Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Banning Open Carry In Stores Will Stop Massing Shootings - NOT! © 2019 Phillip Evans

Bloomberg Billionaire anti-Second Amendment dollars and Walmart unite! 

I've been a long-time Walmart shopper, having spent many thousands of dollars with them over the years. Will I still shop there? Yes, when my bride wants to shop there. Probably not so much if I'm shopping freely on my own.

It's not strictly because Walmart has stopped selling most pistol and rifle ammo (or will stop when supplies are sold out - I suppose the bullets already in stock are good bullets that won't hurt innocent people, since the announcement to stop selling them has cleansed the remaining stock of any evil vibes), or even because they have "requested" no one carry a firearm openly except law enforcement.

The reason is because Walmart is actively working behind the scenes to further erode our rights:

1 - working with Democrats who want to ban private sales of private property between consenting adults unless a person or company with a Federal Firearms License is paid to run a background check and process an ATF Form 4473

2 -  working with Democrats who want to ban "high-capacity" ammo magazines (to Democrats, any magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds is evil. In NY the limit that qualifies a magazine as evil is 8 rounds or more)

3 -  working with Democrats who want to pass "Red Flag" laws where a mere accusation from one person can ruin another person's life, or get literally get them killed by police when they make surprised forced entry into their home

Who else has eagerly jumped on this bandwagon? Kroger, Publix, Aldi, CVS, Walgreens, and others. Granted not all may be making the same anti-rights effort Walmart is; some may just be banning open carry. Even Walmart at this point says legal concealed (out of sight, out of mind, right?) carry is okay. I believe Walgreens and CVS has stated no carry at all unless you're a police officer. So it's a hodge-podge. 

Even if these store policies (stores can do what they want, they are private businesses) are cast in real gold ten feet wide and hung from the ceiling they won't stop any evil person bent on entering with weapons and killing people.

These are just feel-good, security theater measures designed to do one thing - to score points with their fellow Democrats and to pacify leftist SJW's who are a small minority in our society. Just because they all have big mouths doesn't equate to there being a lot of them compared to the population in total, even if their noise might make it seem that way. 

It's amazing how many useful idiots are on twitter thanking these stores for keeping them safe with these policies. Really?

Bad guys don't follow the law, much less store policy. And good guys who know this and who want to keep themselves and their families safe in public will probably not leave their guns in their vehicles to be stolen from the stores' parking lots when they go inside to shop.

So nothing really has changed, except for the amount of shrill virtue signaling from high-dollar executives who don't have the guts to stand up to the yapping of a small minority of its customer base.

Apparently recent mass shootings, as opposed to other mass shootings back then have caused Kroger to think that peaceful open carriers such as myself are the problem in stores instead of the actual mass murderers.

While store after store bending over is not good news in itself, it does present a great opportunity for other stores to court the business of the real back-bone of our nation, the hard-working, sane people who know rational men don't identify as women and vice-versa, who know that objects (carried openly or concealed) don't commit evil acts, who understand it isn't store policies of disarmament that keeps them safe.

Find those stores who are still run by men and women with common sense and give them your business, and tell everyone about them...often.

So let me know where you all are shopping now.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Rep. Eric Swalwell - Point Blank Tyrant © 2019 Phillip Evans

Rep. Eric Swalwell (U.S. Representative from California's 15th congressional district) has "boldly" or stupidly (some might say) let the cat out of the bag and directly stated what virtually all Democrats feel but mince words about in various degrees. Stupidly, because it means he has practically nil chance of winning any Presidential Primary. Subtlety is the game of winning politics, Eric. But I digress...

From his own mouth he does want to take your guns away AND put you in jail if you deign to have the gall to keep possession of them. You know, because you want to keep your stuff that you legally bought with your own money. And because you believe it to be your right to be armed with firearms in "common use", and in fact even arms not in "common use" if one takes the Second Amendment (and our God-given right to self-preservation using weapons) to heart.

I'm not talking about blasters that spit out 500 rounds a minute, although if that's what needed to repel tyranny, then yes, I want to have and keep those, too.

I'm not talking about guns that can fire a single round which could send a car fifteen feet in the air like in the movies, either.

