Friday, April 22, 2016

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation - "Tax Rights To Fund Us!" © 2016 Phillip Evans

Oklahoma's OSBI is a hoot! Even as I type this, tears are being shed by the OSBI at the loss of dollars coming their way. And all because that pesky "rights thing" is being honored by being put on the restoration train.

Under current Oklahoma law, citizens can openly carry a holstered pistol only if they have taken an eight hour state mandated course on the laws governing the use of firearms, and have applied for, paid for, and received a license to carry.

Yet, in about 30 states pistols may be carried out in the open with no license or permit required. So the Oklahoma Legislature has not done anything drastic or unique.

“I don’t want anyone who can legally own a weapon, who can legally purchase a weapon to have to ask the government permission to carry that weapon off their property, in the open”, Rep. Jeff Coody said.

On March 10th, House Bill 3098 sponsored by Rep. Coody passed the house 73-15, and April 21st, it passed the Senate 37-9, allowing citizens at least 21 years old who are not felons and who can legally purchase and own a handgun to carry it in a visible fashion.

However, many Government bureaucrats often think rights are fine and dandy, if there is money to be made with them off their subjects - I mean citizens.

“It would have a devastating effect on OSBI. We would not have any more gun licensing. That could be up to $8 million and, for a very small agency, that would be a devastating amount,” said OSBI spokesperson Jessica Brown.

Well Ms. Brown, perhaps you can lobby the state to find some other method to fund you besides taxing a fundamental human right.

Senator Kyle Loveless put Ms. Brown's comment into proper perspective when he said, "I think that you do have to be mindful though, that when we're talking about someone's Second Amendment Rights, that shouldn't be a way to balance the state's budget." 

To me, Senator Loveless' statement says it all. This ain't about money folks, it's about the God-given right to protect yourself.

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