Sunday, April 2, 2017

Florida Open Carry: A Thumb In The Eye! © 2017 Phillip Evans

Tourism Dollars: The number one reason Florida Republicans REFUSE to recognize our Constitutional Right to peacefully carry our holstered sidearms in public openly.

Don't tell me that Governor Rick Scott isn't in on it. If he truly wanted open carry legalized, he would have told the Legislature to get it done, and it would have happened by now. But he has tourist dollars dancing in his eyes.

If we licensed-to-carry citizens don't hide our pistols underneath a shirt or coat, or in a fanny-pack or purse, we get arrested, fined, and jailed - and a permanent criminal record, while the criminals who hide theirs until they are ready to use them get no penalties at all, unless they get caught.

When you have about 32 or so states that allow open carry of pistols WITHOUT a license required, the UNFAIRNESS tends to stick in one's craw.

When all but about five states allow open carry of pistols whether with or without a license, one wonders what is wrong with Florida.

It's that tourism thing, I'm pretty sure. Democrats and RINOs both have said so openly.

Where are those tourists coming from to Florida? From those 45 other states where open carry is legal. And don't get me started with foreign tourists. I've carried around thousands of them in Georgia at crowded parks with no issues. No one ran and screamed, and no one posted on the Internet that they will never return to Georgia because they saw a holstered pistol on someone's hip who wasn't wearing a shiny badge.

So here's the plan: Stick a big fat thumb in the eye of lip-service politicians who pretend to support our Second Amendment Rights, but who refuse to actually do it.

While legally concealing your pistol, wear t-shirts with the free graphic images below that I created (I did not create the pistol portion of the graphic - it was free also, but I did improve it a little).

Embarrass the politicians! Wear these on publicly owned property such as at city and county parks and beaches where you cannot be ejected or trespassed merely for being armed, due to Florida's state preemption law on firearms - especially during large public events. 

You will need to convert these graphics to PNG format and add transparency, but that is easy with free graphics programs such as Gimp and Inkscape.

You can then print them out on iron-on paper and put them on your own t-shirts, or you can upload the files to Zazzle and order your t-shirts from them.

Share the link to this blog post all over Facebook, Internet forums, Blogs, and email these images to all your family and friends that would like to see open carry legalized in Florida!

Also, email these images to TV News and Internet News Sites to let them know that we will use these as a means of peaceful protest whenever we can.

Hopefully, these images will give you some ideas to make your own!


  1. I just emailed all Florida State Senators the following:

    Dear Florida Senators,

    For those who do not merely give us lip service, but who truly support our Second Amendment Rights, THANK YOU! You are much appreciated, and are a highly valued treasure in the Florida Legislature! Look to Senator Greg Steube if you want to see what a real Patriot looks like.

    For those who are squeamish and hide behind a few who block pro-liberty gun bills from getting to the Senate floor, there's a bit of EMBARRASSMENT coming your way.

    Seems that many of our supposed "friends" say they cannot support open carry because of tourism dollars. That is a concern without evidence, but discussion of that is beyond the scope of my personally prepared email to you.

    Instead, I have prepared some free graphic files for download on the Facebook group, Florida Open Carry, which is the group for Florida Carry folks, as I am a member there also - both the Facebook group, and the paid membership group as well.

    We will wear t-shirts with special messages wherever tourists can be found on public property, where we cannot be trespassed merely for peacefully being armed or wearing t-shirt with polite messages.

    If you choose not to see view these messages at my blog link below, I will describe them here for you:

    They each have a picture of a pistol with a green circle around it, and the words, "Florida Tourists: My Gun Is Concealed For Your Comfort", and the other one is, "Florida Tourists: My Gun Is Concealed For Your Peace Of Mind"

    We can also wear our pistol holsters openly on our hip with our pistols in them legally, if they close with a lid, such as the P38 holsters have. That way, our pistols themselves are fully concealed, but with our holsters out in the open.

    Also, also under current law we can wear our spare ammo carriers openly, as they are not considered to be firearms.

    Neat, huh!

    So we WILL exercise our First Amendment Right to publicly and peacefully declare that we are armed with a firearm. If the tourists still come, then will you then remove the threat of arrest, fines, and jail merely for exercising our carry rights?

    Or will some of you try to pass a law that outlaws such First Amendment expressions? I almost wish you would try that, and see how long your political careers will last.

    We are sick and tired of the infringements and the delay in getting our rights restored! Are some of you that enamored with open-carry-ban Janet Reno that you can't let go of her legacy?

    I'm not the only blog writer and campaigner for open carry. There are others. WE WILL NOT LET THIS GO UNTIL WE GET OUR RIGHTS HONORED!

    You know, legalized open carry will probably have only a few doing it, but many more want it legalized as a principle of liberty and will protest until they get it. The more it's banned under penalty of law, the hotter the issue will be. So take the easy path and legalize it - THIS SESSION. Demand that it get put on the floor for a full vote. Senate President Joe Negron has the authority to do that now.

    God bless those of you who are our true friends,


    Phillip Evans
    Member Florida Carry

  2. If they refuse to vote for us, we should refuse to vote for them in November.