Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Florida Open Carry Activities? SB 1242 and HB 739 © 2018 Phillip Evans

Although Florida has a general ban on the open carry of firearms, there are certain activities that temporarily exempt citizens from this tyranny. And ironically, you don't even need a license to carry to do so, even though you do need a license to conceal carry at other times.

The exempted activities are fishing, camping, target shooting, and hunting, or directly going to or from.

SB 1242 and HB 739 would add several other outdoor activities to the list. And that makes a great deal of lot sense (thank you, Patriot Senator Greg Steube!). Florida has hazardous wildlife, such as gators, sharp-tusked wild pigs, bears, bobcats, and venomous snakes. 

While out hiking in a state park or other area where such critters can get too close to human flesh, you may not have time to fumble with your cover garment or fanny pack to get to your pistol. Seconds sometimes count, a lot.

Let's see if the "gun-rights-friendly" Republicans in the Florida House and Senate agree. 

They have the majority and could just legalize normal open carry as is the case in 45 other states. But short of that, having open carry legalized when out about on foot in dangerous areas would be a good consolation prize.

Those Florida Republicans are so enamored with Janet Reno's memory, er, I mean the Second Amendment, that surely this outdoor activity open carry bill will get passed. Right? 

Or it could be that they are just bags full of hot air. The sponsors and co-sponsors of this bill excepted, of course.

As long as Backstabbing Traitor Anitere Flores and her equally traitorous lying comrade, Senate President Joe Negron remain in power, don't hold your breath. Most of the Republicans are thankful to have those two giving them cover in order to avoid real votes that restore liberty.

Sadly, I believe 2018 will be dirty rotten Florida politics, as usual. "If it pleases the crown" sounds a little too cozy to the overlords to forego.

So get out those t-shirts with a gun pic and the words, "Lawfully Carrying", and walk the public beaches filled with tourists to let them know that the ban on open carry doesn't remove your right of peaceful FREE SPEECH.

And if your handgun bulges underneath your clothes, that's perfectly legal under state law in Florida as well.

And don't forget to have video and audio going to catch any law-enforcement on the record for violating your right to do so!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Reidsville, GA "No Guns Allowed" Magic Signs! © 2018 Phillip Evans

This piqued my interest partly because I am a gun-carry-rights-for-citizens activist. And partly because Reidsville is a small city with a small budget. I pretty much knew they would not be spending any money to hire a POST Certified law-enforcement officer to handle or even oversee any weapons screening of people as they enter. 

Map highlighting Tattnall County by David Benbennick

As Ms. Szilagyi correctly pointed out, local governments per state law (OCGA 16-11-127), cannot enforce any ban in "government buildings" on weapons carry by citizens who are licensed to carry, unless screening is in place

The exception to this requirement are certain government and other buildings specifically off-limits under state law such as court houses (or any building which houses a courtroom), jails, mental institutions, nuclear facilities, etc.

There is one small bone to pick with Ms. Szilagyi, however. Reidsville may not be breaking state law by posting the signs, as long as they do not try to enforce them by excluding or ejecting lawful carriers of weapons. 

On the other hand, one might argue the signs constitute a "policy". If a judge happens to agree, then state law would be in violation, as local governments are forbidden by the state to institute any policy banning weapons beyond what state law does. 

“We’ve had some people come in up front there with two or three firearms on them and all that and we don’t need nothin’ like that here” - Mayor Sydney Clifton.

So to get to the bottom of this, I submitted an open records act request to get copies of any documents related to the signs.

I received a copy of their city council planning meeting held Jan. 2nd at 5:09pm, which indicated that Councilman Jim Waters made the suggestion to buy and post signs that stated, "No Guns Allowed."

The purchase price of the three 8x12 aluminum signs was $48.00. No vote was taken on the measure to commission the signs because, as City Clerk Britney Fountain explained in an email to me: "No voting or motions are made in the Planning Sessions, only the Regular Scheduled Council Meetings." 

Mighty nice of the city to spend tax-payer money without voting on it. Did they even take bids? I don't know, I just didn't think to ask about that. 

Now for the punch line!

