Monday, June 13, 2016

Pulse Orlando Nightclub and Paris' Bataclan Concert Hall...Victim-Rich Zones © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Greatest Common Denominator

What does the shooting at the Orlando nightclub named Pulse Orlando have in common with the Paris, France Bataclan Concert Hall shooting?

Besides Muslim attackers, both places are by law off-limits to anyone carrying a firearm. The "anyone" even includes any of the victims that might have been able to save their lives by returning fire at the evil gunmen.

As citizens, we like to think of laws as rules to live by that are good and just. It is wrong to commit murder, so we have laws against it. That's a good thing. It should always be against the law to commit murder. 

Fancy Law Terminology

The laws which prohibit acts that harm others are called "malum in se" laws because these acts are morally wrong. The Latin phrase means "evil in itself".

The kind of laws which prohibit even good people to carry a weapon for the purpose of protecting their lives are called "malum prohibitum" laws. It's when governments say, "It's evil just because we say it is prohibited".

Taking Candy From A Baby

Now, would anyone in their right mind take away a victim's pistol as he or she was using it to return fire at murderer Omar Mir Seddique Mateen inside the Pulse Orlando? That could be perceived as a worse act than taking candy from a baby. However, the state of Florida sure did it in a manner of speaking.

Under Florida law it is a crime to carry a pistol inside any establishment that obtains more than 50% of its revenue from the sale of alcoholic beverages. Florida disarmed every single victim inside Pulse Orlando because its legislators do not have the stomach for liberty.

Acceptable Price

Dead victims in mass shootings such as this that occurred around 2:00am Sunday, June 12th in Orlando are the acceptable price to pay for political expediency. Florida politicians won't admit this with words, but their actions speak loud enough.

They need to protect themselves, of course, from being defeated in elections and losing office, so they cave to hysteria which says that licensed adults simply cannot be trusted to carry a handgun inside any place where more than 50% of its revenue is from the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Revenue Can Kill You

In those establishments in Florida where less than 50% of its revenue is from the sale of alcoholic drinks, licensed carriers may carry their concealed pistols within the law and even consume alcohol.

In the case of the legal for carry establishments, licensed carriers of weapons may drink alcoholic beverages under state law, so why the ban for the other places? Does a business' revenue stream cause otherwise responsible, licensed-to-carry adults get drunk and shoot up the place? 

Looks like this is a prohibition based on revenue percentages. Is that a good reason to deny victims life-saving measures in the face of lethal danger from crazies, regular criminals, or terrorists? 

Drunken Shootouts At Bars?

Has Florida had a rash of licensed carriers shooting up restaurants that serve alcohol?

In Georgia it has been legal since 2010 to have a drink and carry a firearm in restaurants that serve alcohol. Has there been a rash of licensed carriers since then shooting up any of these places? Also in Georgia, since 2014 it has been legal to drink and carry a firearm in bars and nightclubs. Still no blood flowing in the streets as was predicted by those who despise liberty. I'm glad that my state of Georgia no longer has these victim zones. 

My Faith Advocates For Saving Lives

Even though my Christian faith considers homosexuality to be a sin, I want gays to be armed with guns anywhere they go to protect their lives. That includes bars and nightclubs. Why is this my point of view? It's because gays have the same human right of self-defense as anyone else. Christ loves the sinner but hates the sin, and we are all sinners.

There was no good or just moral reason for the Orlando Pulse victims to have been stripped of the dignity to defend themselves by the state of Florida. How dare the government treat them like untrustworthy children!

Take Action!

Call and email your Florida Representatives and Senators to demand that immoral laws which create victim zones be repealed! 

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