Saturday, March 5, 2016

North Carolina Weapons Carry - Petition of Redress © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Make no mistake, North Carolina from its beaches to its mountains is a beautiful state. I'd love to visit there sometime, but even though my Georgia Weapons Carry License is valid there, too many off-limits locations exist which simply does not make much sense to me.

I'm sure plenty of law-makers in their General Assembly feel the same way, and so in hopes that genuine progress can be made, I have submitted the following petition via email to their entire body of law-makers in the House and Senate:

None of the issues below should present any real difficulty for those who are champions of our rights, so we shall see how it goes this year - if there is truly a hunger to restore the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Dear North Carolina General Assembly Members,

This is not a cut-and-paste email - every word is authored by me here as a sincere plea to all of you to address the following, for the safety and security of all law-abiding citizens.

1. Firearm state preemption - this is in great need of strengthening!

A. Currently, local governments with merely a sign can ban carry in virtually any public building, such as a library, museum, visitor center, etc - even for those who are licensed to carry. "Government building" needs to be defined as any public building that has full-time screening with metal detectors and guards, in order to stop this abuse of our rights.

B. State Park offices and visitor centers - Need to be removed from off-limits for those who are licensed to carry.

C. State Fairgrounds - Need to be removed from off-limits for those who are licensed to carry.

D. Cities and counties should not be authorized to ban carry in any recreational facility.

E. Merely openly carrying a firearm should specifically be excluded from the "carrying to the terror of the public" statute.

F. Cities and counties should not be authorized to ban open carry on public streets.

G. Sheriff discretion in signing off on paperwork to own fully automatic firearms and silencers should be eliminated for licensed citizens.

2. All knife types and designs should be legal to carry for those who possess a firearm license.


Do law-abiding, licensed carriers of weapons really present a danger to society by carrying in unsecured government buildings, libraries, museums, recreational facilities, State Park offices, visitor centers, and fairgrounds? 

I'm sure some of you are dedicated to restoring the self-defense rights of citizens, especially in today's world when we see how "gun free zones" are nothing more than victim zones.

Will those of you who are champions of the Second Amendment Right to keep and bear arms put forth a bill to address these issues in the coming legislative session?

Forcibly taking away from citizens the right to carry under penalty of incarceration merely because they wish to maintain the ability to effectively defend themselves is simply immoral. 

Please show the country how the great state of North Carolina will vindicate the right to carry during this legislative session. 

Thank you and God bless you,


Phillip Evans

Correction: From Paul Valone, President of Grass Roots North Carolina, "For clarification, "going armed to the terror of the people" is not a statute. It derives from common-law, making it somewhat more slippery because it rests on variable court decisions over two centuries. We do have, however, a North Carolina Supreme Court decision (State v. Dawson, I believe) which stipulates that merely carrying a firearm does not constitute the offense."

Complete House and Senate Email List:

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