Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Florida General Assembly House Passes Campus Carry and Open Carry! © 2016 by Phillip Evans

I just had to share the good news with my own lawmakers here in Georgia:

Dear Georgia General Assembly Members,

Today, not only did the Florida General Assembly House pass Open Carry, they also passed Campus Carry.

Please use their example as something that can get done when you put the liberty of citizens first. I say this not because I doubt you, but to continue to encourage, and enhearten you.

Georgia HB 859 is a great step forward. It does have room for improvement with regard to further removing restrictions on campus carry. If you do have to give up any ground, it's best to start from your strongest position, not from one of compromise. Boldness will win every time over timidity.

Be unapologetic - you have nothing to be ashamed of with regard to freedom, of letting adults defend the one life they have, even if they are on a college campus. 

The Board of Regents can't bring back anyone from the dead. They lift not one finger to protect college students. They only offer their wagging tongue to claim that colleges are safe enough, that police is all that's needed. You and I know that is hogwash.

I hope that you will give the Board of Regents the consideration it's due - a swift kick to the curb.

Thank you and God bless all that stand for freedom!


Phillip Evans

Member NRA, Georgia Carry, Florida Carry
Writer at

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