Monday, February 22, 2016

My Answer To "The Case Against GA Campus Carry" © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Eric Gray wrote on his website"Why are lawmakers intent on deputizing college students to uphold the law, when a few extra bucks would do the trick much safer? Especially at a time when the state budget is bursting with new cash after several years of funding cuts!"

First of all, I do not carry a gun to uphold any law, and that would not change one iota were I a college student licensed to carry a firearm. The only reason I carry a gun is to prevent criminals from harming me or my family. I would also assist an innocent third party being attacked, if possible, but I do not look for those situations, nor do I go on patrol. 

He proposes that two additional police officers patrol the GA State University library and neighboring courtyard, actually preferring double that in order to have almost 24-hour coverage.

So, a few extra police officers scattered here and there just like in the real world will keep people safe? You know, like where in the real world when seconds count, police are only minutes away? Is this the same scenario he is proposing for colleges? Oh wait, they already have that!

I will have to admit that if these officers were dedicated to the library during all hours it is open would keep it safer, but by this same logic, why not close that safety loophole everywhere on college campuses? 

If you are going to rely only on the police to save you, then any place on campus where you might be victimized must have a clear and continuous police presence. 

Without that, you are just playing whack-a-mole by pulling officers from one place to the other, leaving unarmed people to fend for themselves until police can come to the rescue.

Eric did not propose the solution of a constant police presence in all areas of college campuses, because he knows that even with "bursting with new cash", there would not be enough money to cover the cost of providing enough police to blanket even one campus. However, he could make the argument that if it saves just one life, it would be worth it no matter the dollars spent, right?

Sorry, but tweaking the same old system by providing two to four extra officers to "patrol" does not even come close to ending a victim-rich environment. And even if GSU takes this incremental step to try and beef up security, what about all the other colleges and universities? 

The present system is simply not working, as crime stats clearly show. There have already been numerous "we must do something" meetings by the Georgia Board of Regents pictured below, other college officials, and bureaucrats, ad nauseum. So far, none of the tailored suits have proposed any effective solutions. 

They "study" the issue and belch an awful lot of hot air, but students are still being victimized. Perhaps it's because they didn't have Eric available to explain to them in their meetings just what two to four extra officers at one college could do?

It's high time that licensed adults who can legally carry guns in virtually all other public places (with few exceptions such as jails, mental institutions, courtrooms, and government buildings that have weapon screening) should be able to defend themselves from thugs that would assault, rob, rape, and murder them on college campuses.

Do we have Quentin Tarantino movies played out whenever adults defend themselves with firearms out in the real world? Eric, it sounds like you watch too many movies.

And given the choice of a pistol or cell phone in your hand to protect yourself when criminals strike, you would prefer a firearm, so who are you kidding?

Thankfully, it looks like Georgia's HB 859 has a great chance to become law this year, and that will give students more options to keep themselves and others around them safer.

Call your House and Senate members in the Georgia General Assembly to encourage them to pass this bill and send it to Governor Deal for his signature.


  1. ...Liked your response to my post; We're obviously gonna disagree. But if you're gonna argue that a gun is better than a cell phone in a library hostage situation, you may want to consider the training and maturity level involved.

    1. Thanks, Eric! I appreciate your comment! But regarding maturity, even some of us old guys go back to school sometimes. ;-)