What I, and he, are talking about, are semi-automatic rifles, of which the vast majority that are owned in this country are of a small caliber (.22, .223/5.56 for example), that fire a single round per a single pull of the trigger, and which some states have outlawed for deer hunting because... well, because they are NOT POWERFUL enough to humanely take down a 180lb deer.

But in order to make his case, he must greatly exaggerate and say that these are "weapons of war" or "assault weapons". Emotional, pansy blather I say. First of all, if these firearms were weapons of war, our soldiers would be issued them, and they are not. Neither are ANY other modern army in the world issued them. Secondly, "assault" is a verb, not an object. 

Do Democrats call pistols "assault weapons", even though many more people are shot and killed with pistols than all long guns combined?

Folks, this is NOT about safety. It's about CONTROL. The Democrats, and to a lesser extent many Republicans simply do not trust a citizenry to be free enough to own firearms.

We armed citizens are a bulwark against their New World Order which worships Communism, abortion, and all manner of depravity. Mark my words, they will not stop at rifles. They already are going after pistol magazines. 

New York believes you only need 7 rounds in a pistol magazine to keep you and your family safe, even if a crew of armed thugs burst into your home to terrorize you and your children.

To hell with those busy-bodied politicians. How dare they puke out their nonsense about how much protection we need, when they have all the tax-payer funded guns they need at their beck and call?

Former Vice President Joe Biden went the idiots one better and said all you needed was a double-barreled shotgun, and to then fire it twice into the air making you now holding nothing better than a club.

There are MILLIONS of us who own semi-auto rifles. We safely keep and use them for sport shooting, recreational target shooting, home defense, and also keep them as a guard against tyrants like Swalwell who seek to disarm us at the point of his government guns. How many people are killed per year in this country where these rifles are used by murderers?

Look at this FBI statistic: TWICE as many people per year are murdered with fists and feet than ALL long guns combined (that includes single-shot shotguns, single-shot rifles, and other long guns that can hold no more than 5 or 10 rounds at a time).

If Swalwell gets worked up over the number of deaths due to murderers using rifles, he should instead be doing something about fists and feet, or at least hammers and knives, which also surpass the number of deaths over those caused by evil people that use rifles in their crimes.

In my fantasy world Swalwell and all those of his ilk would be put on trial for conspiring to deny us our Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights, and then appropriately punished, with at least deportation to Cuba, Venezuela, or China - after they are given $50.00 and a single suit of clothes to take with them.

They should be happy and thrive there, as those countries are utopias of citizen disarmament and a government monopoly on violence.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

South Carolina - Liberty Denied Again © 2019 Phillip Evans

In the South Carolina Legislature, the wheels of liberty turn slow. In fact, not much progress, if any, has been made in recent years to ease up on the onerous restrictions of carrying a firearm for self-defense in the Palmetto State.

However, along came H.3456 which looked very promising. It would allow citizens to legally carry a handgun openly or concealed without requiring government mandated and approved training, and a permission slip obtained upon sufficient payment of $$$ to the government. 

Basically, the bill would just let the Second Amendment do the job it was intended to do, by removing the hoops we subjects - I mean citizens - have to jump through in order to be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the criminals that prey upon us.

But then, just like lightning, a wonderful excuse to stop the liberty wheel from turning altogether popped up when needed... And it was, a Facebook comment!

The comment was made in response to a post by Freedom Action Network that blamed Rep. McCoy for stalling the bill in committee. 

Well, if the bill was already being held up, it surely has zero chance now, to hear the "I support the Second Amendment" Republicans talk about it.

Senator Stephen Goldfinch recently stated that he had canceled a hearing on a similar bill because of the threatening Facebook comment against McCoy. 

Sounds like some lawmakers want to deny liberty to citizens because of one bad actor posting a boneheaded comment on Facebook. Isn't that the same thing the gun-grabbers do when a lunatic shoots up a place? They want to make it illegal for citizens to merely possess a semi-automatic rifle. Punish the many for the one, the saying goes.

Don't politicians love freedom enough to not punish their innocent voters, who merely want to exercise their rights without being put in jail for it? Guess not.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Florida - Open Carry Legalized This Year? © 2019 Phillip Evans

For the last several years the Florida Legislature and Governor's office has enjoyed strong Republican representation. One might then rightly wonder why the general prohibition of the open carry of firearms, which was orchestrated by Clintonite Democrat Janet Reno back in 1987, has not yet been overturned by Republicans professing to "support the Second Amendment". 

