Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pennsylvania Schools: Mini-Bats In The Belfry? © 2018 Phillip Evans

Mini-Bat Safe Graphic Created From Public Domain Clip Art

Does working for a school district, or at least being in a position of authority in a school district automatically turn people into abject idiots such as Millcreek Township School District Superintendent William Hall, or is it something they work really hard at to become? Surely they must be putting forth effort at something, since apparently they don't have enough real work to do.

Or perhaps someone put some dope (or dopiness) in the water supply up there in Pennsylvania. No telling what those anti-liberty yankees up north are smoking or snorting in the privacy of their school offices. Please, don't move South!

Yeah, because schools are so awash in tax-payer money that they need $1,800 symbolic solutions. That'll show a school shooter they mean business.

Don't bring a bat to a gunfight. Especially don't bring a locked up baby bat to a gunfight. That could get you killed. Actually, it would be the stupidity of it that got you killed. Wait Mr. Shooter, let me just unlock my file cabinet here - now take that!

It just occurred to me they could use the bats to knock the rocks at a mass shooter. I hope when one of the PA school superintendents suggests this, he will give me credit for the idea.


  1. At least they are talking about giving teachers some tools. Now, if they could specify EFFECTIVE tools, that would be something.

    Phillip Evans

  2. Here's the heart of the matter: The government cannot permit its indoctrination professionals to have effective weapons to defend themselves and the children in schools. That would look hypocritical.

    However, permitting them to have ineffective weapons lets the sheep believe they are "doing something" while still keeping them at the mercy of watching people die while they wait for the police to get there to count the bodies.

    Phillip Evans