Monday, January 25, 2016

People Control At Panera Bread © 2016 by Phillip Evans

In a discussion thread at GeorgiaPacking, I learned of this story:

In a letter to the Editor of the Dunwoody Crier published Jan 20th, 2016 on page 3, Maureen Beamer, who had breakfast with her family at the Panera Bread on Mt. Vernon Rd. in Dunwoody, GA described her complaint:

Last Sunday morning I was enjoying a quiet breakfast in Panera’s on Mt. Vernon Road with family when a man entered carrying a holster and gun. He had on a T-shirt denigrating the ATF (Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms). He raised many eye-brows and stared down many who looked at him. No one approached him. I suspect he was just waiting for someone to do just that. I so wanted to ask him if he was a good guy with a gun and how was I to know the difference if he was not”.

She apparently enjoyed the excitement during what would have been an otherwise uneventful and boring breakfast at the Panera Bread on Mt. Vernon Rd. in Dunwoody with her family.

The evidence for this is that neither her nor her family fled or called 911, but continued eating their food. She went on to state she asked the manager to post a sign prohibiting firearms in his establishment. Maureen was just in a huff because there was no sign telling the man who was openly carrying his holstered pistol that he would not be welcome there.

Notice also that she fancies herself an excellent mind-reader. She apparently knew the man was wanting someone to approach him so he could do something, whatever that was. But her mind-reading skills supposedly failed her to discern whether or not he was a good guy with a gun, since she burned with desire to ask him.

She and her family decided to take their chances with danger because letting their breakfast get cold would not be very enjoyable.

Poor Maureen. Doesn't she realize that with a no-gun sign, it would be back to same-old, ho-hum breakfasts with no one to focus her desires on to control. Except of course, for when a criminal ignores the sign, that would be a different sort of excitement altogether.

I suppose she could have taken a clue from the manager who could have kicked out the man at any time under existing private property laws. The manager was not inclined to do so, for whatever reason. Perhaps he simply viewed the man as a non-threat, paying customer.

Psst. Maureen did as well.

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