Thursday, January 28, 2016

Florida's House Judiciary Committee Debate of HB 163 Today - One Highlight © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Florida's House Judiciary Committee debated HB 163 today. Thought I'd post some comedy relief that occurred there, thanks to a Democrat that obviously voted against our Second Amendment rights.  See the video at the link below.

Starting at 18:30, Democrat Rep. Jared Evan Moskowitz starts harping about the new Texas open carry law being so vague as to allow rifles and "assault weapons" to be openly carried. I guess he didn't realize that open carry of these weapons in Texas had already been legal prior to their new law.

This is idiot indicator number one. 

Idiot indicator number two: Moskowitz asks Rep Gaetz whether Florida law addresses this issue. 

Rep. Gaetz explained in a nice way that if he had actually read HB 163 that he'd then know that the bill allows only for the open carry of pistols.

Are Democrats really this stupid, or do they just enjoy wasting time? The answer to both is, YES.

Anyway, it passed the committee and will see a House Floor Vote! :-)

Thank you Florida Carry, Florida Open Carry, and Judiciary members who voted for freedom! We are winning back lost ground, state by state!

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