Thursday, March 23, 2017

Florida Senator Anitere Flores - How A Traitor Makes Empty Excuses © Phillip Evans

Today, I posted the following on Senator Flores' Facebook page (with minor edits here to correct grammar and spelling):

Senator Flores,

Three weeks AFTER the Orlando Pulse shooting, you wrote NRA's Marion Hammer essentially begging for a good NRA Rating and support for your 2016 election. 

And then later you turn around and used that tragic mass shooting as the excuse for you flipping a 180 to turn against our Constitutional Rights. Your traitorous, backstabbing reversal of what you wrote below constitutes a violation of your oath to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Sounds like you want to pick up some Democrat voters when you run for Mayor of Miami.

Senate President Joe Negron had to have known in advance that you were planning to oppose open carry, campus carry, and airport carry - and used you as a convenient tool to give cover to timid RINO Senators that merely want to give lip service to our rights, but no public votes on bills that restore them. 

He thinks you'll take all the heat, but I will educate people that he is ultimately to blame if he does not overrule you, as he has the power to do. 

It looks like he wants to be forever linked with a traitor, thus becoming one himself. His loyalty to you in supporting your flip-flop sure looks greater than his loyalty to those who desire liberty.

The ultimate head of this monstrosity is Governor Rick Scott, who has no desire to see Senator Greg Steube's pro-carry rights bills on his desk, even though he hypocritically promised to sign them if they got there. Senator Negron is doing the Governor's bidding to make sure those bills die in committee, or that the clock runs out on them.

I know the game you all are playing to derail Senator Steube's pro-freedom, self-defense bills, that once again denies citizens their Constitutional Rights.

“I have always been and will continue to be a fierce defender of our constitutional rights, the Second Amendment, in particular, guarantees a fundamental individual right to keep and bear arms that government has no right to infringe upon. During my years in public service, my record shows that I have acted in accordance with these beliefs and values. It is with that in mind that I humbly seek to be re-elected into the Florida Senate so that I may continue to be a strong advocate for our rights in Tallahassee.” - Anitere Flores, in a July 6th, 2016 letter to NRA Executive Director Marion Hammer where she asked the NRA for its enforcement and support for her 2016 Election. (emphasis mine)

You think that putting people in JAIL for peacefully wearing a visible, holstered pistol in public, even though they are licensed to carry, MIGHT be a government INFRINGEMENT, Ms. Flores? How about you, Senate President Joe Negron?

Here is a link for a terrific article by Cuban American Luis Valdes, along with a comment I posted on the article at Ammoland:

Excellent article, Luis Valdes! You laid out all the points just right.

One thing we cannot forget is that Senate President Joe Negron has the authority to overrule her and put Senator Steube's pro-liberty, self-defense bills directly on the Senate floor for an honest, full up or down vote.

I fear that just like the last Senate President (Andy Gardiner), he has his marching orders from the RINOs in the Senate (as well as Gov. Rick Scott), to keep bills like that from getting a full vote and moving forward.

The timid RINOs only want to give us lip service, but not actually restore our open carry rights. Tourism is always the excuse. To them, dollars are more important than the right of The People to carry their arms in the way they best see fit to protect themselves and their loved ones.

People should be flooding Sen. Negron's email and phones to demand that he not let the same "FIX" happen again this year. If he does, we will not forget it! And we will visibly and vocally protest!

One can only hope that Senator Negron will do the right thing and prove me wrong. I'll be glad to apologize for doubting him if that happens. That means open carry, campus carry, and airport carry undiluted and on the Senate floor for a full up or down vote this session.

Monday, March 20, 2017

South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida Gun Rights Push © 2017 Phillip Evans

Here are some recent posts of mine and quotes by others on Facebook and other places compiled here for your enjoyment!

Graphic by Kaz Vorpal
(While I wouldn't exactly say it causes "gun violence", it sure makes for more victims for armed criminals)

South Carolina has the WORST gun carry laws on the books in the South. (H.3930 and H.3700 are trying to correct some, but not all of this)

1. No open carry (unless hunting or fishing), or you get put in JAIL - even if licensed to carry. 

Forty-five other states don't do that to open carriers (though some states require a license to carry openly, but at least there is no outright general ban). 

2. You must take government mandated training in SC to get your carry license. The expense of training, time off work, and the cost of the license together means some people are just excluded from exercising their human right of self-defense in public. Too bad for them, huh? 

3. ALL public buildings are off-limits to handgun carry, even if licensed - under pain of a FELONY charge. That means even unguarded public libraries, museums, theaters, buildings in parks, buildings in zoos. etc. - if government owned, BEWARE! 

The South Carolina Legislature has made it a practice for YEARS to stomp on the Second Amendment Right of The People. The People have had ENOUGH! Throw the RINOs out of office and get men and women in there that are REAL Americans! Those that merely give lip service to our rights are like a smiling traitor with a knife behind their back. They begrudgingly vote to give us crumbs, but bills that restore too much liberty are blocked with political games.

I think those good ol' RINO boys are still enamored with Jim Crow. They don't want regular citizens, especially Black citizens carrying guns in public openly, or without a license.

