Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Petulance In The Florida House Of Representatives © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Spoiled Brat

Florida Representative Jared Evan Moskowitz is like a petulant weasel coming at you over and over to nip at your toes even as you try to shoo it away with a broom. I say that because he keeps submitting annoying amendment after amendment to HB 163, the Open Carry Bill.

Some of his amendments do the following:

1. No open carry of firearms within 500 feet of movie theaters
2. No open carry of firearms within 500 feet of polling places
3. No open carry of firearms within 500 feet of religious institutions
4. No open carry of firearms within 500 feet of places that serve alcohol
5. No open carry of firearms within 500 feet of school property
6. No one on the "No Fly List" may apply for a firearm carry permit
7. No legal permanent resident regardless of visa type may apply for a firearm carry permit

You Say Feet, I Say Footies

There are so many "500 feet" in there that no one could reasonably be free of fear of arrest as they walk down any particular street while openly carrying a holstered pistol, exercising a right, and being licensed to do so.

One must logically come to the conclusion that Moskowitz wants to see as many open carriers arrested as possible, knowing they are not a threat to anyone. Unless he is just hysterically afraid at the thought of someone wearing a visible, holstered pistol, but not wearing a badge.

Guess what, Mr. Moskowitz? You will not get your wish!

Does he really believe that merely being within 500 feet of certain places, that this will entice licensed citizens, who are even more law-abiding percentage-wise than law-enforcement officers, to somehow go all kooky and commit a crime?

Churches - Oh, My!

“We’ve become so inflexible on this issue that we can’t even agree that guns don’t belong within one foot of a church. It’s okay to infringe on the right to bear arms at Disney World - you’re all okay with that - but you’re not willing to do it within one foot of a church", said Moskowitz.

Let's see, if you're one foot away from a church, I'm pretty sure you are standing on their lawn or walkway. That means you can be ordered off their property on pain of trespass, just like at the private property of Disney World. There is no difference, although Moskowitz tries to artificially construct one with his abuse of logic.

Moskowitz never submitted an amendment to ban guns within 500 feet of Disney World. Apparently, he believes that private property rights of churches should extend 500 feet beyond their property, when it comes to firearms lawfully carried by citizens.

He does not want the same for Disney World. I suppose the children at Disney World are not worth protecting, if his 500 foot rule for churches is meant for safety.

Bill Of Rights Gutted

I was under the impression that the Bill of Rights applied to all people who are legally here in the United States. You know, things like freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. Moskowitz may grant that certain "undesirables" can perhaps be permitted to have First and Fourth Amendment Rights, but Second Amendment Rights, forget about it!

And the "No-Fly List"? First of all, it is full of people there by mistake, with no mechanism in place to remove them from it. Secondly, it is not a court, judge, or jury decision to put anyone on that list, including American citizens. In other words, there is NO DUE PROCESS. Rights can only be lawfully denied via DUE PROCESS, Mr. Dictatorship Moskowitz!

Does Moskowitz actually believe that a license or lack thereof, or words in a law or lack thereof will either dissuade or aid terrorists in committing their evil acts?

Florida Tourism Excuse

Those who cry about Florida tourism being hurt by legalizing the open carry of pistols must be laughing behind our backs at the thought that some might actually buy this nonsense.
Americans visiting Florida come from 45 other states that have open carry - most even have open carry of rifles, and Florida ain't getting open rifle carry with HB 163. Folks, these tourists have already been there done it!

Okay, so what about people coming from other countries? Well, is Florida the only state most of them have ever visited, or the first one most are going to visit? Let me state that this fear is way overblown.

Multicultural Tolerance - For Pistol Toting Georgians

I have openly carried my pistol dozens of times at Stone Mountain Park, and many times while it was crowded with folks from all over the world touring there. People from Japan, China, Russia, India, Britain - these are just a few of the ones that I know saw my holstered pistol. Not one screamed and ran. Not one called 911 on me that I know of. Not one grabbed a police officer to get him to demand my papers. They.Just.Didn't.Care.

Seems like Democrats such as Moskowitz are the only ones who project fear and panic on the public. They do this to try and ram through amendments and bills that infringe upon the human right of self-defense. Deterrence is a method of self-defense, and open carry has been proven to be a deterrent in at least one case in Georgia. 

Google "Waffle House robbery prevented by open carriers." How many other crimes have been stopped before they even started, by open carriers, is something hard to research. Things that don't happen usually don't make the news.

My Prediction

Open carry will pass this year and be signed into law. And none of the cries about tourists stampeding to other states (you know, those other open carry states) will happen. Florida will keep humming along, business as usual.

And Democrat politicians and their fans, such as the Florida Sheriffs Association leadership will huff and puff their hot air and claim they did their best to save poor Florida, while those with the good sense they were raised with will just laugh at them.

Little Tyrants

With enough people on the side of liberty, small tyrants like Moskowitz can be stopped before they grow up to be big tyrants. Let's keep it that way.

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