Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lunatic Magnet? Joel Achenbach's Final Solution For Self-Defense Rights © 2016 Phillip Evans

"That said … I’ve never seen anything as bizarre as an event where you can’t bring a toy gun or a water pistol, but you can bring a real gun — even the kind of semiautomatic rifle seen so often in mass shootings — that is loaded." - Joel Achenbach writing about the RNC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio Photo
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Ah, so Mr. Achenbach has finally figured out a way to repeal the Second Amendment! 

1. It's easy to ban toy guns - after all, they have no Second Amendment protections. Afterwards, with toy guns banned, it would be bizarre to allow real guns. 

2. The shear bizarrity of the situation would demand banning firearms, and nothing in the U.S. Constitution could hold back the force that such bizarrity (there, I said it again) would bring to bear. 

3. The ban would be applied to everybody, except agents of the government, and except criminals and terrorists who will keep their guns concealed until they decide to use them to rape, rob, and mass murder innocent people.

You know, it's bizarre (and too bad) that toy trains were not banned in Nazi Germany. That could have saved the lives of many from being transported on the rails to the death camps for execution. 

If only Mr. Achenbach had a time machine. He could go back in time and advocate for toy trains to be banned, or he could warn his fellow Jews to arm themselves with loaded guns if trains could not be banned. I suppose he would choose which of the two he considered the best option.