That's the very SAME reason ALL public buildings are off-limits in SC, under pain of a FELONY, even if licensed to carry. They don't trust Blacks carrying a pistol into government owned library, park building, theater, etc.


Regarding HB 280, Campus Carry in Georgia:

"Residents of Virginia, Colorado, and Texas have all experienced the horror of mass shootings on college campuses in their states. Surely we don’t want to add Georgia to this list...Let’s be sensible about this in Georgia. Don’t make guns legal on campuses that don’t want them to be carried there. Keep college a sanctuary for learning." - Lynne Gilfillan, Savannah, GA.

Lynne Gilfillan, do you not realize that all the places you listed where mass shootings occurred at college campuses were places where students were disarmed by the government and unable to fight back against their attackers?

Now please explain to me how disarming adult college students kept ANYONE safe at those times. With campus carry, adult students 21 and over who have a license to carry will have a fighting chance to SAVE their lives and the lives of others.


Is there any other right in the Bill of Rights where a citizen must purchase a license first, in order to exercise it?

But GUNS!!! Aaaaah!

Sheeple need to focus their fear of weapons on criminals, not good guys who carry weapons. Folks, criminals don't apply for a license to carry. Why should a law-abiding citizen who carries a concealed firearm or any other personal self-defense weapon be feared?

Under SB24 (bill in the Alabama Legislature), criminal acts using weapons will still be criminal acts. But sheep have a hard time thinking rationally when they're terrified of even touching a firearm.

Politicians should stop enabling the fears of irrational people. But votes, you know. Apparently, that's a disease that is well represented in the Republican party, not just the Democrat party.

Looks like the only path to get the bills to an honest vote in the full Florida Senate is for Senate President Joe Negron to get control of the situation.

He can place the bills (campus carry, open carry, airport carry in non-sterile areas) in other, more favorable committees, or just yank them out of committee and put them on the floor for a vote.

He supposedly supports our Second Amendment Rights. We'll know by the end of this session if it was merely lip service from another RINO, or if he is a real patriot who did the right thing.

Senator Greg Steube has done his part, and I thank him. At this point I can see nothing more he can do, other than to maybe start publicly calling out Senator Negron on this. Perhaps he is hopeful Negron will do the right thing.

What is Senator Joe Negron waiting for? The outcome will now be squarely on his shoulders. Is Senate Pro Tempore Anitere Flores too much of a friend and ally for Negron to honor our rights?

Does Sen. Joe Negron really want to defend Anitere Flores, a turncoat who begged the NRA for a good rating and talked up our rights, only to STAB us in the BACK right when we had some good pro-liberty bills in the works?

Call and email Sen. Negron to ask him what he is waiting for:

District Office

3500 Southwest Corporate Parkway
Suite 204
Palm City, FL 34990

(772) 219-1665

Senate VOIP: 42500
FAX (772) 219-1666 
Toll Free (888) 759-0791

Legislative Assistants

Holly Demers, Carrie Lira, and Kelli Wilson

Tallahassee Office

305 Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100

(850) 487-5025
Senate VOIP: 5025

Friday, March 17, 2017

"No More Gun-Free Zones!" © 2017 Phillip Evans

At a rally in Vermont in January of last year, then Presidential Candidate Trump stated he would get rid of gun-free zones.

You know what a gun-free zone is to a sicko? That’s bait. ‘Gun-free zone?’ And then they walk in with whatever the hell they’re carrying..I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools — you have to — and on military bases. My first day it gets signed, okay? My first day. 
There’s no more gun-free zones.” [Bold mine]

Though President Trump did not specifically mention all Federal "gun-free zones", one should be safe in saying he also supports allowing law-abiding citizens wearing their pistols in many (hopefully most) of those places as well, since he recognizes that any "gun-free zone" is a signal to criminals that unarmed victims are available:

1. Army Corps of Engineers Land (several state parks occupy this Federal land). In fact, his administration is currently paving the way for citizens to carry firearms for self-defense purposes on ACOE land. We should get word on this soon.

2. Post Offices - Ever enter one with armed guards or metal detectors? 

3. Federal Park Buildings - currently firearms carry is allowed in national parks, but the buildings in the parks are off-limits. What if there are no separate restroom buildings or port-a-potties? Then you'll have to disarm before going into the visitor center to find a restroom.

4. Federally owned libraries and museums - Most such Federal buildings do not have armed security and metal detectors at the entrance checking visitors.

5. Federal Cemeteries - Not just buildings here - firearms are prohibited even on the grounds and in the parking areas. So if you want to pay respect to your loved ones buried there, you have to be unarmed while driving to and from the property.

The same ones who died to defend your right to bear arms are mocked by the very government they served. Those that gave the ultimate sacrifice would want their loved ones to be protected while traveling to and from National Memorial Cemeteries.


There is a Federal code section that seems to allow the interpretation that carrying for self-defense inside a Federal building is legal if self-defense counts as a "lawful purpose", but the courts have not ruled on this. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court IGNORED it in the Bonidy Post Office case:

the lawful carrying of firearms or other dangerous weapons in a Federal facility incident to hunting or other lawful purposes." [Bold mine]

What can President Trump realistically do? 

