Thursday, August 4, 2022

Music Midtown Atlanta Cancellation - The Compete Story © 2022 Phillip Evans

So much misinformation is being reported, to the point that people are irrationally believing that a private citizen, I, would have the power to shut down a multi-million dollar event. I'm hoping this article can clear things up.

Live Nation's original mushmouth excuse read as follows:

Apparently, whatever the issue was, it was NOT unforeseen. They had known about it leading up to the festival, but had never properly addressed it to the point of being able to hold the festival. They quickly changed one mushmouth excuse to the new one:

I was WRONG about an important detail: I was NOT the first, or only one to bring knowledge of our gun laws to Live Nation's attention. Although my recent memory was that I had first contacted them in 2018, I'd like to correct that now. Myself and others had done so via email to Live Nation back in 2014, the same year HB 60 "Safe Carry Protection Act" became law.

So think about this, even with all of our complaining to them for six years, EVEN when in 2020 I pointed out the 2019 GA Supreme Court decision confirming the gun law, here's what happened:

They HELD the festival in 2021 with no problem. Right? And no one sued them. No one sued them this year either that I know of, even though we've been saying that could be opening themselves up to a lawsuit if they violated anyone's rights. But they had ALREADY heard all that before - and dismissed it!

NOTHING CHANGED in 2022 regarding ANYTHING we private citizens have been doing, so I smell a fish, or maybe just something fishy.

Some folks have been angry that I had never planned to attend Music Midtown, as if that meant that I as a gun-carry rights advocate didn't have any skin in the game. When someone is passionate about an issue, especially regarding self-defense rights for my fellow citizens, they speak out, even if it doesn't directly effect them. Those that deny this are hypocrites. Both sides of the political spectrum does it, and you know it, so let's stay real.

Do you see how lazy most reporters are? They never did their research to learn the truth, that five yearly concerts (or less if affected by Covid-19) have been held in a public park where legally carried weapons HAVE BEEN ALLOWED, since 2018 when I emailed the GWCCA, which owns the property.

And speaking of reporters, another mistake they can make is mischaracterization.

"Then you heard LIES. What's your source and where's the PROOF??? That one word 'celebrated' was used by one single reporter, John Ruch, in a Saporta Report article. He has since edited it out. Please get the FACTS."

On Reddit, a person asked, "you happy" and I responded:

Sure, I was one of the first ones to get the ball rolling in shedding light on Live Nation's ignoring our gun laws with regard to citizens carrying their firearms on tax-payer owned property, but the intent was never to get them to cancel, it was to get them into compliance with state law.

It's ironic that those on the left often complain that big businesses are not above the law, but when a Conservative makes the same claim, some go bonkers. Where's the disconnect? Maybe it's due to a hatred of the law? Well, if you don't like the law, you work to change it. EVERYONE has that right, no? 

What you don't get to do is assume a business gets a free pass to violate the law just because you don't like the law in question.

Live Nation, their attorneys, and their insurance company has known of our gun laws since 2014. By scheduling events here, that is an explicit agreement with our state that they will follow the law as written, no?

Do companies get to disregard the law IF NO ONE COMPLAINS? What kind of rule of law would that be? Folks are telling me to shut up and go away so that can happen. Well, there's more than one of us. The First Amendment applies equally to all, no? So one person shutting up is not a workable solution, no matter how soothing that might be.

These million dollar folks are BIG BOYS, they get their high-paid legal council and they proceed with their plans, just as they did last year when they held the festival. So what changed?

In light of all this, it's entirely silly to ascribe such power to me as if I could shut them down. I wouldn't even if I could; that was the furthest thing from my mind. 

A real victory would have been Live Nation behaving like the hosts of the Sweetwater 420 Fest and Atlanta Jazz Festival. To have folks exercising their rights while enjoying a music festival would have been satisfying.

Whether you hate guns in public or not, you can't deny it is doable. The last Atlanta Jazz Festival was estimated to have 50,000 in attendance (Sweetwater 420 just as large), and lawfully carried guns have been allowed there since 2014, with no issues EVER with a lawful carrier of a firearm. It's just a fact.

Why are they not specifying the reason? Why the ultra secrecy?

Perhaps they will eventually reveal the answers, or someone from within may leak the information. Whether artist concerns, artist contracts, guns laws, insurance, etc., ALL of these have been KNOWN factors for SEVERAL YEARS. 


  1. I certainly hope so, Philip Doolittle. I've been getting threats, I've been doxed, some have called for others to harass me. Live Nation clearing this up would go a long way toward reducing possible harm to me and my family. Will they? Or will they be content to let this fester with folks pointing at me?

  2. 404 Festival canceling makes zero sense at all. It's private property and can ban what they want. Why is WSB-TV news linking it to me? Political agenda maybe? Perhaps it was due to low ticket sales, and by not specifying, they are also letting rumors speak for them for political points.