Monday, January 1, 2018

Atlanta Peach Drop - Unlawful Weapons Ban Part 3 © 2018 Phillip Evans

Confusion, slight of hand, distraction and obfuscation - is this the way the Democrat controlled City of Atlanta operates? It would certainly seem so...

Let's pull back the curtain to see what I'm talking about:

Nedra Rhone/Talk of the Town

After I and some other folks ("gun rights activists") pointed out that state law, [OCGA 16-11-127,(7),(c)] is in disagreement, and that state law trumps any local city ordinance regarding the carrying of weapons...guess what?

Yep, the APD, at the direction of the City REMOVED the word "firearms" from the prohibited list. And since the police enforce the law, this made it publicly look like the police were in agreement to follow state law and allow licensed-to-carry citizens to bring their handguns to the event.

Afterwards however, City of Atlanta Director of Communications, Anne Torres, privately emailed inquiring people that firearms would still not be allowed at the event, even with a license to carry.

"Events such as the Peach Drop are permitted in accordance with the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances, and the organizers thereof are subject to the laws of the State of Georgia and the ordinances of the City of Atlanta."

That FB post above looks like the APD was agreeing to follow state law, right?

Interviewer: "What about guns? Are people allowed to bring guns?"

Kreher: "Well this is a permitted event by Live Nation, so anytime you have a permit issued by the city you are required to follow all state and local laws, so we expect them to do the same."

Interviewer: "Which means that you can bring guns."

Kreher: "Well that's up to Live Nation. It's their event, and we'll certainly follow whatever guidelines they have in their permit."

Even the interviewer at first thought the police were going to allow guns! He had to ask again just to make sure. Only then did the police FINALLY admit what they had planned ALL ALONG. And that was to NOT allow guns into the event.

Had the interviewer not followed up, the police would NOT have CLARIFIED anything!

And the reason for the firearms ban? Because of Live Nation Entertainment? Really?

Just because the City of Atlanta hires Live Nation to produce the event doesn't give Live Nation legal control of a public city park. Live Nation in that case is merely an agent of the City, and if the City can't ban legally carried firearms, then neither can Live Nation!

The City of Atlanta is currently under a Superior Court Order to not ban weapons in city parks.

Open Record Act Requests

You can also email City and APD Officials with open records requests to get all the pertinent information as to who was behind this, what was said to whom about firearms (between the city and the police, and Live Nation), what were the agreements, costs, contracts, etc pertaining to the hiring of Live Nation.

Here's how you can begin your email:

"This is an official Open Records Act Request for copies of any documents, emails, voice recordings, or any other instrument pertaining to..." (and then tell them what you want to know).

They have three business days under state law to respond to you, or they can be prosecuted.

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  1. At least one law-abiding citizen was able to get past the metal detector wanding at the Atlanta Peach Drop, and he was just carrying at waist level! See:

    Just goes to show you that the "security" there was just security theater. How thoroughly did you think that the private security folks were going to be? They wanted to get thousands of people into a small area quickly.

    And with all those fences surrounding them, most people would have died from being crushed if a shooter opened fire with a gun easily gotten by "security".

    The City of Atlanta needs to rethink how they do things like this. You can't have large crowds surrounded by fences like that. It was a free event with no ticket needed.

    1. The city of Atlanta doesn't care if a few people die so long as they protect their food and alcohol vendors business interests.

  2. If you have any evidence of anyone turned away from the Peach Drop due to being lawfully armed, please get in touch with the leadership of Georgia Carry Contact Us