"The signs have been placed on the building (City Hall) at all three doors. The Mayor said the signs will remain in place, but the City of Reidsville will not prosecute anyone for bringing a gun inside the building. Per Mayor Clifton, the signs are in place to deter people from actually bringing the guns inside City Hall" - Britney Fountain speaking for the Mayor in her email reply to me.

There you have it: MAGIC SIGNS!

These signs which will NOT be enforced, are designed to DECEIVE law-abiding citizens into thinking they cannot be lawfully armed inside Reidsville City Hall for the protection of themselves and their families.

Not many folks are lawyers, and even many lawyers are not always well acquainted with the finer points of the law. So I'm sure Mayor Sydney Clifton will thank me for educating folks that you can INDEED CARRY inside their city hall building if you possess a valid weapons license (issued either by the State of Georgia or a reciprocal state).

No security measures are being put in place to keep out illegally carried weapons, mind you. Only disarmament-by-deception of citizens who have spent the time, money, and taken the trouble to be vetted by the state to be trusted to carry firearms and other lawful weapons, by obtaining a license to carry.

Perhaps the citizens of Reidsville should wonder why the Mayor has such a low view of their public trust, to use such shenanigans in an attempt to control them.

The city does not want you carrying your self-defense firearm there, even if you are a law-abiding citizen, and even if legal under state law.

Here's how you can show the city that the emperor has no clothes: 

Whenever you have business there in city hall (and if licensed to carry), OPENLY carry your holstered pistol there, and have a friend take a photo of you carrying right next to the gun-buster door sign. Then send the photo to local city and county TV news and newspapers. Embarrass the city. 

Perhaps they will then think twice before uncovering their raw arrogance again, at tax-payer expense.

Reidsville's Mayor and City Council certainly are not doing anything to dispel the notion that small-town, backwoods politics still exist in Georgia. Boss Hogg would be proud.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

New York State Tyranny - War On Women! © 2018 Phillip Evans

January 10th, a young woman from Colorado, Haley Leach, who had been visiting New York State, per TSA rules, had her unloaded pistol properly packed into her luggage ready to have it checked in at Albany International Airport for her Southwest flight home to Colorado, and declared it by the book.

Photo by Tim Vasquez

And how was she treated? She was publicly humiliated and thoroughly inconvenienced by being handcuffed, arrested, kidnapped and taken to a holding cell by armed government agents who have zero respect for the U.S. Constitution and their Oath of Office.

She then had to post $200 bail, and was ordered to return to New York in February to face criminal charges of unlawfully possessing a pistol. 

What?! How can this happen when the following is true?

1. We have an amendment to our nation's Constitution which guarantees that the PEOPLE have the right to keep and BEAR arms: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Notwithstanding many supposed "scholars" ("progressives") having no clue what the prefatory clause means, you and I are among "the People", even if we are not part of an organized citizen militia.

3. She obviously was not a danger to anyone just for wanting to travel back home with an unloaded pistol in her checked baggage.

4. She followed TSA's rules to the letter, showing that she is an honest, law-abiding citizen.

And yet:

Where are the rich, supposed champions of women, such as Oprah, Whoopi, and Michael Bloomberg? Don't hold your breath for any of them to come to Ms. Leach's rescue. They'd rather see her spend years in prison away from her family. How dare she own a tool of self-reliance and independence? How dare she go off the reservation of leftist disarmament? How dare she not trust the government to keep her safe?

Jury Nullification!

Folks, if you're ever on a jury for someone like Ms. Leach who is savaged by the government, use the power of your vote to say, "Not Guilty!" It is your right to do so, and no one can force you to change your vote. Not the judge, not the prosecutor, and not the other jurors. 

In the early 30's it worked for Prohibition. Out of thousands of cases where people had the audacity to possess alcoholic beverages, only a small percentage resulted in convictions, and the government finally gave up. MAKE THEM GIVE UP on GUN RIGHTS INFRINGEMENTS as well!

Another solution would be to have H.R.38 become law. It passed the U.S. House, and awaits action by the U.S. Senate. Call and write your Senators to demand they pass it and put it on the President's desk!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hawaii - Paradise or Hell Hole? © 2018 Phillip Evans

What do you call a Hawaiian luau with only sheep for dinner? I tried to come up with a clever name for it, but whatever you call it, don't call it a good time.

