Friday, February 12, 2016

Let's All Come Together - United We Stand! © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Are you a member of your state's grassroots Pro-Second Amendment organization? That's great! You are already ahead of the curve in fighting for your rights.

Are there other states you enjoy visiting and would like to have your rights honored there as well? Then consider joining up with them, too! Nothing says you can't belong to a good organization in another state.

I am currently a member of Georgia Carry (my state), Florida Carry, BamaCarry, and Grass Roots North Carolina. I am also a member of the NRA.

Most of the state groups have memberships as low as $20 - $30 per year. That is a great investment in the fight to restore our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms for the defense of ourselves, our families, and our fellow man.

Also consider using some of your time to advocate for firearm carry rights in other states via social media, writing blog posts, and contacting lawmakers.

Together, we all can make a difference! Let's multiple our efforts by supporting one another. There are no state lines that can separate us as free Americans.

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