaving the rest defenseless. Passing the buck to anti-armed-defense school boards is not leadership.

Do you want to see greater self-defense liberty in Georgia? Join GA2A (formerly Georgia Carry). I've been a member since 2010. This article was not written on behalf of GA2A, but is my own personal work.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Georgia Lawmakers: "K-12 Disarmament A-Okay" © 2022 Phillip Evans

Trusting anti-self-defense local school boards to decide whether or not to arm volunteer teachers and staff to protect K-12 school children from mass shooters, is tantamount to stating that you are A-Okay with helpless, sitting ducks.

Sitting Ducks

That's exactly what our "pro-Second Amendment" Georgia General Assembly lawmakers are saying. Oh sure, they've finally removed the Jim Crow license requirement to carry a pistol in public, but they've left in place numerous off-limits places where they make sure you'll be punished just for carrying a pistol for self-defense where they say you can't. Never mind that criminals carry in those places anyway.

These Jim Crow laws were put in place when Democrats had lawmaking control in Georgia. Off-limit carry prohibitions such as churches, K-12 schools, and polling places were placed into law by White Democrats who didn't want Blacks gathering together to protest for equal rights while armed, much less to protect themselves in public.

Republican lawmakers actually do believe it takes a good guy/gal with a gun to stop a bad one with a gun.

But they have a logic disconnect when it comes to K-12 schools (all the off-limits places, actually).

They've turned common sense upside down by refusing to let the good guys/gals even be armed in the first place to be able to shoot back. They need to let go of these Jim Crow laws!

It's so rare for a school board to allow teachers and staff to be armed, that it makes news whenever it happens, such as with Laurens County back in 2018, in response to the Parkland, Florida school massacre.

Because of the recent Uvalde, Texas school massacre, Laurens County is back in the news again, to let everyone know they still have their program arming teachers and staff, to be a warning to would-be shooters that might target their schools.

Georgia has 159 counties, and only two small rural counties have used their state-given authority to protect their children. 

How's that for falling back on trusting school boards to make this life or death decision? Lawmakers KNOW school boards won't do it, with rare exception.

Our lawmakers seem to be content with this strategy. It's politically soothing for them - this pass the buck mentality.

They fear the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE), a teachers union which opposes armed self-defense in schools.

I wonder if victims of murdered children would be soothed knowing our lawmakers had their hands tied with this fear. Some consolation, huh?

The irony is that those union members and officials don't vote for Republicans anyway, so why are they sitting back doing nothing to further liberty, in order to appease them?

They need to step up to the Leadership Plate and repeal the law that makes it a crime to be armed for self-defense in K-12 schools, at the very least for those who've been vetted and received a license to carry.

I trust an armed citizen in a K-12 school far more to protect children, than I do most local school boards. Our lawmakers should too.

Do you want to see greater self-defense liberty in Georgia? Join GA2A (formerly Georgia Carry). I've been a member since 2010. This article was not written on behalf of GA2A, but is my own personal work.

Monday, June 6, 2022

"School Defenseless Zone": K-12 Schools in Georgia © 2022 Phillip Evans

The Georgia General Assembly needs to stop mandating K-12 schools be "Gun Free Zones" (State law does give a wink and a nod to local school boards, allowing them to decide to arm teachers and staff, but lawmakers know they would never do that, with very few exceptions, leaving the vast majority unprotected).

Gun Buster Image created by Author

Ironically, state law calls school property and buildings a "school safety zone" (OCGA 16-11-127.1). I suppose this law in general prohibiting firearms carry for law-abiding citizens is meant to keep everyone safe from criminals that will carry anyway? Right.

This disarmament philosophy only works when all entry points are protected by armed guards and metal detectors, like lawmakers provide themselves at the Capitol Building. Even so, our schools shouldn't have to be run like prisons, as this further indoctrinates children into the poisonous sheep mentality which places the responsibility of self-protection on the shaky shoulders of the government, instead of where it belongs - on us individual citizens.

After the mass school shootings in Parkland, Florida (2018) and Uvalde, Texas (2022), the usual mantra to dial 911 and wait for help rings hollow.

Regardless, no state politician in Georgia is advocating that schools receive these protective measures, so tax-dollar protected politicians should stop making it a crime for licensed adults to carry their firearms as a defense for themselves and the children they care for at school. Those lives matter too.

State lawmakers KNOW the status quo doesn't work, and if they don't take real steps to fix it, that means THEY DON'T CARE, or at least it means they don't care enough to let people have effective tools to protect themselves in a school "safety" zone. What that is, is for the government to STOP making self-defense preparedness a CRIME.

It's high time they stop playing politics with innocent lives. Evil will strike again, and the best way to save the most lives is to shoot down murdering maniacs on the spot.

Disarming teachers, staff, parents and other caretakers as if they are children not to be trusted with guns, is to leave actual children defenseless, not to mention the adults too.

Police often take minutes to arrive, and victims under fire don't have minutes to spare.

Therefore, the best security option is first responders that are already on the scene: teachers, staff, visiting parents, etc. Plenty of these already possess a valid Georgia Weapons Carry License, having passed their state and federal background checks, and are willing and able to be frontline defenders. So why can't they be?

To that best option our state politicians say "NO", passing the buck to local school boards that also say "NO".

So we are left back at square one, with innocent lives being sitting ducks in a barrel, with Gold Dome Republicans afraid to remove from us the shackles of the threat of jail, so that we citizens can exercise our God-given right of self-defense even in K-12 schools.

It's a crying shame they don't do so.

If saving children's lives won't help politicians grow a backbone, nothing will.

