Thursday, February 15, 2018

Fox News' Statist Solution to Mass Murder At Schools © 2018 Phillip Evans

On my car radio today I happened to catch the Fox News Sean Hannity show at 3:07pm EST. Naturally, I knew the topic would be the massacre that occurred on Valentine's Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

I also absolutely KNEW that since Sean Hannity's audience is nationwide (too much opportunity there not to waste), and since Hannity works for Fox "statism lite" News (as opposed to CNN "statism full strength" News), that NO WAY would the SIMPLE solution of just letting armed citizens carry in schools be proposed by him.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

I  was correct 100%. 

His laughable solution? In a nutshell, it would be a two-part deal:

1. Every school gets a comprehensive security analysis and threat assessment plan prepared by local law-enforcement experts. 

2. Every school then gets sufficient hired professional security (retire law-enforcement or military) to stand guard over the children.

He prefaced his solution by stating, as predicted, that it "has nothing to do with the Second Amendment". Do you see my shocked face? 

In his solution prologue (you've got to have a build up before the finale), he offered that arming teachers in general would not be a good option, since well, "teachers just want to teach". Sort of in the vein of "girls just want to have fun". Perhaps Weird Al Yankovic could do a parody on it sometime to illustrate the idea of poo-pooing adult teachers being first responders for the children that they love and teach.

And of course, we should not burden them with professional training (they are not professional enough, I suppose. He then goes on to brag about his extensive firearms and martial arts training and experience as if to show he is an upstanding guy that understands our rights BUT...), since as implied, such training would be too comprehensive and difficult for the average teacher, and since they "just want to teach" (did I mention that?)

But if teachers REALLY wanted to be armed (I imagined a begrudged look on his face as he said it), then it would be okay, darn it.

So let's looks at the ultimate solution he proposed. Firstly, whether or not they have the money, schools will not pay for any comprehensive security analysis, period. Mr. Hannity has the answer - schools would not have to pay for it because local law enforcement is already paid to go to schools and do it! Really? What world does he live in?

Secondly, many schools ALREADY have armed resource officers, and those that can afford them won't spend additional money to hire any more. And those that can't afford to hire any won't hire even one. We always see that in these cases, the "professional" first responders are TOO LATE to save lives.

They arrive just in time to count the bodies and oversee survivors all come out with their hands up.

Hannity opines that since 100 story buildings in New York City can effectively secure their property, that local schools in heartland America (and elsewhere) should be able to do the same. Me thinks he has either been into too much of the good stuff, or has breathed too much NYC air until it has fogged his brain. How many LOLOLOLOLs can you put in a row before it's considered unsporting?

Here's my non-million dollar solution:

LIBERTY. That's all. No need to add this or that. No need to add salt, no need to stir.

Let every adult American citizen (you know, "We The People") who is vetted and  licensed to carry a firearm have the freedom to carry their concealed pistol in schools. That includes admin staff, teachers, janitors, lunch ladies (and men), and of course, parents. 

But such a solution is too obvious, too simple, too much smacking of what helped to found us as a nation to be seriously considered. We are, after all, too "progressive" to allow average citizens to have such a great responsibility as self-preservation. We are not "professional enough" for that.

As if I need to beg you (do you value liberty or not?), PLEASE contact your state politicians and DEMAND your God-given right to bear arms for the defense of self and others, even while on school property and in school buildings.

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  1. Folks should call in to Hannity's show and other national radio shows to educate them on how liberty is the best solution. That way, even if the host doesn't spread the word directly, you can as a guest caller.

    Phillip Evans