He can issue an executive order stating that carrying a firearm for self-defense constitutes a "lawful purposeunder 18 U.S. Code § 930.

Then, he can ask Congress for a bill that codifies it.

And please, with any bills to help us, PLEASE leave out the word "CONCEALED". Just have the bills state "CARRY". Period. Let us have the liberty to carry our holstered pistols in plain view or concealed. Some of us prefer not to appear to be unarmed. The public, open exercise of our Second Amendment Rights is also an exercise of our First Amendment Rights. 

My visibly holstered firearm is my statement that I choose to not be a victim, and that you can make the same choice. Carry lawfully in the manner you are comfortable with, and let others do the same.

What can you do?

You can write and call the President, and respectfully remind him to follow through on his promise to get rid of "gun-free zones", and remind him of all the various ones such as noted above. He may not even be aware of the myriad of places citizens are forbidden the means to defend themselves.

President of The United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Phone Numbers
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitor's Office: 202-456-2121

*** Additionally, to give this national exposure, if you can get through on the phone to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Herman Cain, Mark Levin, Larry Elder, Michael Medved, etc., then talk on-air about wanting President Trump to address the "gun-free zones" of post offices, Federal Park buildings and other unsecured Federal buildings such as libraries and museums, and National Memorials where citizens would be sitting ducks in an armed attack by robbers, nutcases, and terrorists. ***

Pass this along to everyone who cares about protecting themselves and their loved ones!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Open Carry Protests! © 2017 Phillip Evans

In 45 of these United States, open carry of holstered pistols is legal, though some of those states require a license to carry openly or concealed.

Photo by Debra Jean Dean

Two of the states that currently bans the open carry of pistols, except when hunting or fishing, are Florida and South Carolina - even with a carry license.

Those two Southern states are the only Southern states that ban the open carry of sidearms.

And, those two states both have a Republican majority in their Legislatures and Republican governors. The reason that's significant, is that the Republican party has generally been the party that favors, or at least says it favors Second Amendment Rights.

Yet, if you carry a pistol on your hip that doesn't have a piece of cloth over it while shopping in a Walmart or walking down the street in Florida or South Carolina, those Republicans will put you behind bars as if you're a dangerous animal that can't be trusted to be in public.

They talk a good game of supporting our rights to get elected, but then pass and keep laws in place that infringe on our rights.

If you want your rights honored and restored, contact your lawmakers and governor in your state via email and phone, and politely demand that they uphold the U.S. Constitution. We The People have a say in this!

If they won't listen and restore our rights this year, there are ways we can openly protest while remaining within the letter of the law. Don't be content to stay in the back seat!

In both Florida and South Carolina, all of these activities are legal under current law:

1. You can allow the bulge of your pistols to show under clothing while wearing messages on your hats and t-shirts that you are lawfully armed.

2. You openly carry antique black powder revolvers and their replicas. (Be careful of city and county laws in Florida that can restrict the carry of these type of firearms, as they do not enjoy state preemption there).

3. You can put a fabric covering over the grip of your pistol that has a graphic of a pistol printed on it, while the holster itself is visible.

4. You can openly carry your spare ammo magazine holsters.

We can do all of this to show the stupidity of laws that forbids under pain of imprisonment the visibility of our firearms. And we can do it in groups at large public events on public property to make our message even more forceful.

If liberty makes those RINOs in Florida and South Carolina that uncomfortable, they need to switch to the Democrat party. At least that party is upfront about wanting to destroy our rights.

Even if you personally would prefer to not open carry, if you believe it's a right, then help spread the word! Everyone's efforts would be appreciated!

Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Internet Forums, and email it to your family and friends that want to see our rights restored!

Together, we can all make a difference!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Macon Cherry Blossom Festival - Gun Ban Legal? © 2017 Phillip Evans

UPDATE!!! - The article below is now moot.

Vice President Campbell just now emailed me there will be no signs banning weapons at the park, and that they will be following state law!!!

Let's give them your support, and may they have a great festival this year!


Attending the Macon-Bibb International Cherry Blossom Festival this year at Central City Park?

Licensed to carry? Want to carry your holstered firearm either openly or concealed?


Photo by Glenn Grossman,

A Cherry Blossom official told me over the phone they could ban guns because it is a "private event". However, the law says nothing about "private events", but rather points to property ownership.

For all the juicy details of the law, see the copy of the email below I just sent to Macon-Bibb Sheriff David Davis.

However, on its face, it is not even a "private event". All of the public is invited, and it is held at a public park, and no admission is charged to enter the park for the event, although nothing in Georgia law makes a distinction between free and paid events with regard to weapons carry.

Edit: They have free admission certain days and hours, and a paid ticket is required at other times.