It was Hawaii's flock which elected their Democrat overlords who make sure to threaten any among them wishing to carry a pistol for self-defense with stiff penalties. 

Just to own a firearm in Hawaii requires jumping through several hoops. However, after jumping through the ownership hoops, you can FORGET about ever being able to carry it without the threat of arrest and several years of imprisonment.

You can ASK for permission to carry by completing all the forms and paying your fees, but if you are not a really good friend of a politician who can pull the strings for you, it is an exercise in futility.

So if you're fortunate enough to be able to keep a firearm in your home for self-defense, you must hope and pray that it is only at home where you are attacked by armed thugs that wish to rape, rob, beat, kill you, or all the above.

We all know the Second Amendment right to bear arms was limited in the U.S. Constitution to one's own home, right? (Please pardon my sarcasm.)

Survivors of any major disaster who have any supplies of food, water, or medicine will be sheep for the slaughter for roving bands of thugs armed with knives, clubs, crow bars, hammers. and yes, even firearms. 

Will this false missile alarm wake up the sheep? Frankly, I don't have high hopes. After all, bad things only happen to other sheep, right? (Again, please pardon my sarcasm.)

At least visitors from free states who wish to carry there can do so when National Reciprocity becomes law. 

Of course, if that happens, be wary that Hawaii will suddenly enumerate so many off-limits places to carry (what else would TYRANTS do?), that it might wise to leave your firearm in your hotel room after all.

Hawaii may look beautiful in the photos, but were you to be violently attacked there by criminals and unable to defend yourself and your loved ones, it may as well be a hell hole to you at that point.

President Trump, Please Drain The FBI Swamp! © 2018 Phillip Evans

When Federal Law Enforcement officers unjustly point sniper rifles at a man's family and later lie about it, and Federal Prosecutors lie by omission in withholding evidence that is favorable to those who are facing years in prison, that is the definition of a particularly obnoxious SWAMP.

Author: Office of the President of the United States

See the paragraph below from quoted from the Ron Paul Institute:

"Navarro was especially riled because the FBI spent three years covering up or lying about the role of their snipers in the 2014 standoff. The Bundys faced conspiracy charges because they summoned militia to defend them after claiming FBI snipers had surrounded their ranch. Justice Department lawyers scoffed at this claim but newly-released documents vindicate the Bundys. In an interview Saturday, Ammon Bundy reviled the feds: 'They basically came to kill our family, they surrounded us with snipers. And then they wanted to lie about it all like none of it happened.'"


Just like some countries certainly are a "s#!+ hole", parts of our Federal Government are as well. The liars, thieves (yes, they tried to steal an American citizen's liberty), and murderers must be flushed out and down the drain. 

Those highly paid (on the tax-payer's dollar) government agents have abused the public's trust, have dishonored their profession, have failed to uphold their oath of office, and have trampled on the U.S. Constitution. They are traitors and should be punished severely.

Contact President Trump and ask him to get started on the cleanup:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Anti-Gun Rights Senators Caught! © 2018 Phillip Evans

While I do not believe in an impersonal force called "Karma", rather believing in a personal God who is the ultimate Judge of humanity, I suppose you could call a case of being bitten by your own actions some sort of nickname beginning with the letter "K" if you really wanted to.

Well, what was once secret has now come to light, the adulterous affair of Turncoat Anitere Flores and Oscar Braynon, the first a Republican State Senator (also on the Senate Judiciary Committee) and the other, a Democrat State Senator, of Florida.

Photo by Michael Rivera

For anyone who wants to sweep this under the rug with a wink and a nod about how all politicians do things like this, as if it were merely a private indiscretion, there's more to it than that for two reasons:

1. If public tax-payer funds were used to pay for any of their escapades this becomes a criminal matter.

2. If there was ANY possibility that Ms. Flores' Judiciary Committee opposition to Senator Steube's pro-liberty firearms carry bills had ANYTHING to do with her dallying with vocal anti-freedom Democrat Senator Braynon, then those bills MUST be recalled by Republican Senate President Negron and be put back on the table for reconsideration.

