Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Georgia - Guns in Publicly Owned Stadiums is the Law © 2019 Phillip Evans

Will they allow a state law they passed (thanks to Georgia Carry) in 2014 to stand, or will they take it back? Will they allow liberty to continue to bloom, or will they pour some weed killer on it? That is the big question.

Here's a little seven-point help for some of our Representative and Senator friends that may be weak in the knees on this:

1. Licensed citizen firearm carriers are 6-times more law-abiding than law-enforcement according to 20 years of recorded crimes:

"Florida revoked 11,189 concealed carry permits for violations such as misdemeanors or felonies between 1987 -2017. This works out an annual rate of 10.4 permits revoked per 100,000.
Texas had 148 concealed carry permit holders convicted of a misdemeanor or felony in 2016. This works out to a conviction rate of 12.3 percent per 100,000. When the Texas and Florida data is combined it shows that CCW permit holders are convicted of felonies and misdemeanors at a rate of 2.4 per 100,000. While among police the rate is 16.5 per 100,000 officers. Texas and Florida have some of the highest rates of CCW permit holders but the figures are similar in other states with less permit holders."

In summary CCW permit holders are convicted of crimes at less than a sixth of that for police officers.

2. Most police officers are law-abiding, and so off-duty officers and deputies should be allowed to carry at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Currently, the Atlanta Falcons does not allow them to be armed at games or any other events held there.

There's never enough police around when you need one in an emergency, and this will help to bridge that gap.

4. None of the predicted "blood in the streets" or "wild, wild west" came true when being able to drink alcoholic beverages and carry guns in restaurants and bars became legal years ago.

And no drunken shootouts by licensed carriers has happened in other crowded venues we currently carry at, like at Stone Mountain Park during their large events such as their July 4th Fireworks Celebration.

5. Guns left in cars can be stolen and used to hurt innocent people.

6. Guns left at home leave people open to dangers from criminals while traveling to and from stadium games and events, not to mention leaving them defenseless in downtown Atlanta where crime is high, and while walking to and from their vehicles in the parking lot.

7. Multiple "rowdy fans" have been known to gang up on innocent husbands and dads and proceeded to beat and kick their heads into  a bloody pulp. Had those victims been armed, they might have saved themselves from the trouble of some permanent brain damage.

In short, guns in stadiums carried by law-abiding, licensed citizens and off-duty law-enforcement will make for a much more polite and civil environment.

Terrorists will also think twice about hitting a target that might not be as victim-rich as it once was.

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  1. I can help the falcons. I simple never go to a game nor watch on TV