Saturday, June 11, 2016

Memphis Zoo - Right To Carry Violated © Phillip M. Evans

I just submitted the following to be posted on the Tennessee Firearms Association Facebook page:

Memphis police threatened to arrest me for trespass at Memphis Zoo May 31st, 2016. I recorded the audio of the encounter.

Here's what happened: I was carrying concealed at the zoo with my family, and at the end of our visit, decided to switch to open carry in the restroom. My son and I then walked around a little in the zoo and visited the playground. We then walked back toward the entrance/exit. Near the admin building while still inside the park, I was accosted by an officer who illegally detained me and had me go into the admin building so that a zoo official could explain to me their no weapons policy. I was told if I went back into the zoo that I'd be arrested for trespass.

The zoo is city owned property within the bounds of Overton Park and used for recreational purposes. Atty. General Slatery has said that such property is legal to carry at even if leased or controlled by a private entity. I have emailed the audio file to the TFA, and have joined as a member.

I am a citizen of the state of Georgia and am licensed to carry. I was on vacation and wanted to fight for all of our rights to carry regardless of what state we reside in. I am tired of local governments continuing to thumb their noses at state law. It's high time this gets put a stop to.

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III

Local governments are a hoot, aren't they? Just because a state law is passed saying they can't do something, like ban firearms, doesn't mean they have to obey it, huh?

I suppose the Democrat controlled City of Memphis just can't stand the idea of personal freedoms, such as the right to protect your life with a firearm. 

I'm not letting Tennessee state government off the hook easily either. The lawmakers could have put penalties into the new "Guns in Parks" law for its violation. They certainly do that for things us mere citizens could violate. If you speed, you get a speeding ticket and have to pay it out of your own pocket. 

If local governments ban firearm carry in parks, even when state law says they can't, no penalty. Well, duh! No wonder they keep doing it.

The citizens of Tennessee who treasure their freedom need to rise up in protest! 

Here's how: Do the exact same thing I did, and do it often! Show them you don't appreciate them not following state law. Record them violating the law. 

Also, call and write Attorney General Slatery to ask what he will do to make sure that state law is followed. 

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