Monday, March 28, 2016

Perversion Legislated © 2016 by Phillip Evans

In Massachucetts, two state Democrat lawmakers have authored H1577, a bill which would legalize the use of the same public restroom facilities and showers by males and females at the same time, regardless of the ages of either.

Public schools are not exempted. That means that when your little 11 year old daughter goes to the restroom in a middle school, for example, two 13 year old boys could legally come right on in, if this bill becomes law. Or your 16 year old daughter in high school showering after gym class could suddenly be in the presence of naked young men showering along side them. The text of the bill can be read by clicking here.

What are these politicians thinking?!

The authors of this bill are Byron Rushing and Denise Provost. Let's see, these Democrats believe it's perfectly okay to deny people the right to protect themselves from criminals in public with firearms as they go about their daily business, but subjecting your children to opposite gender nudity in close quarters is just fine and dandy? Really?

Oh, but it's not opposite gender nudity, wink wink. These are merely people who identify as being of the opposite gender, reality be darned. So, a person is perfectly male, for example, but believes himself to be a female trapped in a male body. Instead of providing him needed psychological help, we pretend the emperor has no clothes (no pun intended), and cow-tow to his delusion by proposing a law no less, that declares such to be legitimate! One could almost wonder if it's these legislators who are in greater need of mental health services.

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