Sunday, April 24, 2016

New York City Handgun License Tyranny © 2016 by Phillip Evans

John Stossel recently received his handgun license application decision from the New York City Police Department. It was a "No".

The license application is only 17 pages, and requires the payment of two fees ($340 and $89.75), both payable to the NYC Police Department.

Regarding the draconian fees, can anyone say with me, "Poll tax to exercise a fundamental human right"?

Let's take a look at a few items on the application:

Section B-11 "Been discharged from any employment?" What does ever having been fired or laid off from a job have to do with getting a license to carry a pistol?

Section B-14 "Been denied appointment in a civil service system, Federal, State, Local?" What does this mean? That you applied for a job, and didn't get it? Is this really germane to being able to protect yourself from criminals?

Section B-22 "Have you ever suffered from any disability or condition that may affect your ability to safely possess or use a handgun?"

"NOTE: The following conditions must be listed: Epilepsy, Diabetes, Fainting Spells, Blackouts, Temporary Loss of Memory or any Nervous Disorder."

Ah, so the question of mental illness doesn't go far enough. Now it's other diseases such as diabetes. Is anyone naive enough to believe that Mao Tse-tung admirers would not implement a host of physical diseases and conditions as disqualifications for possessing or carrying firearms for self-protection if they could get away with it?

Perhaps NYC should tighten up their restrictions by requiring you to notify them if you are dyslexic. Or near-sighted or far-sighted. After all, if you need glasses to have 20-20 vision, what if you're not wearing them when you need to use your gun?

Section B-28 "Used any variation in spelling of your name or any other name used? (Alias), explain." Well, sometimes I've signed emails with "Phil", when my real name is "Phillip". Does this count? Do I have to explain this to them?

And, not only must you submit proof of your current address (reasonable), but you must list every place you've lived and worked for the past five years. What is this, a job application with the city, or just a license to carry a self-defense tool in a city where you could easily get hurt or killed just going about your daily business?

In the instructions is this little tidbit:

"Letter of Necessity. All applicants for a carry license and those seeking a premise license for use in connection with their employment MUST complete the Letter of Necessity found on page 3 of the application. NO SUBSTITUTES WILL BE ACCEPTED." (Underline mine)

So then when you look at page three of the application, it's geared toward carrying for employment. What if I just want to carry for protection anywhere I go? Well, good luck with that - you won't find a place to put that in the "Letter of Necessity". Looks like good case of bureaucratic stupidity for making the process confusing, on top of tyrannical.


"2. When requested by your investigator, your personal income tax return for the previous tax year."

"3. Daily bank deposit slips and corresponding bank statements for the six months preceding the date of your interview. (Photocopies will not be accepted.)"

"4. A statement from your bank setting forth the total amount of your payroll and the total amount of payroll checks cashed during the three months immediately preceding the date of your interview."

"5. If you were the victim of a crime which occurred during the course of your business or professional activities during the previous two years, you must provide the complaint report number, date and the precinct of occurrence."

"At the time of your interview, your investigating officer will advise you if any additional forms or documents are required."

Why did they not request a blood sample? An original one, of course, as a copy would not qualify, unless it was a certified copy. What does how much money I make, or how much I put in the bank have to do with wanting to protect my life? I suppose "additional forms or documents" will cover the blood test.

Just so you all know, if you have political connections, you can get your handgun carry license in NYC in a matter of days. Not having connections most likely will mean you will wait for months before receiving a "No" answer.

This is the Bloombergian model that Bloomberg and his minions would shove down the throat of the entire country if they could.

You know, the metro Atlanta area has about eight million people - nothing to sneeze at. And yet, the Georgia Weapons Carry License application and cost is so much easier and less expensive.

I really thankful I live in Georgia and not NYC.


  1. Donald Trump has his..

  2. If Trump becomes President, wouldn't it be sweet for him to tell New York state it should become a "shall issue" state with regard to carry licenses, and strengthen its preemption to the point that NYC's ordinances regarding the possessing and carrying of firearms are dissolved?

    He knows they are corrupt. I hope he will call them out on it.

  3. Just one question:

    "Letter of Necessity. All applicants for a carry license and those seeking a premise license for use in connection with their employment MUST complete the Letter of Necessity found on page 3 of the application. NO SUBSTITUTES WILL BE ACCEPTED." (Underline mine)

    Where's the underlined part?

    1. Great catch! It's there now. I'm going to fire my editor. No wait, that's me! LOL