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Do You Carry A Handgun In Georgia? © 2017 Phillip Evans

If you've ever read the stats, you'll know that lots of folks own firearms in the United States, and many own multiple firearms.

However, when you look at percentages of citizens who have carry licenses, that number is on the opposite scale. For example, in Georgia, only about 8% of the population has a license to carry a firearm. 

Rifles may be carried in my state by non-prohibited persons without a license, but in order to carry a pistol on your person, whether openly or concealed, you must possess a valid Georgia Weapons Carry License (nowhere on the license or in the law does it state a requirement to conceal). Most license holders choose to conceal, and that's fine.

Most people want to be safe in their homes, and therefore have their weapons ready in case murderous rapists or robbers bust in the door.

But a lot of the time folks are not at home when their world is rudely interrupted by bad guys. We are at work, running errands, recreating, etc...

Yes, it's true that in Georgia, if you are at least 18, you may have a pistol or rifle in your car without a carry license, but you will not always be in your car when attacked by a criminal or criminals when away from home.

I suppose the issue with non-toting gun owners is the same issue anti-gunners have, though to a lessor degree. Nobody believes they will be attacked at a restaurant, movie theater, mall, public park, gas station, etc... 

Oh, everyone knows it happens - EVERY DAY. But the thing is, it always happens to someone else, right?

One day, there is a good chance you will be that someone else that others talk about with a sad tone in their voice.

The question is, is your life worthy of you seriously considering being armed as you go about your daily business outside your home? Are you a mother or father with children? I'm sure they want you to come home safely each day. And when they are with you outside the home, you'll want to be able to protect them, right?

There are dangers just walking down the road even when criminals are not around. Ever hear of dog attacks that have maimed and killed children and others?  

Even folks without children have no desire to be rapped, robbed, beaten, or murdered, I'd wager to say.

Are you too fearful to carry?

Go to any local gun store and you can find people that will be glad to help answer your questions. 

Create a free account at Georgia Packing, and you can post any questions you'd like. At the site are lawyers, gun experts, and others willing to give you free (though non-official) advice or pointers. You can learn about carry laws, where to go target shooting, where to get inexpensive training.

Do you want a gun but find them too expensive?

More and more there are quality handguns coming onto the market that are very reasonable in price, and made by companies such as: Bersa, Canik, EAA, Kel-Tec, Ruger, SCCY, and Taurus. And don't forget, Glocks are also reasonable in price and are great values for the money. And, some gun stores sell used pistols in excellent condition. Don't let money out-price your life or those of your loved ones.

Georgia Weapons Carry License - It's Easy!

If you are at least 21 (18 if in active duty military) and have no felony convictions, no misdemeanor domestic violence convictions, no forced mental health admissions to a medical facility within the last five years, and no marijuana possession convictions within the last five years that are not felonies, then you most likely qualify.

To apply, just go to the county courthouse of the county you reside in and bring the following: Drivers license (address must be current), proof of address such as two utility bills, certified copy of your birth certificate or passport. Not all counties will require all of these documents, but it's better to have them with you and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

Be prepared to pay about $85 or so for a first time license which covers your background check, fingerprints, and photo. The license will be good for 5 years, and the next time you renew in a timely fashion, there will be no fingerprint fee.

Most lines are short, and you will be in and out in less than an hour or two in most cases. And you will receive your license in the mail (bring a SASE envelope with you to the courthouse) usually within four weeks.

Do it this coming week! And then introduce yourself to us at Georgia Packing. You don't have to use your real name on the forum.

If you support self-defense rights in Georgia, please join Georgia Carry, the best grassroots organization fighting for your right to be armed and safe.

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