Crystal Jones, senior assistant attorney for Macon-Bibb, back in 2014 after the passage of Georgia's HB 60 (Guns Everywhere Law), interpreted the law as follows:

"According to Jones’ reading, that’s no longer the case. The private operator of Macon’s Cherry Blossom Festival, held each year at a city park, can no longer bar concealed weapons. The private company operating the Macon-owned Centreplex can’t bar concealed weapons from concerts – which could send some entertainers elsewhere. 'We want to ensure the safety of our citizens, but at the same time we want to comply with the law,' she said." [bold mine]

So what happened between then and now
? ***

Somewhere along the line, Macon-Bibb Government got the wild hair that if Cherry Blossom organizers put up a fence around the park, and put up signs, that they could ban weapons from the public city owned park during the festival. That's exactly what they advised them, according to the young lady I spoke with recently at (478) 330-7050, the Cherry Blossom office.

However, nothing in state law authorizes banning weapons from public parks with the use of signs or fences.

And, to add insult to injury, they are not using metal detectors or searches to look for weapons! 

Do they really believe that the presence of a fence that people can freely walk through, and the presence of signs will keep armed bad guys out? Really?

Georgia has state preemption with regard to weapons, meaning that local governments are forbidden to regulate the possession and carrying of weapons. It is a matter reserved entirely to the state to determine weapons laws statewide.

However, if Macon-Bibb City Government, the Macon-Bibb Sheriff, and the International Cherry Blossom organizers can harass licensed citizens who are lawfully carrying their firearms with a trespass arrest on PUBLIC property, then our state preemption law is in peril of becoming just words on paper.

Here's my email to Macon-Bibb Sheriff David Davis:


Dear Sheriff Davis,

I'm writing you concerning the banning of lawfully carried weapons at the Macon Cherry Blossom Festival.

As you may know, HB 492 (Act 100 from May 6th, 2015) forbids any local government entity from using any means at all to regulate the possession and carrying of weapons, as Georgia has state preemption over the matter of the carry and possession of weapons.

Excluding citizens from public property who are lawfully carrying weapons by using signs, fencing, or even weapons screening is NOT permitted by state law UNLESS it is a building, and that building qualifies as a "government building" under OCGA 16-11-127 per HB 60 (Act 604 from April 23rd, 2014) - in addition that building must also have weapons screening under the oversight of certified law-enforcement in order to effect an arrest.

My understanding is that the city park is not a government building, and that weapons screening will not be conducted of entrants to the park.

Additionally, HB 60 changed the wording of the law from "persons in control of property" to "persons in control of private property" with regard to banning guns on property.

Laws must have a purpose - what do you suppose the purpose was in adding the word, "private", to the statute? Could it be that prior to the law, it could be understood that "persons in control of property" could refer to the control of either public or private property? It sounds reasonable, no?. So this new wording could then be understood as limiting "persons in control of property" to private property only.

Macon-Bibb advised the Cherry Blossom organizers that if they put up a fence around the park, and put up a sign, that they could ban weapons. Clearly, that is an unlawful means used by the city to regulate the possession and carrying of weapons in the city park, which HB 492 and HB 60 forbids.

Neither state law, nor Macon-Bibb, nor the Cherry Blossom organizers gives you the authority to exclude, eject, or arrest lawful carriers who either openly carry or conceal carry their lawful weapons at Central City Park during the festival, which is PUBLIC property, not private property.

A Cherry Blossom official told me over the phone they could ban guns because it is a "private event". However, the law says nothing about "private events", but rather points to property ownership, as I've pointed out above.

However, on its face, it is not even a "private event". All of the public is invited, and it is held at a public park.

You swore an oath to uphold the laws of the State of Georgia.

If you don't understand state law enough to have confidence in letting lawful carriers carry at the park during the festival, I respectfully suggest you do your own due diligent research.

Will you really arrest a lawful carrier at a public park merely for being armed and declining to disarm or leave?

A concealed carrier who enters the park could discreetly remove his jacket or outer shirt in order to peacefully open carry in the park to publicly assert his rights that he indeed can legally carry there, regardless of any posted signs or fences.

Actually, this email should not be necessary. You should already have the mindset to support the right of citizens to carry their weapons on public property without harassment from those who are supposed to uphold the law, and not violate it. But from what I have seen in your past remarks about weapons carry at the Cherry Blossom Festival, you do not.

I'm copying Macon-Bibb and Cherry Blossom officials on this email to see if they'd like to respond.

Will we be able resolve this without court action? I can tell you that if you arrest someone at the festival merely for exercising their rights, it will result in lawsuits against multiple parties, and much publicity. Do you all really want to go that route?

Best regards,

Phillip Evans


Please share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Internet Forums, Blogs, etc...

Folks, the whole purpose of having state preemption to protect our rights is because the default action with most local government officials and Sheriffs is to deny our rights. They do so with phony excuses and made up rules and laws that are contrary to state law.

*** In Sept 2016 Fulton County Judge Gail Tusan ruled against me and Georgia Carry in our lawsuit against Atlanta Botanical Garden. That case is on appeal, and we are hopeful we will ultimately win it. Basically, Judge Tusan said that public property morphs into private property when leased by a private entity. ABG leased part of Piedmont Park to manage as a garden for the public to enjoy.