Investigations in the two matters above had better be taken up by the Florida Legislature to get to the bottom of this fiasco. Otherwise, it will make a mockery of state politics in Florida. Where is Governor Scott on this? Probably just as mum as he's been regarding the pro-carry gun bills the Republican Senate has tanked the last few years.

Citizens of Florida, it is your RIGHT to submit Public Records Requests to the Florida Legislature to get copies of public financial records of Flores and Braynon, to try and determine if any tax-payer money was spent on any of their rendezvous.

You should also be calling Senate President Joe Negron to demand that he put back on the table last year's bills on open carry, campus carry, and airport carry.

Senate President Pro Tempore, Anitere Flores, is Negron's handpicked second in command and right-hand ally in the Senate, so we will see what he does about this, if anything.

Also call Governor Scott's Office to demand a thorough ethics and criminal investigation of these two Senators.

Will the lazy news media be asking the hard questions that I brought up above, or will they just go with the "gossip" angle? 

Here is Flores' public commitment to oppose pro-liberty self-defense bills:

This is serious business. Lawmakers write laws that can have you taken from your family and locked away in a jail cell. They should be held to a very high standard, and pay a high price for abusing the public trust.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 Gun Bills In The Georgia General Assembly © 2018 Phillip Evans

House Speaker David Ralston has stated that any gun bills which restrict liberty will not be moving forward. Thank goodness we have state lawmakers who respect and defend liberty like Speaker Ralston!

Photo by J. Glover (AUtiger)

That means Mary Margaret Oliver (D) can count on any of her gun ban bills going nowhere. 

I'm sure there'll be a bill to ban "bump stocks" - oh wait, the prediction came true! However, the idea of banning them is ridiculous. People have been using a semi-auto rifle's recoil for years to "bump fire" (one trigger pull per shot, but with a higher rate of fire than carefully placed shots), without no special equipment at all! It just takes a little practice in how you hold the rifle. Bump stocks merely make this a little easier to do.

Owning a bump stock does not make a person blood thirsty. Thousands of people own fully-automatic weapons which fire with greater rapidity and accuracy than bump stock equipped rifles, with a single pull of the trigger, and they use them in a law-abiding fashion.  

Tools which allow or facilitate rapid fire are just that, tools. Inanimate objects do not commit crime. For those who would argue that these tools increase damage to lives in a mass shooting, one need only look at the Vegas shooting. Assuming the shooter used bump stock equipped rifles, we should probably be grateful for that. The inherent inaccuracy of bump stock bullet spraying most likely cost far fewer lives than what controlled semi-automatic fire would have cost.

Had the Vegas shooter really determined to kill more people, he could have just used fully-automatic rifles. He certainly could have legally purchased them. He legally purchased his other rifles, and he had the money to buy the more expensive full-auto weapons.

While we may never know his motive as to why he didn't, we might speculate that he limited himself to tools readily available to the general public, in order to light a fire to cause them to be banned. Full-auto weapons are not so readily available to the general public due to their cost in the multiple thousands for each one.

And as for MMO's bill imposing ammo magazine limits under penalty of fines and prison, the Democrats won't be happy until American citizens are limited to single-shot weapons, which must be manually reloaded after each time they're fired. For some freedom-grabbing politicians, their magic number is ten rounds, for others it's seven. Having more than that in your pistol or rifle makes you a non-trusted criminal in their eyes. How dare you disobey them, or you will be punished!

If you are attacked by multiple criminals on the road, or by those who break into your home, stopping to reload can cost your life and that of your loved ones. There are millions of "high capacity" magazines already in circulation, and criminals will always be able to obtain them. 

Even if all such magazines were confiscated (a practical impossibility) they are simple objects that can be homemade with a few tools and some sheet metal. My 9mm pistol has a total capacity of 20 rounds (19 in the magazine and one in the chamber), and it's always been well behaved. I prefer to call its magazines "normal capacity magazines." 

While holding the line against anti-self-defense bills is certainly a good thing, I do hope we see a further bloom of liberty this session for our carry rights.

