Tuesday, December 20, 2016

S.88 - A Firearm Liberty Bill? Think Twice South Carolina! © 2016 Phillip Evans

South Carolina State Senator Daniel B. Verdin, DanielVerdin@scsenate.org has pre-filed S.88, a bill to allow holders of an "Institutional Concealed Weapons Permit" to carry in schools, daycare facilities, churches, hospitals, doctor's offices. The new permit name is just a fancy way of saying it's an enhanced or extra special permit.

I just now, at 3:43PM, Dec 20th, sent the following email to the bill's sponsor. Items in brackets below were added by me after sending the email, as well as any bolding and italics:

Dear Senator Verdin,

I'm an active gun-rights advocate and blogger. Your S.88 bill at first glance seems to do some good things. But the cost is too high. More training, more often [every single year], etc.

Really, does the Second Amendment actually mandate training in order for free citizens to exercise their right to protect themselves and their loved ones? Does it present a list of off-limits locations longer than your arm? [I hope the Senator realizes that the answer to both is a resounding "No!"]

The pitfall with this bill [other than the extra required training], is that it does not address the other various public places a permit holder would still receive a FELONY charge for carrying in, such as public libraries, public museums, public park buildings, etc. 

People with the ENHANCED permit will believe they can surely carry in a library if they can carry in a school. WRONG! [Does the Senator understand the potential trap here for SC citizens?]

Yes, per SECTION 16-23-420 of the SC Code, ALL public buildings are off-limits except for rest stops.[To repeat - it is a felony charge even when licensed to carry]

S.88 does not address public libraries, public museums, public park buildings, etc.

WHY should South Carolina citizens and other lawful carriers visiting there be subject to ANY of this?

South Carolina has the worst gun-rights laws [I should have just said, "gun laws", but rights were on my brain] in the South. No open carry, no "public building" carry, mandated training.

Just when I thought 2017 would be the year for restoring rights in South Carolina, more GOVERNMENT CONTROLS!

How about an HONEST bill that restores our liberty? With Republicans in charge of the SC Legislature and the Governor's office, you'd think it wouldn't be this difficult.

Are there ANY true patriots left in the SC Legislature that will fix this mess? If so, I surely hope they'll let their voices ring loud and clear for the people once the session starts - and present a bill that truly restores the rights of THE PEOPLE.

Senator, this email to you will be presented on the Internet in a new article I will soon publish.

Please see my prior article on gun rights in SC at: http://pursuitofpatriotism.blogspot.com/2016/11/south-carolina-restoring-gun-rights-in.html

Best Regards,


Phillip Evans


Call and write Senator Verdin to let him know your concerns with this bill, and to ask for a straightforward bill that will restore the freedoms that Democrats robbed us of in past years.

The backward, racist-based Democrat gun-control laws in South Carolina need to be repealed, and NOW isn't too soon! Don't you wish Republicans would stop acting like they're just Democrat-lite?

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