Friday, April 13, 2018

Nearsighted Tyrants And Gun Laws © 2018 Phillip Evans

Boulder Colorado City Photo of City Attorney Tom Carr

"If you could just refrain from laughing at me, that would be really great." - Boulder, Colorado City Photo of Attorney Tom Carr 

"So, I would view that, view both of those, as having pistol grips." - in reference to the screenshot below while discussing proposed ordinance 8245. He later back-pedals that statement.

Screenshot from: Boulder, Colorado City Council Meeting 04/05/2018

Atty. Carr might want to have the prescription on his glasses checked. I know something about that - I wear glasses. I couldn't tell you if a rifle had a pistol grip from over 25 feet away unless I had my glasses on. And he was wearing his in a City Council meeting when he made a fool of himself while looking at a presentation on the screen showing three rifles.

And what's with the obsession of a pistol grip? Small caliber rifles such as the AR-15 do not have much recoil and are easy to aim and fire without such extra grips. Atty. Carr's assertion that a pistol grip increases the rate of fire is another example of his stupidity. And as for barrel shrouds that keep your support hand from being burned, haven't they heard of gloves?

If the goal is disarmament of the citizenry, and if they can't (or don't have the guts) to do it all at once, they are left with nibbling around the edges with laws or ordinances which they perceive to either reduce a firearm's effectiveness or to ban certain models. 

Their hope is that they can do as much damage to the right to keep and bear arms as possible without waking up to torches and pitchforks in the middle of the night encouraging their hasty departure for the Canadian border.

The arrogance of those in government to presume they can ban this or ban that, even commonly owned firearms, and especially those arms with the capability that would be needed by a citizen militia to repel domestic or foreign tyranny, knows no bounds.

The business owner who later testified that the ordinance would have a "positive effect" is a groveling Red Coat lover and boot licker of the kind that actually did flee to Canada or Britain after the Colonies won their War of Independence. Now THAT had a positive effect on our nation which lasted for a while until they started coming back. 

I loved the citizen who testified that he would not obey any such "illegal" ordinance. Good for him! "We will not comply" is a message the tyrants need to hear and hear often. Tyrants are precisely the reason we have the Second Amendment in the first place.

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  1. Perhaps Atty. Carr's problem is not eye related. It could be brain related. Seeing things that are not there is a sign of mental illness. He should get that checked out before he snaps and does something.

    Phillip Evans