  1. Strengthen State Preemption - Define public-private partnerships as political subdivisions.
  2. Remove off-limits locations on public college campuses
  3. Decriminalize primary and secondary school carry for licensed carriers
  4. Decriminalize private college carry to allow them to make their own decisions on carry
  5. Decriminalize church carry
If you care about your rights in Georgia, please consider joining Georgia Carry, an organization well respected by the Georgia General Assembly. Georgia Carry is a classy grass-roots organization which treats our lawmakers with respect and works with them to help move liberty forward.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Atlanta Peach Drop - City Documents Obtained © 2018 Phillip Evans

The City provided me with five pdf files that I have read. What follows is some poignant information in light of the City and Atlanta Police Department's posturing regarding whether or not licensed-to-carry citizens would be allowed to carry their firearms at the event.
1. From the file: "PEACH DROP 2017.pdf", the "Insured Company Name" is "City of Atlanta and Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. (Live Nation)." 

It's interesting that both the City of Atlanta and Live Nation are listed there as a SINGULAR entity.

This same document also states the police as responsible for providing security, even though Sgt. Strozier with the Atlanta Police Department told that police would not be screening attendees for weapons, that only "private security" would be screening for weapons using hand-held metal-detecting wands.

2. From the file: "SIGNED 2017 PEACHDROP PERMIT.pdf" it states that the Peach Drop is a "City-sponsored event", and that "The Event will be executed on the City's behalf, by Live Nation Worldwide, Inc."

That means that Live Nation was a contracted agent of the City of Atlanta, and if the City could not ban lawfully carried firearm or other weapons (per state law OCGA 16-11-127) at the event, then neither could Live Nation, its contracted agent.

So in light of this, why was the Atlanta Police Department telling inquiring folks beforehand that weapons would not be allowed at the event, as Sgt. Strozier informed me when I spoke to him on the phone a couple of days before the event? He told that the police were "told" no weapons would be allowed. Who tells the police to do anything other than the Mayor's Office?

Nothing in any of the provided City documents mentions anything about weapons or firearms, and the Atlanta Police Department's bulletin for the event was edited a couple of days before the event to remove the word "firearms" from the list of prohibited items. 

Yet, at least two people reported (see the Peach Drop thread over at Georgia Packing) that after the edit, Anne Torres, the City's Communication's Director replied to inquiring emails that weapons would not be permitted at the event, even if the carriers were licensed to carry.

Why, in light of all the above was the City of Atlanta telling the local news media that weapons would not be allowed at the event? 

And had they detected any weapons (yes, the photo above is weapons screening at the event) on anyone with a carry license, would they have been prevented entry or ejected from the event? Perhaps the AJC can find out for us.

Do local Atlanta politicians just make up stuff as they go without regard for state law, or even their own documents and contracts?

Click here to see Chris Joyner's AJC article on how the City of Atlanta is responding to questions about the 2018 Peach Drop.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Florida Lip Service To Gun Carry Rights © 2018 Phillip Evans

Well here we are in another year, same old lip service, same old denial of our self-defense rights.

30 states have legal open carry of handguns with NO carry license required! 15 other states have open carry legal with a license. So why is Florida so different than 45 other states?
Adapted from a photo by Alan Levine
(Open Carry Go To Jail and pistol graphics added by me)

Many Republican NRA A+ members in the Florida Senate and House (we still have a few good guys like Senator Greg Steube and a handful of others) would prefer you go to jail for not covering up your pistol, even if licensed to carry, rather than change the law!

They want you to fumble with your clothing getting to your concealed pistol and risk getting shot, rather than having faster access to your gun in an emergency

They don't want your visible gun to deter crime, they want you to have to use your gun to shoot someone.

Those politicians talk a good game of supporting your rights, while at the same time denying them.

Republican Senate President Joe Negron packed his Judiciary Committee with a majority of anti-gun rights senators, who enjoy shooting down gun bills that legalize open carry, campus carry, and airport carry (most states have legal airport carry in non-sterile areas).

The NRA keeps giving those hypocrites A+ ratings. Go figure. I'm still scratching my head on that one.

