Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tyrant And Liar Sheriff Scott Israel © 2018 Phillip Evans

Broward County Sheriff's Office Public Domain Photo

"18 year olds should never have a rifle. An 18 year old kid should not have a rifle. An 18 year old kid, they're not adults yet. They're in high school. These kids should not have a rifle. Bump stocks should be illegal. They should be outlawed forever. Automatic rifles should be outlawed forever. And anybody who says different, I don't know about other people, but Emma and I, we're calling B.S. on that." - Sheriff Scott Israel

And on you, Sheriff Israel, I call a tanker-truck load of B.S.

First of all, fully-automatic weapons haven't been used to murder more than a tiny handful of people in the U.S. within at least the last 50 years. Nikolas Cruz used a semi-automatic rifle to kill his victims, not an "automatic rifle". There is a difference. And twice as many people are murdered each year in the U.S. with fists and feet than by all types of rifles combined! The worst school shooting in our nation was at VA Tech with 32 murdered, and no rifle in sight. Two pistols were used by the murderer. 

Will Sheriff Israel call for pistols to be banned when he hears about that? If not, why not?

Additionally, there is ZERO evidence that a bump stock has been used to kill a single person ever in this country. There are probably a couple hundred thousand bump stocks in the hands of citizens in this country, and so far we haven't seen a rash of "bump stock killings", have we?

It has been reported that bump stocks (or at least one) were found in the room of the Vegas killer, but no hard evidence that any were used. If you think that the ratatat-tat you heard in the Vegas video was a bump stock equipped rifle, there are dozens of YouTube videos showing how to rapidly fire a semi-automatic rifle with just your hands and trigger finger just as fast as if you had a bump stock.

With all those MILLIONS of rapid-fire "weapons of war" firearms in the hands of *!gasp!* us ordinary non-badged common folk, you'd think the murder rate with them would at least be equal to the number of people murdered with fists and feet, right?

But anyway, I thought we were talking about preventing school mass shootings. Not a single school shooting has EVER been committed in this country by anyone with either a bump stock equipped rifle or an automatic rifle. ZERO. Nada. That CNN event was a discussion about CONTROL, not about school safety.

So when Sheriff Israel puts forth automatic rifles and bump stocks as being a school shooting problem in our country, or even an ANYWHERE shooting problem in our country, he is a bold-faced LIAR.

As for the arrogant assertion that 18 year olds should never own a rifle - Why should millions of adults under the age of 21 be penalized and stripped of their self-defense rights for the actions of one person, says the anti-gun rights Marjorie Stoneman Douglas students. Oh wait! Silly me, they were not talking about rifles. They were talking about the horror of being forced to carry government issued transparent backpacksOh, the pain, the pain

And as for those under the age of 21 being "kids", I suppose the good Sheriff wants mass murderer Nikolas Cruz to be tried as a juvenile. That is, if he wants to have any consistency in his argument at all. If Cruz was too young for the Sheriff at 19 to possess a rifle, he was just a kid, right? 

Not mature enough to be fully responsible, right? Brain not developed enough, right? We don't cruelly punish criminal children by giving them a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole, do we? 

Scott Israel is one Democrat who can out-democrat most of his communirads. Click here to see how he claimed he was going to de-politicize the Sheriff's Office, but then doubles-down on the politicizing. Rules for others but not for him. That's the way it always is with tyrants, Democrat or RINO.

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