Macon-Bibb Attorney Crystal Jones cited that case in her email to me as to why weapons could be banned at Central City Park during the International Cherry Blossom Festival. Apparently, she admits that her understanding of the clear wording of state law was flawed back in 2014, and that Judge Tusan's ruling enlightened her.

However, prior to that ruling Macon-Bibb believed weapons could be banned in their public park during the festival.

They are now conveniently using the Fulton County ruling as an excuse, but what was their excuse before that?

Local governments will always try and find some weasel way to infringe on our rights. Both Macon-Bibb, Georgia and Fulton County, Georgia are bastions of Democrat power, with both the majority of the population and politicians being Democrats who despise liberty.

The Georgia General Assembly has its work cut out for it in tightening down state preemption to put a stop to all this nonsense. The only challenge should be the wording of the law, and not the will to get it done. Unfortunately, RINOs have infected our Legislature, and they're just as bad as the Democrats. So it looks like our true allies in the Legislature have some heavy lifting to do.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Do You Carry A Handgun In Georgia? © 2017 Phillip Evans

If you've ever read the stats, you'll know that lots of folks own firearms in the United States, and many own multiple firearms.

However, when you look at percentages of citizens who have carry licenses, that number is on the opposite scale. For example, in Georgia, only about 8% of the population has a license to carry a firearm. 

Rifles may be carried in my state by non-prohibited persons without a license, but in order to carry a pistol on your person, whether openly or concealed, you must possess a valid Georgia Weapons Carry License (nowhere on the license or in the law does it state a requirement to conceal). Most license holders choose to conceal, and that's fine.

Most people want to be safe in their homes, and therefore have their weapons ready in case murderous rapists or robbers bust in the door.

But a lot of the time folks are not at home when their world is rudely interrupted by bad guys. We are at work, running errands, recreating, etc...

Yes, it's true that in Georgia, if you are at least 18, you may have a pistol or rifle in your car without a carry license, but you will not always be in your car when attacked by a criminal or criminals when away from home.

I suppose the issue with non-toting gun owners is the same issue anti-gunners have, though to a lessor degree. Nobody believes they will be attacked at a restaurant, movie theater, mall, public park, gas station, etc... 

Oh, everyone knows it happens - EVERY DAY. But the thing is, it always happens to someone else, right?

One day, there is a good chance you will be that someone else that others talk about with a sad tone in their voice.

The question is, is your life worthy of you seriously considering being armed as you go about your daily business outside your home? Are you a mother or father with children? I'm sure they want you to come home safely each day. And when they are with you outside the home, you'll want to be able to protect them, right?

There are dangers just walking down the road even when criminals are not around. Ever hear of dog attacks that have maimed and killed children and others?  

Even folks without children have no desire to be rapped, robbed, beaten, or murdered, I'd wager to say.

Are you too fearful to carry?

Go to any local gun store and you can find people that will be glad to help answer your questions. 

Create a free account at Georgia Packing, and you can post any questions you'd like. At the site are lawyers, gun experts, and others willing to give you free (though non-official) advice or pointers. You can learn about carry laws, where to go target shooting, where to get inexpensive training.

Do you want a gun but find them too expensive?

More and more there are quality handguns coming onto the market that are very reasonable in price, and made by companies such as: Bersa, Canik, EAA, Kel-Tec, Ruger, SCCY, and Taurus. And don't forget, Glocks are also reasonable in price and are great values for the money. And, some gun stores sell used pistols in excellent condition. Don't let money out-price your life or those of your loved ones.

Georgia Weapons Carry License - It's Easy!

If you are at least 21 (18 if in active duty military) and have no felony convictions, no misdemeanor domestic violence convictions, no forced mental health admissions to a medical facility within the last five years, and no marijuana possession convictions within the last five years that are not felonies, then you most likely qualify.

To apply, just go to the county courthouse of the county you reside in and bring the following: Drivers license (address must be current), proof of address such as two utility bills, certified copy of your birth certificate or passport. Not all counties will require all of these documents, but it's better to have them with you and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

Be prepared to pay about $85 or so for a first time license which covers your background check, fingerprints, and photo. The license will be good for 5 years, and the next time you renew in a timely fashion, there will be no fingerprint fee.

Most lines are short, and you will be in and out in less than an hour or two in most cases. And you will receive your license in the mail (bring a SASE envelope with you to the courthouse) usually within four weeks.

Do it this coming week! And then introduce yourself to us at Georgia Packing. You don't have to use your real name on the forum.

If you support self-defense rights in Georgia, please join Georgia Carry, the best grassroots organization fighting for your right to be armed and safe.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

S.88 - A Firearm Liberty Bill? Think Twice South Carolina! © 2016 Phillip Evans

South Carolina State Senator Daniel B. Verdin, has pre-filed S.88, a bill to allow holders of an "Institutional Concealed Weapons Permit" to carry in schools, daycare facilities, churches, hospitals, doctor's offices. The new permit name is just a fancy way of saying it's an enhanced or extra special permit.

