Monday, March 27, 2017

1st Amendment: Open Carry Protests! © Phillip Evans

Florida and South Carolina have a general ban on the open carry of pistols. A few exceptions allow the open carry of handguns such as while hunting or fishing. 

But wear a peacefully holstered, unhidden pistol on your hip walking down a public road, or into a Walmart, and you get cuffed, stuffed, and jailed by the police, thanks to those Republican politicians that "value" liberty.

However, they can NEVER prevent your exercise of your First Amendment Rights! Well, they could after they'd thoroughly destroyed the Second Amendment, but I digress.

I created this graphic using a free pic of a Beretta pistol (after improving the pistol somewhat). It is free to use for your personal use to put on t-shirts, hats, etc. 

It's the next best thing to Open Carry!

You may need to convert it to PNG format and change the white background to transparent. That's easy with free graphics programs out there.

I also put it as a direct PNG download at: where I'm a member. If you join this Facebook group, you will have access to download the file. Please also consider joining and as paid members if you are in those states, or even if not.

The goal is to embarrass lawmakers into seeing the stupidity of their laws that force us to hide our sidearms under pain of jail and fines, EVEN IF LICENSED TO CARRY!!!

For crying out loud, it's a Constitutional Right! Can anyone name ANY OTHER right that must be practiced in SECRET???

Some believe open carry deters crime. It certainly doesn't make it worse, as 45 states have made it legal, some with a license, and some with no license at all needed, such as Alabama and North Carolina.

Download and share this graphic on Facebook, email it to your friends, post it on Internet forums, etc. Make this graphic go viral! I get no money from it.

EMAIL and CALL your lawmakers in Florida and South Carolina and tell them you are going to do wear this message until they RESTORE YOUR LIBERTY!

Tell them you are TIRED of your Second Amendment Rights being treated like a SECOND CLASS right!

Time to lawfully PROTEST!!! It got Texas open carry of handguns!

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