Sunday, February 14, 2016

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz - True Champion of the Second Amendment © 2016 by Phillip Evans

A few minutes ago, I posted the following on Representative Matt Gaetz's Facebook page:

"I had a chance to watch some of the debate from Georgia where open carry has always been legal, and I'd like to openly carry when visiting Florida.

You showed great restraint and patience not only in answering the vapid questions of Democrats, some who did not seem to have even read the bill, but also who kept repeating the same question over and over even after you had answered it. I was getting exhausted just watching it. I have to take my hat off to you and give you a round of applause!

I truly hope something can be worked out between the House and Senate to get this bill moving. Failing that, the House Speaker should starting ignoring some of the Senate's pet bills to get some heat going."

Watch the latest debate on HB 163 before it passed with flying colors here: Florida House Floor - Vote on HB 163.

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