Sunday, March 11, 2018

Protest Florida's 18 to 20 Y.O. Gun Purchase Ban: Gift A Gun © 2018 Phillip Evans

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Florida's state Republican law-makers and Governor, with the passage of SB 7026 have now punished you all (well, there is an exception for certain special classes of young adults, but not for you "regular" tax-paying serfs) for the evil done by a 19 year old criminal at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last Feb 14th.

If only those Republicans respected the efficacy of FBI background checks, you wouldn't have this problem, since background checks are supposed to catch those not responsible enough to own a firearm, right?

But here's the kicker: The background check system itself did not fail. It was the FBI that failed to act on credible information that could have prevented the murderer from buying his rifle at a gun store. And not only did the FBI fail TWICE, the Broward County Sheriff's Office failed over two DOZEN times. 

So because local and Federal governments failed to get someone on the prohibited NIC's list after NUMEROUS opportunities, it's now supposed to be YOUR fault. State Government has now put the blame on your shoulders, or at least the punishment.

Oh, but at least it's still legal for someone else to buy a gun and gift it to you. That way, you don't have to have a background check performed on yourself. Do those Republicans not see the irony and the disconnect with this?

And the last "I support the Second Amendment" RINO Republican to speak on the House Floor before the vote actually admitted that there may be some young 18 year old single mothers living with just their children, who will now be unable to go buy a rifle or shotgun for home protection under this new law. 

Those same young mothers that could have their door kicked in by human monsters, and be raped and robbed, and perhaps murdered in front of their children.

But ladies and gentlemen, that did not phase Rep. Jose Oliva (sponsor of the House companion bill) as he spoke in support of passing the bill. He simply must not care.

I suppose since there is no right to keep and bear arms in Cuba (except for police and soldiers), that was good enough for him. Rep. Oliva and his wife have their guns to keep themselves and their children safe, but vulnerable young adults in bad South Florida and other neighborhoods under 21 are on their own, unless they can get someone to give them a rifle or shotgun as a gift.

South Florida has been very good to Rep. Oliva, much better than Cuba would have been if his family had never immigrated here. He now repays the opportunity of a good life and liberty in these United States of America by abusing the Constitutional Rights of 18  to 20 year old adults old enough to vote, old enough to sign a contract to lease, rent, or buy their own house, old enough to buy an automobile, and old enough to join the military without parental permission, and fight and die to defend our freedom.

He and all the other back-stabbing Republicans who voted for this abominable bill should be kicked out on their ear. They failed to keep their oath of office, to uphold and defend the Constitution. They trampled what Lady Liberty stands for.

I'm glad the NRA has filed a lawsuit challenging this new law, at least the portion of it this article is referencing. Will the NRA have the guts to give every single one of those Republicans who voted YES on the bill, the "F" rating they deserve? Let's see what sort of fortitude the NRA will show in that regard.

Please do three things:
  • Organize and pool your resources to buy rifles and shotguns to give to adults you know under 21 who now have their right to purchase their own protection stripped from them.
  • Contact the NRA and ask them to give out those "F" ratings to every one of those filthy traitors of liberty.
  • Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Links are right under here in the middle.

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