There certainly has been time to do it. The how of it is clearly known. The Florida State Senate has consistently selected Senate Presidents who have orchestrated the defeat of bills that would legalize open carry by packing the Senate Judiciary Committee with enough members who would ensure such defeats, all while the NRA gives them a wink and a nod along with their A+ ratings year after year.

Could it be that Republican lawmakers in Florida simply view legalized open carry of pistols holstered on one's hip as too much liberty (except for the specially government authorized - the police)? Sorry Florida, but forty-five other states have legalized open carry of handguns. The majority of those, about 30, do not even require a license to carry in public when wearing a holstered and visible sidearm. 

Could it be because Florida is a state that depends on tourism? If open carry becomes legalized would tourists avoid the state in droves, even though much of those same tourists come from the other 45 states where open carry is legal? And what about foreign tourists? Will they cross Florida off their list? If tourists wish to visit states where open carry is banned they have only a precious few where their tender eyes can be shielded from the sight of a holstered pistol not carried by persons in a uniform with a badge. 

In my home state of Georgia where the open carry of pistols and even rifles and shotguns has never been illegal there doesn't seem to be a shortage of tourists from other states or other countries. So what gives? It could be that Florida lawmakers simply do not have the stomach for the public exercise of the right of self-defense. 

As a result, not only is the citizens' right to keep and bear arms infringed, but their First Amendment right to express support for the Second Amendment by allowing their lawfully carried firearm to be visible is also infringed.

The vast majority of criminals who know that you are armed will avoid you and choose an easier target. Criminals are lazy and do not want to work hard. They want an easy score and don't want to risk a gunfight. Lawfully armed citizens who are forced by law to conceal must therefore risk appearing to be an unarmed target, increasing the chance of a confrontation leading to a shootout that neither most criminals nor lawful carriers would want to have happen. 

ANY self-defense shooting in public puts innocent bystanders at risk of injury or death. Therefore, legalized open carry is a safety measure that helps to avoid confrontation with criminals and helps protect innocent lives, even the lives of criminals who have at least some sense of self-preservation (so their mamas don't show up on TV asking why their good boy turning his life around had to get shot by his robbery victim). 

Criminals that want to continue breathing wisely know that targeting a person known to be armed is not a good idea. However, there are firearms experts and instructors as well as law enforcement officers who disagree among themselves as to whether open carry is a good idea or not. That's perfectly fine. 

The bottom line is we should not criminalize a citizen's choice to peacefully carry their weapon of self-defense without a layer clothing hiding it. What is all this talk of liberty and freedom of choice in this country if we don't have the basic choice to publicly exercise our constitutional right to bear arms? 

Are there any other constitutional rights that must be hidden in public when exercised, under threat of fines and jail? 

Will new Florida Governor Ron DeSantis be like former Gov. Rick Scott regarding Florida's ban on open carry?

Gov. Scott said he would sign a bill legalizing open carry if it landed on his desk, then sat back and watched the State Senate torpedo every such bill without making even the sound of a whimper. I suppose that way he could keep his NRA A+ rating without rocking the boat. 

Let's hope Governor DeSantis is a genuine champion of our Second Amendment rights and not the typical Florida Republican kind. 

Folks, if you want to have any hope of further restoring your Second Amendment Rights in Florida then join Florida Carry for only $25 per year. This Georgia boy typing these words here is a paying member of Florida Carry. It is the best investment you can make to honor and forward ahead freedom in your state. 

When you join, buy a gift membership for a friend or family member. Tell others that you have joined Florida Carry and why. And then write or call Governor DeSantis and tell him that you've joined Florida Carry because you want to see open carry legalized in Florida. To stay abreast of Florida Carry events join their Facebook group for free at this link.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Oakland University, Michigan - Horse Hockey For Brains © 2018 Phillip Evans

Hockey Pucks Distributed To Save Lives

So the educated minds at Oakland University in Michigan recently decided that in case of a murderous attack by armed criminals, that hockey pucks are a good thing to throw back when lead is being thrown at them.

Well, a hockey puck is quite a lot heavier than a bullet, but they don't go so fast under arm power. I suppose now the university will be encouraging students to work on their muscles to make the pucks more effective.

