Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Philips Arena in Atlanta - Security Theater

Want to see a big name music concert, comedy act, Hawks basketball game, or Disney on Ice? Well then, Philips Arena is your go-to spot in Atlanta.

It's owned by the Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority, in other words, it's city owned property.

Per Georgia state law (HB 60 from 2014), this public property is legally open to licensed carriers of firearms, even though it qualifies as a "government building" under OCGA 16-11-127. However, since they have weapons screening at their events, they can prohibit armed citizens (
licensed or not) from entering the building.

There's a catch, though. Their "security screening" is far less thorough than TSA style security screenings, and you know even the TSA misses stuff. One man even mistakenly flew on an airline recently with a loaded pistol in his carry-on baggage, on a domestic flight from Atlanta to Chicago.

And another case where a police officer mistakenly flies with her pistol on an international flight:

If you are a good guy and want to attend an event at Philips Arena, but prefer to remain armed for your safety and that of your family, here's how you can get around their metal detectors:

Wear a large belt buckle and use a sticky type holster inside your pants. I have knowledge that this has worked rather well. Wear pants a little bit larger so you won't be bulging. Also, you could wear your pistol in an ankle holster. As of the date of this article, they are not wanding ankles. 

You will need to wear some metal item not easily removed as a decoy for your gun beeping the metal detectors, even with ankle carry. They do not require folks to remove articles of clothing at this time, at least not belts or shoes.

Don't think I'm giving bad guys any ideas. All of this is pretty elementary stuff on how to bypass metal detectors. This is all public info, and believe me, Philips Arena security and the APD there ALL know about it. Yet, their desire to get people in quickly overrides any security concerns over firearms getting in.

Why would they want to hold up the lines any more than they already do? Time is money, and this proves: 1. This is Security Theater (appearances to pacify the sheep that something is being done) 2. Money is more important than actual security.

If they really wanted to keep out weapons, they would at least have TSA style screening. Though that would not be 100%, it would be several times more effective than what they have now. Currently, at least half a dozen guns are getting in at each and every large event there. Don't doubt me!