Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Armed Robbery - Victim Feels Sorry For Attackers © Phillip Evans

Home Park Neighborhood
 Photo by Andrew Guyton

Ms. Kamen recounts:

"The taller man stood over me while I wrestled myself free of my purse strap, half of me struck with how helpless I was on the ground with a weapon pointed at me and the other half eerily calm, reasoning that he didn’t want to shoot me — he just wanted my stuff. The shorter man nabbed Sam’s wallet and they bolted for their car and sped off. I pulled myself to my feet. It was all over in seconds."

There are some striking things about her report. First of all, she was practically fighting with her purse strap in her eagerness to give up her "stuff" to the robbers. Second, was her keen awareness that she was indeed helpless. Third, is her concentrated self-assurance that she would be alright, which lulled her into an "eerie calm". What else could a helpless sheep do? 

Just give up your property and hope for the best, placing your trust in your attacker to not injure or kill you.

The general consensus of police across the country would be that she handled the situation well, and would receive an "A+" if this were a school assignment. But of course, we know that the situation handled her, for she had no other options available to her at the time of the robbery.

If she is 21 and otherwise qualifies, she can apply for and obtain a Georgia Weapons Carry License, so that in the future she will have the option to not be helpless while on the street or in class at Georgia Tech.

Or she could just bury her head further in the sand and count this incident as her one and only time she will ever face a criminal attack, and therefore be forever happy being an unarmed sheep.

After discovering that she did make it through, she now has the luxury of warm fuzzy feelings for her attackers. One might wonder if Ms. Kamen would "feel sorry" for her attackers if she had been raped or had received a cracked skull. Sometimes the "stuff" they want is your body. Remember that if you decide in advance that you will eagerly "just give it up", when they demand it.

Perhaps Ms. Kamen is destined to always be victim material. Some people are, and they like it that way. Getting to be a victim survivor and emoting compassion for your attackers can be a heady thing for some folks. She can now be a spokesperson for something or other now.

She reported that she had tried to run, but tripped and fell. Ah, so things like this is where the movies got that idea! The "empowerment" feminists could be right - women are just too clutsy to handle a firearm and defend themselves. 

Guns are just meant to be handled by men, some of which are bad guys that prey upon women. But women can comply and live to fight for "gun control". 

Hey, anyone got any advice for women being raped, robbed, and murdered in Great Britain by thugs with knives?

You can read the Clery Act Safety Alert report here: 

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