I have a better idea for the pucks. They are thick, hard rubber, so I suggest stringing several together to make bullet resistant vests. But if they must be used as projectiles, pressing a few steel nails in beforehand would make them much more effective than leaving them plain, even for those with "guns" like David Hogg.

I thought colleges gave out free condoms? You can use those stretchy things to make sling shots that can throw small rocks at a fairly high velocity. I'd use the pucks for armor and go with the fast projectiles. They are more likely to put out an attacker's eye or crack his skull. But I suppose hockey pucks, being easier to hold, are better for throwing than books or canned food.

Earlier this year, two school districts in Pennsylvania had its own ideas for self-defense weapons:



Hey, I have a really novel idea. Perhaps adult students, teachers, and administrators with a license to carry a firearm, could exercise their God-given right of self-defense to save their lives while at school. 

If only state law-makers (including many Republicans) didn't threaten to put them in jail for just wanting to stay alive. Cause you know, "guns don't belong at school".

Friday, April 13, 2018

Nearsighted Tyrants And Gun Laws © 2018 Phillip Evans

Boulder Colorado City Photo of City Attorney Tom Carr

"If you could just refrain from laughing at me, that would be really great." - Boulder, Colorado City Photo of Attorney Tom Carr 

"So, I would view that, view both of those, as having pistol grips." - in reference to the screenshot below while discussing proposed ordinance 8245. He later back-pedals that statement.

Screenshot from: Boulder, Colorado City Council Meeting 04/05/2018

Atty. Carr might want to have the prescription on his glasses checked. I know something about that - I wear glasses. I couldn't tell you if a rifle had a pistol grip from over 25 feet away unless I had my glasses on. And he was wearing his in a City Council meeting when he made a fool of himself while looking at a presentation on the screen showing three rifles.

And what's with the obsession of a pistol grip? Small caliber rifles such as the AR-15 do not have much recoil and are easy to aim and fire without such extra grips. Atty. Carr's assertion that a pistol grip increases the rate of fire is another example of his stupidity. And as for barrel shrouds that keep your support hand from being burned, haven't they heard of gloves?

If the goal is disarmament of the citizenry, and if they can't (or don't have the guts) to do it all at once, they are left with nibbling around the edges with laws or ordinances which they perceive to either reduce a firearm's effectiveness or to ban certain models. 

Their hope is that they can do as much damage to the right to keep and bear arms as possible without waking up to torches and pitchforks in the middle of the night encouraging their hasty departure for the Canadian border.

The arrogance of those in government to presume they can ban this or ban that, even commonly owned firearms, and especially those arms with the capability that would be needed by a citizen militia to repel domestic or foreign tyranny, knows no bounds.

The business owner who later testified that the ordinance would have a "positive effect" is a groveling Red Coat lover and boot licker of the kind that actually did flee to Canada or Britain after the Colonies won their War of Independence. Now THAT had a positive effect on our nation which lasted for a while until they started coming back. 

I loved the citizen who testified that he would not obey any such "illegal" ordinance. Good for him! "We will not comply" is a message the tyrants need to hear and hear often. Tyrants are precisely the reason we have the Second Amendment in the first place.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pennsylvania Schools: Mini-Bats In The Belfry? © 2018 Phillip Evans

Mini-Bat Safe Graphic Created From Public Domain Clip Art

Does working for a school district, or at least being in a position of authority in a school district automatically turn people into abject idiots such as Millcreek Township School District Superintendent William Hall, or is it something they work really hard at to become? Surely they must be putting forth effort at something, since apparently they don't have enough real work to do.

Or perhaps someone put some dope (or dopiness) in the water supply up there in Pennsylvania. No telling what those anti-liberty yankees up north are smoking or snorting in the privacy of their school offices. Please, don't move South!

Yeah, because schools are so awash in tax-payer money that they need $1,800 symbolic solutions. That'll show a school shooter they mean business.

Don't bring a bat to a gunfight. Especially don't bring a locked up baby bat to a gunfight. That could get you killed. Actually, it would be the stupidity of it that got you killed. Wait Mr. Shooter, let me just unlock my file cabinet here - now take that!