I just now, at 3:43PM, Dec 20th, sent the following email to the bill's sponsor. Items in brackets below were added by me after sending the email, as well as any bolding and italics:

Dear Senator Verdin,

I'm an active gun-rights advocate and blogger. Your S.88 bill at first glance seems to do some good things. But the cost is too high. More training, more often [every single year], etc.

Really, does the Second Amendment actually mandate training in order for free citizens to exercise their right to protect themselves and their loved ones? Does it present a list of off-limits locations longer than your arm? [I hope the Senator realizes that the answer to both is a resounding "No!"]

The pitfall with this bill [other than the extra required training], is that it does not address the other various public places a permit holder would still receive a FELONY charge for carrying in, such as public libraries, public museums, public park buildings, etc. 

People with the ENHANCED permit will believe they can surely carry in a library if they can carry in a school. WRONG! [Does the Senator understand the potential trap here for SC citizens?]

Yes, per SECTION 16-23-420 of the SC Code, ALL public buildings are off-limits except for rest stops.[To repeat - it is a felony charge even when licensed to carry]

S.88 does not address public libraries, public museums, public park buildings, etc.

WHY should South Carolina citizens and other lawful carriers visiting there be subject to ANY of this?

South Carolina has the worst gun-rights laws [I should have just said, "gun laws", but rights were on my brain] in the South. No open carry, no "public building" carry, mandated training.

Just when I thought 2017 would be the year for restoring rights in South Carolina, more GOVERNMENT CONTROLS!

How about an HONEST bill that restores our liberty? With Republicans in charge of the SC Legislature and the Governor's office, you'd think it wouldn't be this difficult.

Are there ANY true patriots left in the SC Legislature that will fix this mess? If so, I surely hope they'll let their voices ring loud and clear for the people once the session starts - and present a bill that truly restores the rights of THE PEOPLE.

Senator, this email to you will be presented on the Internet in a new article I will soon publish.

Please see my prior article on gun rights in SC at:

Best Regards,


Phillip Evans


Call and write Senator Verdin to let him know your concerns with this bill, and to ask for a straightforward bill that will restore the freedoms that Democrats robbed us of in past years.

The backward, racist-based Democrat gun-control laws in South Carolina need to be repealed, and NOW isn't too soon! Don't you wish Republicans would stop acting like they're just Democrat-lite?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Florida Open Carry Bill For 2017 - Get It Done! © 2016 Phillip Evans

As of the time I'm writing this: Dec 13th, 2016, there is a pre-filed bill in the Senate of the Florida State Legislature, SB 140, which decriminalizes the open carry of pistols and also decriminalizes carrying a pistol into some places which are now off-limits - but only for those who are licensed to carry

You know, those folks* that are statistically proven to be six times more law-abiding than law-enforcement officers. In case it's not clear, these folks are "regular" or "mere" citizens (take your pick) who took the trouble to become licensed to carry a handgun in Florida.

Criminals don't get this pass. They'll have to continue to carry unlawfully. And if you believe they'll carry openly when this bill becomes law, I'll give you a huge discount on some swamp property!

The bill, SB 140, is sponsored by Sen. Greg Steube-R of Sarasota. He introduced a similar bill last year when he was a state representative.

Jackbarb posted the following comment at the Sun Sentinel: "Other than the intimidation faction, why would you want to open carry?"

Well, it depends on who is being intimidated. Since most criminals are opportunistic and don't want to work hard for their income, they look for easy prey... Someone that at least APPEARS to be un-armed. A person carrying a holstered pistol in plain view doesn't fit this description of easy prey. 

THAT's an intimidation factor right there. And a good one at that! 

Frankly, I want this type of criminal to know that others are better choices for them to assault. Criminals are stupid but not THAT stupid. They know where they can find people that won't shoot them, even if they slip up once in a while and miscalculate.

Yes, I suppose a crazed thug might intentionally target me because he sees that I am armed, but those criminals are rare compared to the common ones. I accept this small risk, because I have some ways to deal with even that kind of animal. However, nothing in life is perfect, even for those that conceal. Fumbling while drawing from a cover garment can cost you a precious second that could be fatal.

But, but, what about all those timid soccer moms that will grab their kids and flee the area if a, <GASP!> NON-badged person walks by wearing a g-g-gun all out in the open?

Frankly, as a frequent carrier of a visible pistol in public carried with nary a stitch of clothing over it, this has not been my experience. Even in crowded places such as Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, Atlanta city parks during crowded festivals, and other places I carry at in public.

Most people seem to not notice, and if they do, don't seem to care. 

And those that might care don't do anything about it, such as leave or at least call the police to report a lawful activity (at least legal in about 45 states). Those that might point and whisper in a restaurant (when they think I don't notice) still stay put and finish their meal, with no visible trembling I might add. And good for them. It's okay to be curious. So much for intimidating them - which by the way, I'm NOT trying to do.

In addition to crime deterrence, I carry a firearm openly in order to help educate people. 

I've had at least a handful of folks ask me how they can get their license to carry. I gladly give them the info and answer any questions on the law they ask if I happen to know the answer.

