Monday, February 15, 2016

Campus Carry May Cause Georgia's Public Universities and Colleges To Attract Florida Students © 2016 by Phillip Evans

If Florida Senators Diaz de la Portilla and Andy Gardiner do not allow SB 68 a vote on the Senate floor this week, then it dies in committee. Perhaps they are afraid the Senate will pass it? Or, are they giving cover to timid Senators who are afraid to vote for Campus Carry, but who wish to still be able to claim they support the Second Amendment?

However, it looks like there is an excellent chance this year for campus carry to pass in the form of HB 859, sponsored by Representatives Rick Jasperse and Mandi Ballinger, pictured below. Perhaps Florida politicians should watch and take notes on how it gets done.

Could the ability for a 21 year old licensed adult to legally carry a concealed pistol on a college campus be an enticement to cause a student to come to Georgia for an education? You bet it could! Our schools are already very competitive, and Georgia is a great place to be. Add to that the fact that if HB 859 becomes law, students won't be sitting ducks on campus for rapists, robbers, and murderers.

Interviews with Florida citizens who choose Georgia colleges and universities with campus carry being a deciding factor is something I'm planning for future articles. So stay tuned!

Just to rub it in, I've emailed this to all of the Florida House and Senate members:

Dear Florida Lawmakers,

Florida is in for a bit of embarrassment soon if SB 68 fails to pass in the Senate. It looks like Georgia will probably get campus carry this year under HB 859.

If so, some students who had planned to attend public universities in Florida will instead choose public universities in Georgia, and some already enrolled will transfer!

And I will be interviewing some of those students and publishing those interviews widely.

Also be aware, from now on, victims of violent campus crime will be asking some of you why you failed to give them the chance to avoid injury from assault, robbery, and rape.

For those of you who truly stood with us on the side of liberty, thank you! Keep fighting the good fight!

Phillip Evans
Atlanta, GA
Member Florida Carry
Member Georgia Carry

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