Thursday, April 28, 2016

Six Flags Stealing Personal Property? © 2016 by Phillip Evans

Are the nice folks at Six Flags stealing your stuff? Well, let me report and you decide.

In a thread about the park on the GeorgiaPacking web-forum, it was posted that a young lady was about to enter the gate, and her purse was search by a park employee looking for contraband. The woman's mace was found and taken, and she was then allowed into the park. 

Before entering she asked if she could retrieve it later, or just take it back to her car.

The screener told her that could not happen. So, looks like to me her property was taken against her will with no payment for it. Isn't that the definition of theft?

Now, that mace could have been her only weapon of self-defense against a mugger, rapist, or murderer. What if her income was limited so that she could not afford to purchase another one until next week or next month? Heaven help Six Flags if she got hurt by a criminal in the meantime. 

I'd say that would put them in a precarious legal situation involving lawyers and a jury in a civil court.

I wonder if the screener disposed of her small can of mace, or if it was walked to the screener's home, to be placed next to other confiscated items.

What about firearms? I don't believe they confiscate those, do they? I'm pretty sure you'd be allowed to walk your gun back to your car. But the small stuff? Meh, they'll just keep it. It's more convenient that way.

Have you ever had anything taken from you by a Six Flags employee? Call them at (770) 739-3400 and give them your address for them to either mail it back or mail you a check to cover its cost.

Additionally, call or email your local TV stations to ask them to get this story out on the air so that others can get their confiscated property back as well, or at least the value of it.

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