Sunday, September 17, 2023

Atlanta Chili Cook Off - Dunwoody, GA - "We Can Lie Like Dogs" © 2023 Phillip Evans

On 09/15 I posted the comment in the screenshot below at their Facebook page. Just now tried to go to the page, and they have blocked me. As of 09/17 they have not removed "weapons" as a prohibited item from their website.

They had plenty of time to block me on Facebook but didn't have time to reflect the truth on their website that weapons are not actually banned at Brook Run Park in Dunwoody, Georgia, as it is a publicly owned city park. Lawful carriers of firearms and other legal weapons are authorized by state law to carry at public parks. 

This certainly appears deliberate on their part, that they are happy with LYING to the public and misinforming them about weapons being prohibited, when they admitted to me on the phone they are not. "We Can Lie Like Dogs" is just my interpretation of what they may or may not be thinking about this.

The text of my comment above is: "Greetings, almost a week ago a gentleman at your contact phone number informed me that weapons would not be banned at the festival. However, the website still mentions they are banned. Shouldn't it be a priority to give the public accurate information and update your website?"

Wow, was that so offensive to them that they had to delete my comment and block me?

Folks, this is the mentality of those who despise you for being able to exercise your human right of armed self-defense. And believe me, if state law allowed it, they would certainly ban you from carrying a self-defense weapon at the park to keep you and your loved ones safe. Is there a magic forcefield that keeps criminals out of public parks? If not, then we are responsible for our own safety.

Virtually all of the Democrats (and a few Republicans) in the Georgia General Assembly want to grant festivals the power to ban lawful weapons in parks for events. They want folks to leave weapons in their vehicles to be at risk for theft, to be used to harm others. 

Let your lawmakers know you will NOT tolerate the addition of numerous off-limits places for lawful carriers in our state. We are not the problem, criminals are.

Update: 09/18 - Tori Cooper with Atlanta News First called me. She had called the festival organizer and was told they are declining to update their website. They told her that "handguns" would be allowed. So, does this mean they do not consider handguns to be weapons?

This is not a mix-up or a snafu. This is their deliberate misinformation campaign against anyone who might view their website and consider attending. This is how little they think of you and how much they despise giving you accurate information.


Update: 09/18 Part 2 - I just now received the following email - the City will require them to change their website:


After speaking with my Director, we will be contacting the festival organizers to let them know the website wording must be changed or removed in order to host the event at Brook Run Park. In accordance with state law, we cannot restrict carrying on public property and their Special Event permit does not allow them to do so.

Thank you,

Rachel Waldron

Recreation Program Manager

City of Dunwoody

GRPA District 6 Agency of the Year 2021, 2022"

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