Saturday, February 6, 2016

Florida Governor Rick Scott - On The Sidelines? © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Governor Scott has enthusiastically stated that he supports our Second Amendment Rights, and citizens who value those rights do appreciate that.

"Governor Scott supports the Second Amendment, and works every day to ensure Florida families are kept safe," spokesman John Tupps said in an email. "Florida is at a 43-year crime low, and Governor Scott will review any legislation that the Legislature passes and sends to his desk."

Does Senate Leadership Appreciate Gov. Scott?

For the last two years Senate Judiciary Chairman Diaz de la Portilla has let any Campus Carry bill languish in committee. He has not permitted it a full vote on the Senate floor. The current Campus Carry bill is SB 68.

Senator Portilla was appointed as the Judiciary Chairman by Senate President Andy Gardiner. And now, Senator Gardiner has stated that Senator Portilla has concerns with the Open Carry bill, SB 300, and that he may change his mind and let that one languish as well in committee.

Seems to me that if Governor Scott is serious about protecting and restoring our Second Amendment Rights, he would have a heart to heart discussion with these two Republican Senators who are acting like Democrats.

One wonders if Portilla and Gardiner are planning to switch parties and run for office somewhere with a "D" at the end of their name instead of an "R".

What Can Gov. Scott Do?

I am well aware that Gov. Scott cannot force these or any other Senators to abide by his wishes, but he does have a microphone. He can call a press conference and give his full support to these bills. He can publicly call out Portilla and Gardiner, and tell them to get with the program and stop stalling these pro self-defense rights bills that would reduce crime and keep college students and other citizens safer.

It is part of the Governor's job to advocate for good legislation.

There is no good reason to treat SB 68 and SB 300 like political "hot potatoes". Those who truly support the Second Amendment should have no shame in voting "YES", and those who don't can feel free to vote "NO".

Regardless, the citizens of Florida and any other citizen who wishes to exercise his rights while visiting, deserve a fair vote on these bills by each and every Senator.

While I'm sure there may be a few Senators who appreciate the Portilla/Gardiner duck-and-hide strategy, there should come a time when you can no longer hide. You must finally reveal by your actions whether you truly walk the walk, or merely have talked the talk.


Time to give give Open Carry and Campus Carry the LIGHT of DAY!

The voters deserve the truth on where their Senator stands on these critical and much needed public-safety bills.

Where are you, Governor?

Contact Gov. Scott via email at: or (850) 717-9337

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