Monday, March 13, 2017

Open Carry Protests! © 2017 Phillip Evans

In 45 of these United States, open carry of holstered pistols is legal, though some of those states require a license to carry openly or concealed.

Photo by Debra Jean Dean

Two of the states that currently bans the open carry of pistols, except when hunting or fishing, are Florida and South Carolina - even with a carry license.

Those two Southern states are the only Southern states that ban the open carry of sidearms.

And, those two states both have a Republican majority in their Legislatures and Republican governors. The reason that's significant, is that the Republican party has generally been the party that favors, or at least says it favors Second Amendment Rights.

Yet, if you carry a pistol on your hip that doesn't have a piece of cloth over it while shopping in a Walmart or walking down the street in Florida or South Carolina, those Republicans will put you behind bars as if you're a dangerous animal that can't be trusted to be in public.

They talk a good game of supporting our rights to get elected, but then pass and keep laws in place that infringe on our rights.

If you want your rights honored and restored, contact your lawmakers and governor in your state via email and phone, and politely demand that they uphold the U.S. Constitution. We The People have a say in this!

If they won't listen and restore our rights this year, there are ways we can openly protest while remaining within the letter of the law. Don't be content to stay in the back seat!

In both Florida and South Carolina, all of these activities are legal under current law:

1. You can allow the bulge of your pistols to show under clothing while wearing messages on your hats and t-shirts that you are lawfully armed.

2. You openly carry antique black powder revolvers and their replicas. (Be careful of city and county laws in Florida that can restrict the carry of these type of firearms, as they do not enjoy state preemption there).

3. You can put a fabric covering over the grip of your pistol that has a graphic of a pistol printed on it, while the holster itself is visible.

4. You can openly carry your spare ammo magazine holsters.

We can do all of this to show the stupidity of laws that forbids under pain of imprisonment the visibility of our firearms. And we can do it in groups at large public events on public property to make our message even more forceful.

If liberty makes those RINOs in Florida and South Carolina that uncomfortable, they need to switch to the Democrat party. At least that party is upfront about wanting to destroy our rights.

Even if you personally would prefer to not open carry, if you believe it's a right, then help spread the word! Everyone's efforts would be appreciated!

Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Internet Forums, and email it to your family and friends that want to see our rights restored!

Together, we can all make a difference!

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