Tuesday, November 29, 2016

South Carolina - Restoring Gun Rights in 2017? © 2016 Phillip Evans

South Carolina state law currently forbids a licensed citizen to carry a concealed pistol in any public building (rest stop buildings are the exception).

While the wording of SECTION 16-23-420 appears at first glance to only be referring to school buildings, they slipped in a Mickey (intentional or not), that includes ANY public building without qualifying it must be a school building.

Wait - it looks like it WAS intentional. See http://www.scstatehouse.gov/code/t16c023.php and look at this section within 16-23-420:

"F) This section does not apply to a person who is authorized to carry concealed weapons pursuant to Article 4, Chapter 31 of Title 23 when upon any premises, property, or building that is part of an interstate highway rest area facility."

If it was clear that 16-23-420 ONLY talked about school buildings, why would rest stop areas need to be excepted?

To violate this statue is to be subject to being charged and convicted of a felony! - Unless you ask and receive permission from local government officials to carry your firearm in their public buildings. And guess how many will grant you, my fellow peon, permission?

Yes - exactly ZERO!

For merely carrying your firearm (out of a desire to protect yourself and your loved ones) in a public library, publicly owned gift shop, publicly owned visitor center, park community center, publicly owned theater, or other such city, state, or county building, the South Carolina Legislature has deemed you worthy of being imprisoned for multiple years behind locked bars away from your family.

This is an odious injustice, a morally offensive affront to the American sense of liberty!

What perchance justifies criminalizing your personal defense in these buildings? Is it because armed criminals choose to avoid them out of a sense of decency?

Is it because the security measures in place are so effective they negate the need for citizens to be armed?

If the answer to both questions is "no", then politics is the only reason to infringe on your right to bear arms in your tax-payer funded buildings. 

Preventing your bloodshed (and that of your loved ones) at the hands of armed criminals is apparently far less important than the desire of some SC lawmakers to maintain their political office.

Ironically, those who show a backbone and support bills that restore liberty need not fear for their political future. The majority of those who stand for freedom win re-election.

Let SC state politicians be aware that just because there is an "R" next to their name doesn't mean they will receive support from those who cherish their rights in the next election. Actions speak louder than words.

After eight years of Obama, we now have a President-elect who is not ashamed to support our right to keep and bear arms. We are about to see some action on the Federal side. Let's see some now from the states. 

Shame on South Carolina if a New Yorker manages to outdo a southern state's duty to restore our eroded gun rights back to where they are supposed to be!

If any SC state politician wants to know what backbone looks like, all they need to do is look at U.S.Representative for SC, Trey Gowdy, who unapologetically defends the Second Amendment Rights of free American citizens.

Let your voice be heard! Let your lawmakers know you want your right restored to carry in your public, tax-payer supported buildings. 

Click HERE to send an email to all SC Senate members.

Click HERE to send an email to all SC House members.

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