Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Threatening Social Media Activity Over Music Midtown Cancellation © 2022 Phillip Evans

 Aug. 2nd, 2020 8:20pmEST, I posted on my Facebook home page:

I've been seeing threats to my safety on social media and have heard that I am being DOXED. Screenshots are being taken. Please see the details below:

I did post on Reddit a few days ago that I was the one who got the ball rolling on this.

And I should have been more specific. Let me be clear: I was the one of the first, if not the first (I had thought), to bring attention to Live Nation banning lawfully carried firearms at a public park contrary to state law. I dropped the ball in their court and let them run with it. They ran with the ball for almost three years, then dropped it. It was NOT my intent that they cancel the event. It was my intent for them to hold the event and follow state law, as everyone else is expected to follow.

Also, I was WRONG - I wasn't near the first, others had gone BEFORE me informing Live Nation of the law as early as 2014. The text of one of these emails is posted at:

PERHAPS Live Nation will come along and set the record straight, that I am not personally to blame.

But here's the deal, those who are all upset at me are undermining their own position, namely, they are ascribing too much power to me. This causes them to lose sight of the real decision maker - Live Nation.

I had hoped Live Nation would follow the example of Sweetwater 420 Fest, held on state public property, as they have allowed lawful carriers of firearms into their music festival since 2018. Ask the Georgia World Congress Center. I have an email to prove it. Any problems EVER reported there related to citizens being armed? You haven't heard of any.

Not to mention citizens concealing AND carrying openly at Stone Mountain Park for their packed events such as the July 4 Celebration with NO issues - FOR YEARS.

Look, I don't have the power to force a multi-million dollar company to shut down their events. What I did was INFORM them of the law, and the possible lawsuits they might face if they didn't follow it by violating a protected RIGHT codified and well established under our state law AND state constitution.

They knew of the HB 60 law passed in 2014 and interpreted by our highest state court in 2019. I guarantee you their lawyers did! If they received poor legal council, they can take it up with their attorneys. They had almost three years to get this settled before Sept. 2022.

WARNING: Some of you have been sending me harassing messages and posting comments on Facebook implying threats against me. These threats are at a minimum threats of harassment of a private citizen, and some could be construed to imply violence.

"I know where you live", for example, and another, "don't let him have a moment of peace". When I replied, "So?" to the one who knows where I live (going by the name Ryan Mitchell), he replied, "I hope your family and friends feel the same!" Mitchell also messaged me that he couldn't wait to come to my house to meet me. I assure you, he was not invited.

I'm telling FACEBOOK right now, be prepared for legal subpoenas and law enforcement investigations of all necessary data if any harm comes to me or my family. This STOPS NOW.

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