It just occurred to me they could use the bats to knock the rocks at a mass shooter. I hope when one of the PA school superintendents suggests this, he will give me credit for the idea.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Jury Nullification - Your Civic Duty © 2018 Phillip Evans

Do you think any of O.J. Simpson's murder trial jury members had any fear at all on whether to vote, "not guilty"? I don't believe so. They had more than one high-powered attorney tell them they could vote to acquit, and that's just what they did.

Chief Justice John Jay - Painting by John Trumball

Unfortunately, many citizens caught up in jury trials where a guilty decision could remove for life their right to keep and bear arms don't have that luxury. Their defense lawyers (often state-provided ones), have no interest in dragging out the trial, and no real guts to forcefully state their case, especially at closing arguments.

As a consequence, jury members will fear the judge (who is usually in bed, figuratively of course, with the prosecutor), believing that they must convict, and that is a fear I will explain right here and now you should never have in the courtroom or jury room, no matter how overbearing the judge may appear.

First of all, many judges that handle criminal cases, even though they may seem like nice people, are liars. Yes, that's a strong statement, but it's true, and I can prove it.

The next time you are seated on a jury, ask the judge if you have the right to nullify (vote "not guilty" even if everyone else votes "guilty") the verdict. Most likely, you will be lied to and told that you cannot. However, only ask that question if you really don't want to serve.

Here's the kicker: There are some states (I don't know how many), like my home state of Georgia, that actually has in its State Constitution the provision that jurors have the right to decide not only the facts of the case, but the law as well. Judges in Georgia do NOT inform jury members of this ever, which is a lie by omission.

"In criminal cases, the defendant shall have a public and speedy trial by an impartial jury; and the jury shall be the judges of the law and the facts."

If a defense attorney quoted that this right from the Georgia Constitution during closing arguments, he'd get a contempt of court order slapped against him, or at least a strong verbal lashing from the judge with a warning not to do it again.

Even in those states where this right is not spelled out, you still have the right to judge the law itself. There is no law which provides any penalties for any jury member voting his or her conscience.

This very right is what the First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Jay, confirmed:

“It may not be amiss, here, Gentlemen, to remind you of the good old rule, that on questions of fact, it is the province of the jury, on questions of law, it is the province of the court to decide. But it must be observed that by the same law, which recognizes this reasonable distribution of jurisdiction, you have nevertheless a right to take upon yourselves to judge of both, and to determine the law as well as the fact in controversy. (emphasis mine)

In other words, let's say you agree with the prosecutor that the facts are true as presented, but you disagree with the law, that it is either too vague to apply justly, or is altogether an unjust law. Then it becomes your duty to confidently state, "not guilty", without hesitation.

Back in the 50's some cities in the South had ordinances that Blacks may only drink from the "colored-only" water fountains. Were a Black woman to appear in court on a charge of violating that ordinance, you could agree that she did it as to the facts, but you'd also have to agree that the law was wrong, and therefore vote to acquit.

Several years ago a judge lied to me during "voir dire", or jury selection. It was for a murder case. The judge told me I'd have to rule according to his judgement of what the law is, and he asked me if I could do that. Talk about jury intimidation!

You most likely will be asked that in open court as well, in front of friends, enemies, and who knows who else. Here's what to do:

Smile and say, "Yes, your honor, I can do that". You are not lying, you are merely assuming (but do not discuss this with the judge, just answer the question) that the judge agrees with ALL the law, including the U.S. Constitution. Then in your own mind, later give your "not guilty" verdict based on your understanding of the U.S. Constitution, which will be the correct one, if you view the Constitution as limiting the powers of government, rather than limiting the rights of citizens. How are you supposed to read the judge's mind? It is not your obligation to do so.

How are you to handle your fellow jury members that are all slobbering at the bit to convict a fellow citizen and send them away to prison so they can get home to dinner early? Here's how:

1. Talk slowly and take leisurely breaths. This helps you by keeping you calm and keeping your train of thought. 

2. If you are interrupted, stop talking and attentively listen. Then start back over again from the beginning of your point, going slowly. Eventually, they will get tired of interrupting you and let you finish your point.

3. Now, make your point. Here's how: "Ladies and gentlemen, I simply do not feel that the state has made its case, and therefore must respectively disagree and vote to acquit." 

