Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Anti-Gun Rights Senators Caught! © 2018 Phillip Evans

While I do not believe in an impersonal force called "Karma", rather believing in a personal God who is the ultimate Judge of humanity, I suppose you could call a case of being bitten by your own actions some sort of nickname beginning with the letter "K" if you really wanted to.

Well, what was once secret has now come to light, the adulterous affair of Turncoat Anitere Flores and Oscar Braynon, the first a Republican State Senator (also on the Senate Judiciary Committee) and the other, a Democrat State Senator, of Florida.

Photo by Michael Rivera

For anyone who wants to sweep this under the rug with a wink and a nod about how all politicians do things like this, as if it were merely a private indiscretion, there's more to it than that for two reasons:

1. If public tax-payer funds were used to pay for any of their escapades this becomes a criminal matter.

2. If there was ANY possibility that Ms. Flores' Judiciary Committee opposition to Senator Steube's pro-liberty firearms carry bills had ANYTHING to do with her dallying with vocal anti-freedom Democrat Senator Braynon, then those bills MUST be recalled by Republican Senate President Negron and be put back on the table for reconsideration.

Investigations in the two matters above had better be taken up by the Florida Legislature to get to the bottom of this fiasco. Otherwise, it will make a mockery of state politics in Florida. Where is Governor Scott on this? Probably just as mum as he's been regarding the pro-carry gun bills the Republican Senate has tanked the last few years.

Citizens of Florida, it is your RIGHT to submit Public Records Requests to the Florida Legislature to get copies of public financial records of Flores and Braynon, to try and determine if any tax-payer money was spent on any of their rendezvous.

You should also be calling Senate President Joe Negron to demand that he put back on the table last year's bills on open carry, campus carry, and airport carry.

Senate President Pro Tempore, Anitere Flores, is Negron's handpicked second in command and right-hand ally in the Senate, so we will see what he does about this, if anything.

Also call Governor Scott's Office to demand a thorough ethics and criminal investigation of these two Senators.

Will the lazy news media be asking the hard questions that I brought up above, or will they just go with the "gossip" angle? 

Here is Flores' public commitment to oppose pro-liberty self-defense bills:

This is serious business. Lawmakers write laws that can have you taken from your family and locked away in a jail cell. They should be held to a very high standard, and pay a high price for abusing the public trust.

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