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South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida Gun Rights Push © 2017 Phillip Evans

Here are some recent posts of mine and quotes by others on Facebook and other places compiled here for your enjoyment!

Graphic by Kaz Vorpal
(While I wouldn't exactly say it causes "gun violence", it sure makes for more victims for armed criminals)

South Carolina has the WORST gun carry laws on the books in the South. (H.3930 and H.3700 are trying to correct some, but not all of this)

1. No open carry (unless hunting or fishing), or you get put in JAIL - even if licensed to carry. 

Forty-five other states don't do that to open carriers (though some states require a license to carry openly, but at least there is no outright general ban). 

2. You must take government mandated training in SC to get your carry license. The expense of training, time off work, and the cost of the license together means some people are just excluded from exercising their human right of self-defense in public. Too bad for them, huh? 

3. ALL public buildings are off-limits to handgun carry, even if licensed - under pain of a FELONY charge. That means even unguarded public libraries, museums, theaters, buildings in parks, buildings in zoos. etc. - if government owned, BEWARE! 

The South Carolina Legislature has made it a practice for YEARS to stomp on the Second Amendment Right of The People. The People have had ENOUGH! Throw the RINOs out of office and get men and women in there that are REAL Americans! Those that merely give lip service to our rights are like a smiling traitor with a knife behind their back. They begrudgingly vote to give us crumbs, but bills that restore too much liberty are blocked with political games.

I think those good ol' RINO boys are still enamored with Jim Crow. They don't want regular citizens, especially Black citizens carrying guns in public openly, or without a license.

That's the very SAME reason ALL public buildings are off-limits in SC, under pain of a FELONY, even if licensed to carry. They don't trust Blacks carrying a pistol into government owned library, park building, theater, etc.


Regarding HB 280, Campus Carry in Georgia:

"Residents of Virginia, Colorado, and Texas have all experienced the horror of mass shootings on college campuses in their states. Surely we don’t want to add Georgia to this list...Let’s be sensible about this in Georgia. Don’t make guns legal on campuses that don’t want them to be carried there. Keep college a sanctuary for learning." - Lynne Gilfillan, Savannah, GA.

Lynne Gilfillan, do you not realize that all the places you listed where mass shootings occurred at college campuses were places where students were disarmed by the government and unable to fight back against their attackers?

Now please explain to me how disarming adult college students kept ANYONE safe at those times. With campus carry, adult students 21 and over who have a license to carry will have a fighting chance to SAVE their lives and the lives of others.


Is there any other right in the Bill of Rights where a citizen must purchase a license first, in order to exercise it?

But GUNS!!! Aaaaah!

Sheeple need to focus their fear of weapons on criminals, not good guys who carry weapons. Folks, criminals don't apply for a license to carry. Why should a law-abiding citizen who carries a concealed firearm or any other personal self-defense weapon be feared?

Under SB24 (bill in the Alabama Legislature), criminal acts using weapons will still be criminal acts. But sheep have a hard time thinking rationally when they're terrified of even touching a firearm.

Politicians should stop enabling the fears of irrational people. But votes, you know. Apparently, that's a disease that is well represented in the Republican party, not just the Democrat party.

Looks like the only path to get the bills to an honest vote in the full Florida Senate is for Senate President Joe Negron to get control of the situation.

He can place the bills (campus carry, open carry, airport carry in non-sterile areas) in other, more favorable committees, or just yank them out of committee and put them on the floor for a vote.

He supposedly supports our Second Amendment Rights. We'll know by the end of this session if it was merely lip service from another RINO, or if he is a real patriot who did the right thing.

Senator Greg Steube has done his part, and I thank him. At this point I can see nothing more he can do, other than to maybe start publicly calling out Senator Negron on this. Perhaps he is hopeful Negron will do the right thing.

What is Senator Joe Negron waiting for? The outcome will now be squarely on his shoulders. Is Senate Pro Tempore Anitere Flores too much of a friend and ally for Negron to honor our rights?

Does Sen. Joe Negron really want to defend Anitere Flores, a turncoat who begged the NRA for a good rating and talked up our rights, only to STAB us in the BACK right when we had some good pro-liberty bills in the works?

Call and email Sen. Negron to ask him what he is waiting for:

District Office

3500 Southwest Corporate Parkway
Suite 204
Palm City, FL 34990

(772) 219-1665

Senate VOIP: 42500
FAX (772) 219-1666 
Toll Free (888) 759-0791

Legislative Assistants

Holly Demers, Carrie Lira, and Kelli Wilson

Tallahassee Office

305 Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100

(850) 487-5025
Senate VOIP: 5025

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