4. Let the other jury members bring up points (you don't have to prove why you feel the way you do), and they will, to try and convince you otherwise. Listen without interrupting them, and slowly nod your head, pause, and then state, "Yes, you make some good points, but I'm not totally convinced by that evidence. I still have some reasonable doubt about that. After all, eyewitness may not lie, but they may not have seen things exactly as they may have thought to have seen them."

5. If your fellow jury members, the prosecutor, or the judge accuses you of pulling a "nullification stunt", look surprised and state, "I'm willing to discuss, deliberate, and debate this case as long as we need to in order to reach a unanimous verdict. I'm confident I can get everyone to come around to my point of view in order to reach a 'not guilty' verdict."

Do not shut down and refuse to participate. Be as slow and methodical as you wish, but prod on. If you refuse to deliberate, the judge will seize on the chance to replace you with an alternate juror ready to do his bidding to throw the defendant in jail or prison.

Friends, there is NO law anywhere in these United States of America where you can get in any trouble at all for giving a contrary verdict. You do not have to go along with the majority.

As long as you are In that jury box, you are equal in power to the judge himself. For if you don't give a guilty vote, he doesn't get to punish the state's prisoner, and the prisoner gets to go free, or at the very least gets another trial if there is a hung jury. Usually, the kinds of example cases I'm going to discuss below get thrown out at the first hung jury.

Case #1: A citizen in a store has an uncovered, holstered pistol on his hip and is talking to his friend. He tells his friend, "In this state you can carry openly without a license". A police officer happens to overhear that, and investigates finding that the citizen indeed does not have a license to carry. It turns out that carrying openly without a license in that state applies only to long guns, but not pistols, so the citizen gets arrested and charged with a weapons offence. He faces up to a year in jail (which will cost him his job and house, as his wife doesn't have employment, and he has three children to support), a $1000 fine, and he will be banned for 5 years from applying for a carry license.

Yes, the defendant made a mistake. Not everyone is a lawyer, but the prosecution and the judge will still wag their fingers and state that ignorance of the law is no excuse. You've got all the facts you need to convict, so convict him, right?

Well, there are a couple of other things to consider. Would the Founding Fathers who penned the Second Amendment protecting our right to keep and bear arms agree with that? Also, does a citizen who merely wants to not be killed by a criminal have to be put behind bars like a dangerous caged animal, lose his job, his house and possibly his marriage, just because the state has taken a Constitutional Right and turned it into a poll tax permission slip?

Are you folks getting the idea here? I certainly hope so! Vote "NOT GUILTY"!

Case #2: A 17 year old is caught shop-lifting a pack of gum, but because of a few prior petty non-violent crimes, he is looking at a sentence of one year and a day. Why is that significant? 

It's because there is a Federal Law which states if you are sentenced to more than one year whether or not you actually serve it all, it doesn't matter how petty the crime, you lose FOR LIFE your Second Amendment Rights. That's because under Federal Law {(18 U.S.C. § 3559(a)(5)}, your misdemeanor crime is now a class E felony. 

Yes, the young man is an idiot, but one day he will be a contributing member of society (not guaranteed, but very possible) with a wife and children. Should he be banned from having the means to protect them from criminals? Banned for life for youthful mistakes, from ever possessing a firearm as an adult?

Case #3: A man is charged with domestic violence against his wife. He slapped her on the rear once during an argument causing no bruising or injury. He is charged with only a misdemeanor looking at only 30 days in jail at the most. However, a charge of domestic violence will disqualify him FOR LIFE under Federal Law from possessing a firearm due to the Lautenberg Amendment.

Case #4: A snitch reports on a man who has a few marijuana plants. The citizen gets his door busted in by police looking more like armored up soldiers, who find a pistol and a shotgun, along with the greenery. He now faces drug and weapons charges. Felonies that will put him away for 10 - 20 years in many states.

The judge acknowledges in court that the man grew the plants because he could not afford to go out of state to purchase cannabis oil for his sick son, who suffers seizures almost constantly without the drug. But helping a sick child is no excuse. The law is the law.

Really? By now I do hope you are thinking this thing through!