Children have come up to me to ask if I'm a police officer, although I wear nothing that resembles a uniform. I happily inoculate them against the lie that only cops and bad guys carry guns in public. So I guess you could say, I do it for the children. :-)

And, carrying openly is just plain physically comfortable.

It's nice in the Georgia heat and humidity to not have to wear a cover garment or stretch a t-shirt over a bulky holster and gun (which would look odd). 

Finally, an honorable right such as being armed for one's safety and that of one's friends and family is something that feels nice to exercise in public. 

It feels like freedom.

Call, write, and email your Representatives and Senators to let them know you support this bill! And ask your friends and family to do the same. Spread it on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

* When a campus carry bill was debated last year in the Florida Legislature, Representative Greg Steube pointed out that data shows that overall, adults with a license to carry are six times less likely to commit crime than police officers.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Hoplophobes - Any Hope For Them? © 2016 Phillip Evans

Hoplophobes (those who fear weapons) do have that projection thing down pretty well. 

Many of them truly believe that a mere citizen carrier of a firearm is a hair away from snapping and blowing everyone away in sight.

I'm not kidding. Some anti-gunners have actually admitted they are glad they don't carry a gun themselves for fear that they might use it to shoot someone in a fit of anger one day.
You know, like when THEY snap.

This emotional irrationality totally justifies their bigotry against those who carry a firearm for
self-protection. All the while in their minds they know they are hypocrites for hoping they never have to face an armed attacker while unarmed.

The Nitty-Gritty

It's easy for them to be lofty and idealistic when violence is a hypothetical discussion. Let it get real, such as when their life is suddenly threatened by an armed rapist or robber, then they wish they had a gun in their hand.

This has been proven over and over when new gun carriers confess that in the past they had been against owning or carrying a gun, but after surviving a frightening experience as a crime victim, they determined it would never happen again.

Criminals Would Behave Without Guns

The hoplophobe's view is the "reasonable one" (especially when backed up with "statistics"), hence they view with suspicion (and hatred and fear) anyone with the polar opposite view - that any free, sane, adult citizen should have the right to fight back with their own firearm.

This imagined high ground is something they can stand on while puffing out their chest to prove their "bravery" of deliberately going about in public unarmed, while whistling in the dark and hoping that someone other than them becomes a victim of crime if they ever have to pass through a "rough area of the neighborhood".

They believe if they can get the government to disarm the people at gun-point (government guns are good in their eyes), "gun crime" will disappear and they won't have to pretend anymore. They can stop their whistling in the dark - because there will then be no more assaults, rapes, robberies, or murders.

Without guns, criminals wouldn't resort to knives, clubs, swords, bats, fists, feet, ganging up on victims using superior numbers, or use crude guns that can easily be made at home. Riiiight.

Those who believe criminals couldn't still obtain modern guns even after mass confiscation are living in la-la land. And, the criminal underworld that would thrive in a society of helpless citizens would be enormous. There wouldn't be near enough tax dollars to hire enough police to try and protect us all.

A Grownup Is An Adult - Not Necessarily The Other Way Around

A firearm is a powerful tool that requires a mature person to handle responsibly. Since irrational fear is a sign of immaturity, hoplophobes naturally don't trust themselves to touch one. They justify their fear by demonizing firearms, and by association anyone that carries one, unless of course that person happens to have some type of government issued badge.

Childish Disconnect Ahead 

How ironic that when it comes to carrying guns, the police are revered as the only ones special enough to carry them, but the same leftists that assign such trust on the one hand demonize the police on the other, especially when police find themselves in a situation where they feel they had to use their firearm in defense of themselves or others.

To be fair, not all hoplophobes are leftists. Those that aren't are probably among the ones we have the best hope of convincing with a little education, that even deadly weapons can safely be used by ordinary citizens as effective tools to preserve innocent lives from the predators that would take them. 

Sometimes It's Downright Good To Be Dangerous

When someone dangerous is trying to harm you, you had better want to be as dangerous as you need to be in order to save your life and those of your loved ones. That may be your only chance.

We Didn't Think It Could Happen Here! Well, Duh!

When violent crime happens in a place where it is not expected, hoplophobes are utterly shocked, but quickly calm down after the perpetrator is captured or killed, as if there isn't another one out there ready to strike at another unexpected time and place.

We always hear on TV or read in the paper where someone in their neighborhood states, "We never thought anything like this could happen here - this is a safe neighborhood!"

That very fact is comforting to them later on when the shock wears off. It confirms in their mind that since crime is not always happening everywhere all the time, that its relative rarity is proof that no one seriously needs to carry a gun everywhere they go.

The More People Carry - The Less Crime

Fact: States that have restored firearm carry rights to their citizens have had their crime rates go down, and if not down in some states, at least they stay flat. Allowing people to carry a gun in more places has never been shown to cause more crime.

This Is Reality, Not Fantasy Land

For high crime areas of a city or town, hoplophobes give their only and obvious (to them) solution to someone considering carrying a weapon - "just don't go there!", as if that's all anyone needs to do. Well pardon us; there may be some places we do have to go that are not guarded by fairies riding around on winged unicorns spreading happy dust.