They're hypocrites because they talk a good game of supporting the Second Amendment, while at the same time they deliberately keep on the books a law that lets police kidnap you and put you behind bars like a caged animal away from your family. 

That folks, is tyranny. It is immoral. It is evil. It is shameful.

There are tourists that come from all 49 other states to Atlanta and from countries all over the world. All to a state, Georgia, where open carry of a pistol is legal with a weapons license. There has been no mass panic and fleeing of tourists from public places where folks like me occasionally carry a visible holstered pistol. 

The tourist argument against open carry in Florida is B.S.

Where are the Florida tourists going to flee to? Atlanta? Or will they all stay in Europe, Asia, and Africa? Again, Bravo Sierra.

The bottom line is that the Florida RINOs despise liberty. They don't trust you to carry your handgun openly. They believe the hogwash from police and other law-enforcement officials that open carry would cause problems for their officers. 

Never mind that such problems are not a problem in 45 other states.

Folks, Florida is just a state. It's not an alien planet. The citizens and tourists there have no major differences to those in any other state. Certainly not enough to warrant trampling on self-defense rights, where the exercise of such is often a matter of life or death.

What can you do? Other than petition your lawmakers to get on the Liberty Train...

It is currently legal in Florida to wear hats and shirts that state you are armed. "Printing" is also currently legal in Florida. You can wear a large pistol on your side and let it bulge all you want from under your clothing. They can't take away your First Amendment Rights, can they?

Monday, January 1, 2018

Atlanta Peach Drop - Unlawful Weapons Ban Part 3 © 2018 Phillip Evans

Confusion, slight of hand, distraction and obfuscation - is this the way the Democrat controlled City of Atlanta operates? It would certainly seem so...

Let's pull back the curtain to see what I'm talking about:

Nedra Rhone/Talk of the Town

After I and some other folks ("gun rights activists") pointed out that state law, [OCGA 16-11-127,(7),(c)] is in disagreement, and that state law trumps any local city ordinance regarding the carrying of weapons...guess what?

Yep, the APD, at the direction of the City REMOVED the word "firearms" from the prohibited list. And since the police enforce the law, this made it publicly look like the police were in agreement to follow state law and allow licensed-to-carry citizens to bring their handguns to the event.

Afterwards however, City of Atlanta Director of Communications, Anne Torres, privately emailed inquiring people that firearms would still not be allowed at the event, even with a license to carry.

"Events such as the Peach Drop are permitted in accordance with the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances, and the organizers thereof are subject to the laws of the State of Georgia and the ordinances of the City of Atlanta."

That FB post above looks like the APD was agreeing to follow state law, right?

Interviewer: "What about guns? Are people allowed to bring guns?"

Kreher: "Well this is a permitted event by Live Nation, so anytime you have a permit issued by the city you are required to follow all state and local laws, so we expect them to do the same."

Interviewer: "Which means that you can bring guns."

Kreher: "Well that's up to Live Nation. It's their event, and we'll certainly follow whatever guidelines they have in their permit."

Even the interviewer at first thought the police were going to allow guns! He had to ask again just to make sure. Only then did the police FINALLY admit what they had planned ALL ALONG. And that was to NOT allow guns into the event.

Had the interviewer not followed up, the police would NOT have CLARIFIED anything!

And the reason for the firearms ban? Because of Live Nation Entertainment? Really?

Just because the City of Atlanta hires Live Nation to produce the event doesn't give Live Nation legal control of a public city park. Live Nation in that case is merely an agent of the City, and if the City can't ban legally carried firearms, then neither can Live Nation!

The City of Atlanta is currently under a Superior Court Order to not ban weapons in city parks.

Open Record Act Requests

You can also email City and APD Officials with open records requests to get all the pertinent information as to who was behind this, what was said to whom about firearms (between the city and the police, and Live Nation), what were the agreements, costs, contracts, etc pertaining to the hiring of Live Nation.

Here's how you can begin your email:

"This is an official Open Records Act Request for copies of any documents, emails, voice recordings, or any other instrument pertaining to..." (and then tell them what you want to know).

They have three business days under state law to respond to you, or they can be prosecuted.

Click here to read part 2 of this article.