Case #5: A young lady who had been robbed and beaten twice before gets a gun, and gets a license to carry it. She drives to another state thinking they would honor her firearms license, you know, just like our drivers licenses are honored by other states. She ADMITS her gun is in her glove-box at a traffic stop and gets arrested for a FELONY facing years in prison. She was CONVICTED, but fortunately, the Governor gives her a pardon. This case example is a true story

I wonder if the judge even allowed evidence in the court that she had been robbed and beaten. Probably not. Know that as a juror, the judge will withhold ANY evidence he can that would make you sympathetic toward the defendant, unless he absolutely has to admit it as evidence directly linked to the "facts".

Let's do what we can to change laws that abuse people and treat them like cattle. But in the meantime, as long as laws like that are on the books, we do have a way to protect people.

Now I know that marijuana, or even gun ownership may not be your thing. But the point is to be a shield to your fellow citizens against the unlimited, tax-payer funded resources of the government. I know it's tempting to use that power to control others using the force of government and its armed agents, but often the consequences of doing so are unjust cruelty to others. We are our brothers and sisters keepers, after all.

Judges will lie to you and either imply or directly tell you they are the ones that rule the court, and that your only role is to rubber stamp a guilty verdict, as long as the facts show the defendant did it. 

However, you have the real power. And once you use the power of nullification (don't even whisper that word to anyone while waiting to be examined for your chance to be on a jury), it will feel so good putting the government in its place that you will want to do it again.

Do you want a smug judge to wave you away with his hand at the end of a trial because you obeyed his order to send your fellow citizen to jail? Imagine if you were that citizen. You would want at least one person to stand up for you, wouldn't you?

Remember, undercover government informants entrap citizens every single day using our tax money to fund their operations.

During the era of prohibition, thousands of cases were brought against adults for possessing, serving, or having an alcoholic drink. Yet comparatively, there were few convictions. Most juries simply voted to acquit even though the law said the defendants were guilty. The law was unjust and most everyone understood that. That led to the law being repealed.

The U.S. leads the world in prison population. We have more prisoners and a greater percentage of our population in prison than ANY other country. Even more than China, and China has three times our population! Please do your part to correct this horrendous en-cattlement of our people!

In many court cases, jury nullification is just as much a civic duty as voting. When you stand up and protect others, you are also laying the groundwork to stand up for and protect yourself. The old saying is usually true. What goes around, comes around. Let's circle the wagons and remind government that it is the servant of We The People, and not the other way around.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Pinocchio Syndrome © 2018 Phillip Evans

Photo of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz by Elena Schneider

She is also a liar when she says having a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds means you just want to kill a lot of people:

"The only purpose to having more than that is to kill as many people as possible." - DWS

So, I assume she now ensures that her security personnel never have more than 10 rounds in their firearm magazines, because you know, she wouldn't want them to just bust loose and kill as many people as possible, right?

My 9mm pistol magazines originally had a capacity of 17 rounds, but I added +2 extensions to them. Apparently, they now hold 10 "good" bullets, and 9 "evil" bullets.

Since I politely decline for DWS to speak for me, I will speak for myself and give my reason for having such "high capacity" magazines:

The reason I have them is so I won't have to stop to reload as much if I'm defending myself and my family from a violent attacker, especially multiple attackers, because stopping to reload could get us killed.

The police happen to know something about the dangers of reloading during a fire-fight, which is why they all have "high capacity" magazines. Why should the police get to defend themselves from criminals as they see best, but not us "regular" citizens? Are we guaranteed to need less bullets than the police when defending our lives? Or do our lives count less than those of the police?

Do Democrats and RINOs have some special powers of clairvoyance to know the number of rounds I'll need in my gun to defend against bad guys? If not, then they can stop with the "high capacity" ban crap. I want at least twice as many bullets in my guns as any bad guy trying to harm me and my family, and frankly it's none of their #%&* business.

Criminals would love for me to have as few bullets as possible, something they have in common with Democrats and RINOs.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz can shove her lies right back up from where they came from as far as I'm concerned. If she wants my ammo magazines that she does not approve of, let her suit up and come take them, if she dares.

Her scumbag lying and confiscation edicts are precisely why we have the Second Amendment in the first place. I look forward to the time when America comes to truly honor the U.S. Constitution again.

And when we do, let DWS and the others like her know that we have their names and will assist them with their flight reservations to their choice of Canada or Britain when we kick out the non-combatant tyrants. And we'll even let them take the clothes on their backs when they leave.