And so those of us who do make it a habit to be armed daily as we go about our business in public are mocked with such non sequiturs as:

"Why do need to carry a gun in a park? Afraid the squirrels will throw their nuts at you?" 

"Why do you need to carry a gun in a supermarket? Afraid you'll be a-salted?"

Show them news reports of robberies, rapes, or murders that have happened in some of those beautiful, safe places and they will simply be brushed off as isolated events. Further "evidence" to them that crime is not a serious reason to carry a pistol every day.

Should they be up in years, they will tell you they've never needed a gun in their 65 years, so why should they need one now. And if they haven't needed one, you certainly don't either, now or ever. All you need to do is follow their advice to always travel about in safe places and lock your doors at night.

Not Everyone Is So Lucky

The fortunate (and probably lucky) ones that have lived a long life unarmed and unharmed have no business counseling others to eschew weapons as they have, unless their crystal ball can accurately predict that others will have the same outcome.

To be fair, they are not completely irrational when they opine on their years of never having been a victim of violent crime. It's actually human nature to expect peace and order each succeeding tomorrow if that's all that's ever been experienced. We tend to live our lives in our own little comfort bubble, believing that since all is well, all will be well...

Until that bubble is rudely and unexpectedly burst. Violent crime is not only brutal - it often takes its victims by surprise by the speed with which it strikes.

Hoplophobes know this, and reason that even if they were armed, they would not be able to truly protect themselves. And if they can't, then foolish us, we can't either.

Knowledge Is A Good Thing

This is where again, a little education can go a long way. Carriers of weapons tend to pay more attention to their surroundings - it's called situational awareness. While it can still happen, we are less likely to be taken by surprise. We also go to the shooting range, and practice drawing our firearm either from concealment or from an open-carry holster. Some even take advanced training courses.

There are many documented cases of would-be crime victims using their firearms, sometimes against multiple attackers, with great results. Google is your research assistant, so do your research. Look up Saint James Church Massacre. One man with one revolver saved lives during a coordinated terrorist attack, going up against four heavily armed terrorists.

A Gun Improves Your Chances Of Not Getting Hurt

It is true that a gun is an equalizer. In the hand of one who is fighting for his or her life, it is often more than an equalizer. Even multiple armed criminals tend to flee when being shot at. by one person. They had staked out what they had hoped was an easy, unarmed victim. Then it became too much work for them to well, work for it. They turn tail, regroup, and later seek out easier prey.

The defenders are then poo-pooed for unnecessarily fighting back. If only they had submitted to the criminals' demands, nothing would have happened.

To be fair, there are probably more cases where this is true than not. However, how do you know you can trust the benevolence of your armed robber to leave witnesses alive? Far too many have offered zero resistance, giving it all up, and were still shot dead as they lay on the floor. I might not survive an armed criminal one day, but I can think of a better way of dying than lying on the floor or kneeling on my knees, I assure you.

Even if the criminal lets you live, he may still give you a serious gash in your skull with his gun wielded as a club for good measure, to make sure you know he's serious that you don't call the police for awhile.

Is a lifetime of headaches, double-vision, or trouble walking a straight line worth the compliance? I'd rather he have a freshly fired bullet and I have my head with no artificial crease in it.

Too Much Of A Demand To Comply With

What if the demand was your body? It has been proven that women who have fought back against rapists with their firearms have had consistently much better outcomes than women who either comply or who fight back with less effective tools such as pepper spray or martial arts. 

Some years ago Meredith Emerson used all her martial arts skill and was still subdued and later killed by Gary Hilton after being attacked while hiking in the North Georgia mountains. I have zero reason to believe she was a hoplophobe, but for whatever reason she was not armed with a gun. I wish she had been.

I have nothing against martial arts, but if you can only have one or the other, choose a gun.

Who in their right mind tells women that have suffered rape not to carry a gun to guard against any possible future attacks, and at the same time profess they are for "women's rights"?

To tell a woman she can be anything she wants to be, but that she is helpless to use her own gun to stop a rapist is ridiculous. President Obama told rape survivor Kimberly Corban just that. Pontificating that her gun, "more often the case", would just be taken away and used against her.

How politicians get away with stating this garbage boggles the mind.

Getting The Message?

Sadly, most hoplophobes will not be convinced by anything I've presented here. A few may be won over on a case by case basis if they happen to befriend a gun carrier that doesn't appear to be too scary, who takes them to the range and lets them fire a handgun for the first time. Or maybe even an AR-15 rifle.

Did you know that an AR-15 rifle has less "kick" than most pistols? And certainly far less than a 12-gauge shotgun.

                                                 The "AR" Stands For Armalite

A little knowledge and experience can bolster confidence in one's abilities. The thought that one just might not have to ever be harmed as a crime victim could then take bloom.

Take It Away, Waylon!

Mamas and daddies, don't let your babies grow up to be hoplophobes. Teach them gun safety, how to shoot, and that when they get of age they can carry a firearm as a tool of self-defense. It's what grownups do.