Note: According to OCGA 16-11-127.1 a "lawful weapons carrier" may be armed on their person in a "school safety zone" when such person carries or picks up a student. Not all judges, prosecutors, or juries may agree with the literal wording of this statute, so doing so would be risky at best. We need to expect better from our elected lawmakers who are supposed to have our best interests at heart.

Do you want to see greater self-defense liberty in Georgia? Join GA2A (formerly Georgia Carry). I've been a member since 2010. This article was not written on behalf of GA2A, but is my own personal work.

Friday, June 3, 2022

K-12 Carry In Georgia - Declined By School Districts © 2022 Phillip Evans

On June 1st, 2022, I emailed my "pro-Second Amendment" Georgia lawmakers a petition to decriminalize carry of firearms in K-12 schools for self-defense purposes by those who possess a license to carry. You can view the text of the email here.

In spite of current law allowing school boards to arm teachers and staff, they would rather your children's caretakers at school to remain helpless to save them from murderous attackers. Therefore, the General Assembly should fix this by decriminalizing the carry of firearms by licensed citizens.

State Representative Thomas Benton of the 31st District replied to my email referred to above:

"Mr. Evans, 

In 2014 the General Assembly passed legislation allowing local school boards to permit carry by teachers."

I replied back to him:

"I am aware of that, just as you are aware almost no school district would ever do that.

So far, only Laurens and Fannin Counties have taken advantage of that, leaving the other districts virtually helpless. Two tiny rural counties. Really?

Passing the buck like that is not leadership. (emphasis added for this article)

The state needs to remove the axe over my head as a licensed carrier, so that I can legally carry where criminals will carry anyway. 

Licensed carriers legally carry at crowded park festivals full of children, but we can't be trusted to carry in K-12 schools?

Is there no one in the Capitol with the skill to articulate furthering liberty, so that schools can get on the spot protection when evil strikes?

Don't YOU want to be able to legally carry in schools? I trust you to do so, why don't you trust me?"

Georgia's School District elites have practically guaranteed that teachers will not be permitted to shoot back at a murdering, evil lunatic attacking them and the children under their presumed protection and care.

To use the word "immoral" for this, is to be a champion at understatement.

The Solution?

Real state leadership that DECRIMINILIZES the carry of firearms at K-12 schools by those who took the time and paid money to be background checked by the state AND the Federal Government, and obtained a Georgia Weapons Carry License.

So let's understand current Georgia Law:

If I go to my son's school to have lunch with him and am wearing a concealed pistol, I'm at risk of being kidnapped by armed government enforcers, placed behind bars and separated from my family, just for desiring to not be defenseless, the same boat our teachers are in.

Even though:

1. I've been vetted by background checks (you know, the special magic)
2. I've obtained my license to carry
3. It is a Second Amendment Right
4. I follow the law and am willing to defend others when possible

What Can You Do?

Write, email, call, meet with your state lawmakers and bring up these points. Demand a pathway for ANY licensed carrier to be able to carry in K-12 schools, whether it's an extra special background check or reasonable shooting test, something to give those with weak knees under the Gold Dome some political cover. 

But frankly, they should just let freedom ring and add licensed carriers to the OCGA 16-11-130 exemption list.

By the way, Superior Court clerks are on this list and can legally carry in K-12 schools with NO license at all! We little people with a license can just eat cake!

Is it fair for those in government favored professions (and there's a lot of them on that exception list) to get the okay to carry a gun for self-defense, but not you and I?

Heaven forbid a mass shooting happens in a K-12 school in Georgia. We have no further to look than politicians who apparently trust school board disarmament decisions to keep our children safe.

Do you want to see greater self-defense liberty in Georgia? Join GA2A (formerly Georgia Carry). I've been a member since 2010. This article was not written on behalf of GA2A, but is my own personal work.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Legalize K-12 Firearms Carry In Georgia © 2022 Phillip Evans

In Georgia, with a few exceptions, it is a crime to carry a firearm in a "school zone". With "Gun Free Zones" being proven recently to once again be Victim Rich Zones, as we saw in Uvalde, Texas, I have emailed my "pro-Second Amendment" Georgia lawmakers the following:

Georgia Capitol Building in Atlanta

Dear Lawmakers,

Do you recall how we repealed the Public Gathering Law with HB 60 back in 2014?

The argument, and it was a good one, was that criminals carry in those places, so why not law-abiding citizens?

That worked!

Why shouldn't it work with K-12 School Carry? Aren't children worth defending when criminals with guns enter to commit murder? Most school main entry doors in our state are not locked or manned with metal detectors. We shouldn't have to run them like prisons, so that is not a complaint, just a fact.

Now that we've repealed the license requirement for carrying weapons in public, shouldn't those who've gone the extra step to get licensed be trusted more?

Shouldn't we be rewarded with more places to carry, places where criminals carry regardless of the law?

Carrying a gun should ONLY be a crime when the intent or action committed with it is criminal. An example is Alabama law, which only makes it a crime to carry a firearm in K-12 schools if there is criminal intent. We could do that here, too.

And isn't it IRONIC that I can carry in a school zone (the definition includes buildings) when bringing my son to or picking him up from school, but at any other time if I enter a school building I put myself at risk of being a captive in a concrete and steel box?

How does THAT make sense???

UNLESS you plan to spend untold MILLONS of dollars to harden schools with police and metal detectors, let us protect our own without fearing incarceration just for being prepared to oppose evil.

Waiting on 911 while innocents are slaughtered is not a good option.

You have the power to do good. Use it.


Do you want to see greater self-defense liberty in Georgia? Join GA2A (formerly Georgia Carry). I've been a member since 2010. This article was not written on behalf of GA2A, but is my own personal work.